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Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

The human mind can be a fantastic thing sometimes. We can think up some of the most unique ideas ever, some of which can make you wonder how it was even conceived. But then, some ideas come up that may not seem so great.

All these ideas and questions can only be attributed to the innate human tendency to be curious. Being curious isn’t necessarily wrong. But, sometimes, there are some questionable things our curiosity leads us to. One perfect example would be when exploring the effects of certain substances.

In a way, the curiosity of humans has led us to explore the effects certain substances have on us. While some are bad and good for us, some still warrant further exploration. Magic mushrooms happen to be one perfect example. This substance is still needed to be further explored.

Science and research have helped shed some light on these shrooms. But there are still a lot of questions that people want to be answered. Some questions involve how humankind can use these mushrooms for their benefit. Then, other questions revolve around ways you can consume them. One perfect example of a question would be if you can smoke magic mushrooms.

With that in mind, can you?


Smoking Mushrooms


The question is, can you smoke magic mushrooms?

However, it is best to remember some things before answering the question. Let’s first refresh our minds on what makes these mushrooms magic in the first place. 

Magic mushrooms contain a substance called psilocybin. This would explain why they’re also called psilocybin mushrooms. Psilocybin is the main psychedelic component found in these mushrooms. It’s what’s responsible for its “magical” effects.

When consumed, the psilocybin takes you on a psychedelic trip. These trips usually consist of enhanced sensory experiences. You mainly experience visual hallucinations or being in an elevated state of mind. This is where you become more meditative. Some even report having an out-of-body experience of sorts. Others feel melting away and becoming one with the environment.

Unfortunately, the effects of psilocybin have are not yet fully understood. The experience may be similar; its effects can still vary from person to person. Science does better know how it affects the brain, but there’s still a long way to go. Because of this, it’s still hard to determine the exact effects these shrooms have on you.

Knowing how psilocybin can affect you based on how you consume it may still be difficult to pinpoint.

So, now that the recap is done, back to the matter at hand. Can you go smoking magic mushrooms? Well, yes.

What Happens When Mushrooms are Smoked?

While it is possible to smoke shrooms, you still need to know some things before deciding to do so.

Since other psychoactive substances are smoked, this means that psilocybin can be too. But, as much as this is true, there’s a drawback to this. You see, psilocybin is a substance that’s a little sensitive to heat. This means that if you heat it past a specific temperature, you end up destroying the psilocybin. As a result, your shrooms become useless and have no effect at all.

smoking pipe and dried tobacco leaves

Right now, let’s look at the temperatures at which certain substances burn. For example, tobacco, one of the most common smoked substances, burns at 932C°. Even if it were to burn at this temperature, nicotine would not be affected and would still work on you.

But, psilocybin would burn at about 180C°. So if it ends up reaching this temperature when you decide to smoke it, you end up wasting your shrooms.

Compared to smoking, you don’t run the risk of destroying the psilocybin in your shrooms when you eat this. So, if you were planning on going on a psychedelic trip, ingesting it might still be the better option. This results in you preserving the potency of the amount you plan on eating. You also at least have some idea of the amount of psilocybin you’re consuming.

With that in mind, if you were planning on going on a trip, it might be better to eat them rather than smoke them. This is to make sure you don’t waste the psilocybin you have. This would also assure you that you get the most out of the shrooms you consume. 

Aside from all these, some risks come with smoking magic mushrooms. It’s highly recommended that you trip on magic mushrooms safely. It’s also fitting that you make sure you’re fully aware of the risks. When it comes to smoking shrooms, you must ensure you know its dangers.

Risks of Smoking Shrooms

At present, there isn’t much research on the effects of smoking magic mushrooms are. This alone should tell you that it may be dangerous because of the uncertainty that comes with it.

So far, a lot of the stories and knowledge on the effects of smoking mushrooms are anecdotal. Based on the anecdotes, there are more cons than pros when consuming shrooms this way.

Some reports online say that many of the effects of smoking shrooms are non-existent. The psychedelic effects were only minimal. This could even be attributed to a placebo effect. Other stories from people report that all they got were the symptoms of nausea.

The anecdotes from people who tried smoking shrooms show only the side effects. Instead of going on a psychedelic trip, you end up feeling a bad feeling. Usually, with headaches, confusion, and a negative experience. That doesn’t sound like much fun at all.

You may even risk having a bad trip with only its side effects and none of the good parts. Because this way of taking shrooms isn’t well studied yet if at all, it’s hard to tell what could happen to you. That’s why a bad trip can still be a risk.

