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Just the right mix of shrooms & citrus juice

Magic mushrooms are popular psychedelic drugs because users can ingest it however they want, and it is available in any place. Psychedelic shrooms are psychoactive drugs that can trigger the imaginary state of the brain and cause hallucinations.

There are a lot of different psychedelic drugs, but magic mushrooms top the popularity because they can be an ingredient for making shroom brownies, cakes, or even mixed with chocolates. One of the easiest mixtures that shroomers can do with mushrooms is having it with juice. Here are some easy steps:

Step 1: Shroom Juice Ingredients 

Some people are used to juice drinks made from a mixture of water and processed powder sold in supermarkets, but real juice comes from fresh fruit and vegetables that mix. Any fruit or vegetable can be mixed according to what the shroomer desires. For this shroom juice, the ingredients are the following: 

  • orange
  • lemon 
  • ginger
  • apple
  • magic mushrooms

Step 2: Preparation

The first thing to do is peel all two medium-sized oranges, a lemon, and small 2-inch ginger. Cut the lemon into four pieces, and use one of the slices. Next, cut the apples into small pieces. Prepare the juicer and put all the fruits inside with the ginger. Put the juice in a container. 

Step 3: Mushroom

To complete the shroom juice, let’s not forget the magic mushrooms. Get the right amount of mushroom you want to mix and ground it until it turns to powder. After that, pour it into the juice and mix it. Put it inside the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes, and it will be ready for consumption.   

Try Making Shroom juice Today

Magic mushrooms are taking over the world of psychedelics, and a lot of people want to try them. Learning a few of the recipes available to make psychedelic mushroom consumable comes in handy. the trips and hallucinations shrooms causes are unique and gives you an exciting trip of self-discovery and elation.

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