October 27, 2021

    A Guide to Properly Cook your Shrooms

    People find magic mushrooms appealing for several reasons. The first reason is their psychedelic properties. Next is its possible therapeutic…
    October 14, 2020

    Psilocybin & Neurogenesis: Effects of Psychedelic Mushrooms on the Brain

    Psilocybin may not be a familiar name, but it goes by a more well-known name: magic mushrooms. That name itself…
    March 21, 2022

    Songs to Listen While on a Trip

    It would be best if you did what you could to make sure a good trip happens. This is considering…
    Health & Benefits
    October 22, 2020

    Mushroom Therapy: Shrooms On Social Anxiety

    Several people are afraid of being the center of attention when they are in a crowd. They would often shy…
    February 28, 2022

    News Update Feb 2022: Magic Mushrooms in Massachusetts

    For centuries, people have used psychedelics in a spiritual context. Psychedelics are substances that produce alterations in perception, mood, and…
    Health & Benefits
    October 21, 2020

    The 101 on Magic Mushroom Strains and Effects

    Psilocybin mushrooms go by different names, but they are commonly known as magic mushrooms. that come in different varieties. These…
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