Aside from these risks, there is also one other risk that may go with the smoking of shrooms. As shrooms have spores, there is the risk of inhaling them. This can get stuck in your respiratory tract. If this does happen, you risk injuring your lungs. Choking and inflammation are some of the respiratory issues spore inhalations could cause. These could eventually become problematic for you too.

It appears that there are more risks than benefits when it comes to smoking magic mushrooms. In smoking shrooms, you’ll possibly have no psychedelic effects. Worse, it endangers your health. This is especially true with possible spore inhalation. This could cause lung inflammation and eventually even disease.


But, How Do You Smoke Shrooms?

dried mushrooms in a bag

Are you still curious about how you can smoke shrooms, though? You can’t exactly be blamed, as curiosity can always lead you to want to know more. Well, if you must know, the process of how this is done is relatively straightforward.

First, you’ll need your mushrooms. You can get your mushrooms by foraging for them or getting them from someone you know. Whatever it is, make sure that these mushrooms are adequately prepared.

This means cleaning the shrooms properly. Make sure also that you don’t have any contaminated batches. It’s also good to ensure that they are adequately dried. After all, unwanted moisture could only harbor more dangerous substances, such as mold.

Once you’ve got your dried mushrooms, you can crush them or grind them into a powder. Then, you can roll them up as you would a cannabis joint. Some people also opt to mix them in with their smoking tobacco or even cannabis. You can also opt to put these into a pipe. Once all that’s done, you can then smoke them as you usually would a joint or pipe.

Some Precautions

So far, this article has outlined all the things you need to know. This is especially for smoking shrooms. A big part of taking mushrooms involves safety. You also have to know the possible outcomes and results—especially the negative ones.

Should you decide to smoke your mushrooms, a few precautions would be reasonable to keep in mind.

First, as with any mushroom trip, make sure that you’re mindful of how much you’re taking. Psilocybin affects each person differently. It is only suitable that you make sure to take the dose that is right for you. If you aren’t sure, then there’s nothing wrong with starting with a low dose.

Next, make sure you’re in the proper set and setting. For “set,” you’ll need to ensure you’re in a good mindset. For example, make sure that you’re in a good mood or have a good headspace. Doing so ensures you lower the risk of a bad trip.

The setting means that you’re in the right place. So, make sure you’re in a place where you’re safe from any physical harm. Any place you’re familiar with or know you feel secure in would be ideal.

If you need any extra help, having company is always a good idea. It would be even better if the person is experienced and familiar with tripping. That way, they could help you through your trip and help you out of a bad trip if need be.

water being poured to a glass

It’s also essential to make sure you’re physically prepared. So, make sure you mind your hydration. Since going on a shroom trip can increase your temperature and give you a dry mouth, so it would be good to be well-hydrated. So, have a lot of water before your trip. Also, keep some with you during and after the trip.

Aside from this, mushrooms can give you a stomach ache. While it may not happen to everyone, it is best to prevent this by eating something before the trip. You can make your experience more pleasant that way.

It is also best to avoid mixing substances with your mushrooms. Right now, drug interactions aren’t studied so well yet. This makes it hard to tell its effects. If anything, you can at least lessen your chances of a bad trip by sticking to shrooms. This also goes to any extra substances you might have while you trip.

 In the end, it is still up to you. Just a friendly reminder if you decide to smoke shrooms. Try to avoid inhaling anything you shouldn’t be. Spores included. So, when you do take a hit, please don’t hold it in. Holding it in would be dangerous. This would expose your lungs to spores and even hazardous substances. So, take a hit and exhale everything as soon as possible.



Sometimes human curiosity and creativity can land us in lots of questionable predicaments. Mixing things is one of the best examples of how this is possible. Sometimes people have a eureka moment. This goes in discovering new ways to eat food. People would mix ingredients that were once thought not to work together. 

There are even moments of wondering how humans have survived this long. Yet, for some reason, it’s a regular occurrence. For example, energy drinks and alcohol are two things that aren’t recommended to be mixed. Smoking magic mushrooms may very well be one of those things that can make you wonder the same thing too.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of mixed sentiments when it comes to smoking shrooms. While some people say it does work, others say it’s a good waste of shrooms. Some also say that the risk outweighs any benefit if there are any benefits to this method.

Because of this, eating your mushrooms might be safer than smoking them. This then eliminates the possibility of wasting shrooms. This also avoids any potential hazards that come with smoking shrooms. 

But, of course, humans’ curiosity can sometimes not be satisfied. This is until after they get to do things. So, some people still might want to try this out. Now it is still up to you. But make sure you know what possible risks you might encounter. This not only goes with smoking shrooms but with other substances. It’s the least you can do as a responsible mushroom-taker.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you do it safely and, most importantly, have fun in the process!

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