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The best way to preserve your shrooms and make it taste like magic

Magic mushroom with honey goes by an old name called Blue Honey. The recipe will make the mushroom last longer while adding a sweet hint without the raw flavor. It requires patience and effort, but the result is a new kind of trip.

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Step 1: Preparing Ingredients and Materials

Blue honey would only require two ingredients: the magic mushroom and the honey itself. You can choose any variety as long as they are pure. Do not attempt to heat your home to make it runnier because this will ruin the Psilocybin compound present in the mushroom.

The amount of honey you need will depend on your recipe but for starters, use more in the ratio to get a safe potency you are comfortable with. You can use a teaspoon of honey to a hundred micrograms of dried mushroom and work your way up to a stronger one.

For the mushroom, bruise them before drying them up to create that blue hue after the process. The blue color is more of an aesthetic feature that wouldn’t affect the taste. It is imperative that the mushroom you use, no matter the species, is dried up. Moisture will ruin not just the taste but the whole honey itself. Use a coffee grinder to powderize the dried mushroom or finely chop it to reduce it to its smallest bits. 

Step 2: The Important Process

Once you have prepared the ingredients, prepare a mason jar to keep the magic mushroom honey. Wait and sterilize the container properly and make sure it is completely dry because water may ruin the mixture. You can use a bowl to mix the mushroom and honey according to the recommended ratio, or you can layer them directly in the jar.

Start with a layer of powdered mushrooms, cover it with honey, then layer again with the shrooms. Do this until you have covered the whole jar. Cover it tightly with a lid and put it in a cool and dry place. For best results, wait for up to four months. You can already have a taste for the first month, but the longer you wait, the more Psilocybin gets infused with the honey. 

Step 3: How to Serve

You can serve the honey the way you do with regular honey. Mix it in your drinks, like tea or coffee. You can also use it on your toast and pancakes or have a teaspoon and eat it by itself. Start with small servings to gauge the potency and experience moderate effects before adding more since it will depend on your capacity. 

Shrooms honey can be your staple way of getting your Psilocybin fixed and properly store the shrooms without losing its potency. It is easy to do by yourself, and you can always have a batch in storage or in the fridge. The blue honey will not just give you a trip but will also be a delightful snack. 

If you want to know more recipes on magic mushrooms, try this guide on making magic mushroom chocolate or check our homepage.

Also, if you are pregnant and want to take shroom edibles with honey, it is best to consult an expert. This is for your safety and the baby’s. Another reminder before intaking shrooms is to consider your health. Are you in top shape to does yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honey Mushroom poisonous?
Some are edible such as the ringless honey mushroom, which is considered a delicacy in some parts of the world. This must first be cooked before eating as it is poisonous in its raw form.

Where are honey fungus found?
They grow on living, decaying, and dead plant material. It spreads from living trees, dead and live roots, and stumps by means of reddish-brown to black rhizomorphs. Honey fungus can grow up to approximately 3.3 feet a year, but infection by root is also possible.

How does Honey Mushroom kill trees?
It spreads underground. This then attacks and kills the roots of perennial plants. This, in turn, decays the deadwood.

Is the ringless honey mushroom edible?
Yes, but it should be cooked thoroughly as it can cause a stomach upset. 

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