What if Shrooms I Ate Do Not Kick In

Have you ever taken shrooms only to find that they don’t seem to have any effect? It can be frustrating, especially if you’ve taken them expecting a certain type of experience. 

It’s important to remember that there is no guarantee that any class will meet your expectations. 

You can still be disappointed even if you’ve heard good things about a particular class. It’s essential to research and finds out as much as possible about the type you’re considering taking.

The Disappointing Reality: When Magic Mushrooms Don’t Work as Expected

The stories of those who have taken the plunge and tried the psychedelic fungi are incredible. 

After all, there are so many stories out there about people having extraordinary experiences with magic mushrooms, and you don’t want to be the one who ends up missing out.

In ancient cultures, they were used for spiritual and medicinal purposes. Even today, they are still used in many cultures for the same reasons. Magic mushrooms are known to produce various effects, from mild to wild.

From heightened awareness to a newfound appreciation for life and the world around them, the effects of magic mushrooms have been studied and documented for centuries.

But this article will document when the psychedelic does not take effect. Curious? Let’s discuss this.

5 Reasons for Lack of Psychedelic Experience (Despite High Dosage)

Here are five of the reasons magic mushrooms may not work on you:

The Set and the Setting

Small, brown magic mushrooms planted in the forest

The set and setting play significant roles when it comes to trips. Understanding what “set” and “setting” means is essential for discovering why these conditions affect your psychedelic experience with magic mushrooms.


What is the Set?

As this article uses, the term “set” refers to the user’s mindset. Consider your state of mind when you are taking magic mushrooms. Are you going through a difficult life situation? Are you in a state where stress is eating you out? If your answers to these questions are “yes,” there is a great chance you might find it challenging to have a wonderful psychedelic experience.

What is the Setting?

The “setting” refers to the environment and your immediate surroundings. You cannot expect a wonderful psychedelic experience in a new, uncomfortable environment. It is best to prepare yourself and the environment, making sure that it is safe, before starting your psychedelic trip.

A neglected set and setting are associated with a poor psychedelic experience.

In one study, an appropriate set and setting were prepared by researchers. After that, the subjects were given a “psychedelic,” a “placebo.” 

In that study, many subjects revealed they could “trip.” This shows how significant the impact of the set and setting is when it comes to having a pleasant psychedelic experience.

The Ego

A person’s “ego” is another critical factor affecting a trip. This is because it affects your mind and may even resist a psychedelic experience.

According to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, the “ego” is the part of us that is conscious thinking. Its role is to mediate between our aggressive drives, known as the “id,” and our moral conscience, known as the “superego.” 

In short, our “ego” keeps us in touch with reality and is about stability and familiarity.

When attempting to psychedelic, you are conscious that something may change. You may also experience a rising anxiety level, especially when taking the psychedelic out of curiosity. 

This puts your ego in action and may prevent the trip from setting in, as it aims to keep you in touch with reality. Your ego also keeps you away from something unfamiliar.

You must surrender to the experience and relax to make the magic mushroom work. If you let go and trust the experience. Your ego will not grip on too hard and allow you to get a pleasant trip.

You Have Developed Tolerance

dried magic mushrooms close up view

Tolerance to psychedelics like magic mushrooms is observed among many users. Some may have developed tolerance after using a psychedelic for a long time. 

Others may also have a natural tolerance for certain psychedelics. Developing tolerance may significantly reduce your chances of having a wonderful trip.

To avoid developing tolerance over magic mushrooms, you should leave at least a few days between every psychedelic use. Magic mushrooms may reduce effects and cause tolerance if used successively over a few days.

There is also a possibility of cross-tolerance if you are using other psychedelic drugs. You should check your psychedelic to see if it can cause cross-tolerance with magic mushrooms.

You are Experiencing Drug Interactions

Suppose you are taking other drugs or medications for whatever purpose. In that case, there is a chance that you may not trip even when taking high doses of magic mushrooms. This is because of a scenario known as a drug interaction.

Most antidepressant drugs like SSRIs and MAOIs cause interactions with many psychedelics, and therapeutic stimulants may also cause drug interactions among users. If you are taking medicines that affect the action of neurotransmitters in your body, a reduced trip or no trip at all is quite likely.

You Just Took in Adulterated Substances.

 Adulterated substances are products mixed with other substances, making them impure. There is also a good chance you are not tripping with your magic mushroom because you just took in adulterated substances. This usually happens when you buy magic mushrooms from unknown sources.

If you are taking your magic mushrooms at the recommended dose and you are not tripping, there is a possibility that it is degraded. You should not attempt to take in more, as taking adulterated substances in excessive doses can pose health risks.

You should always check your psychedelic using a reliable drug testing kit to avoid taking adulterated substances. You should also avoid buying the product from sources not known to you.

Determining the Right Dosage

To get a pleasant experience with your magic mushrooms, you should take the proper dosage and not go beyond it. The correct dosage depends on weight, gender, age, and physical condition.

 Trip Safely

Taken within the right dose and under the right circumstances, psychedelics like magic mushrooms are safe and effective for adults. 

If, for some reason, you still do not trip after looking into the above discussion, there is a chance that magic mushrooms are not for you. This doesn’t mean, however, that there is something wrong with your body.

To know more about safely tripping with psychedelics, you should consider looking into a private, professionally supported experience.

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