How to Eat Magic Mushroom? 4 Ways To Prepare It

When you go on a shroom trip, many preparations must be made. First, of course, you have to make sure that you’re in the right environment. That means making sure your surroundings are safe and, if needed, with the right company. You’ll also need to make sure you’re mentally prepared. As much as possible, being in a good headspace can help ensure you have a good trip.

Aside from ensuring the right “setting,” you can also do other things to help ensure that you have a good trip. One perfect way to help improve that experience would be the way you consume your mushrooms. After all, a big part of your trip does involve consuming your shrooms. So, if there’s a way to make it a more pleasant experience, then why not go for it?

With that in mind, is there a proper method on how to eat magic mushrooms?

How Do I Take Mushrooms?

When you think about taking shrooms, what comes to mind is popping some mushrooms into your mouth. While this isn’t wrong, it isn’t the only way you can consume your magic mushrooms.

The way magic mushrooms taste isn’t appealing to everyone. On their own, they taste somewhat bitter. Sometimes, they even taste like dirt. That already makes it sound unpalatable for a lot of people. Because of that, people got more creative. Some even decided to explore ways to make eating psilocybin mushrooms pleasurable.

Today, hundreds of different recipes are available. Even hundreds of methods to prepare and eat your mushrooms. People don’t have to put up with that earthy taste anymore.

Given that there are many ways to consume them, is there the best way to take shrooms? Not precisely because it depends on how you’d prefer to eat them. Of course, you have to make sure they’re at least safe to consume. But that should already go without saying.

Whether it’s eating shrooms in a better way or something different, you’ll be glad that finally there is! At least now, you don’t have to brace yourself for eating something that tastes like dirt.

The 4 Ways

Like there are many psilocybin mushroom species, there are also many ways to prepare it. There are four main ways to prepare those shrooms, among the many ways you’ll choose to consume them. After the preparation, you can use these methods in your specific “recipe.”

The following are some ways to prepare them and the recipes you can use them in.


When you say raw, this means eating your mushroom fresh. So, this means eating your mushroom as soon as you pick them. But, of course, there are still some things you need to do before you decide to pop them in your mouth. 

Preparation Method

If you plan on consuming your mushrooms raw, you still need to do a few things before you’re ready to consume them.

The first and most important thing you need to do first is to clean them. This begins as soon as you pick them. After you’ve found your mushrooms and then picked them, be sure to use a brush to clean the dirt as you much as you can off it. Then, set them aside in a paper bag or a small basket.

Once you’re back home, rinse off any residual dirt that’s on the mushroom. Then, put them on a clean kitchen towel or paper towel. You’ll want to dab them dry to remove as much moisture as you can. Then, you’re ready to use them in any recipe you have in mind.

Recipe to Use Them In

One great way to eat fresh mushrooms would be by making a lemon tek, a mixture of lemon juice and shrooms.

You can chop up your shrooms into smaller pieces, then put them in a small glass or bowl. Then, squeeze the juice out of some lemons until your chopped shrooms are covered in them. Leave them to soak for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Magic mushroom in a plate with fork and knife

Soaking them allows activating psilocin, the active compound of psilocybin. The acid in the lemons is the key component here, helping break down psilocybin.  This helps make your trip a lot sooner. But, even if it doesn’t do that, the lemons help cover up the mushrooms’ taste and give you a citrus trippy treat to enjoy!


Choosing to dry your shrooms is a suitable method. This is used when you plan your trip at a later time. This is usually done when you’ve picked or received the shrooms fresh.  By drying them, you at least extend their shelf life and ensure they don’t go bad before you decide to eat them.  

Preparation Method

After you’ve cleaned up your mushrooms, you’ll want to make sure they’re as dry as they can be. If you’ve washed them, dab them dry with a kitchen towel or a fresh paper towel. Once you’ve removed as much moisture as you could, set them on a wire rack or a fresh towel. Then leave them out to dry by a fan.

buying dried magic mushroom in hand

This will take some time, but you’ll have dried mushrooms after a few hours or so. After that, you could go the extra step and put them in a food dehydrator to get them bone dry. Putting them in a mason jar with food-grade silica packets can also give you similar results.

Once you’ve dried them, you can store them away in a cool, dry place for future use.

Recipe to Use Them In

Dried mushrooms are rather versatile when it comes to ways you can prepare them.

One perfect way you can use them would be in mushroom tea. You can either choose to throw in your whole dried mushrooms in hot water or ground them up before doing so. Let it steep as you would any other tea, then go on ahead and enjoy that magic afternoon tea!

Another way to enjoy your dried mushrooms would be to mix them in with honey. For this preparation, all you need is the number of mushrooms that you think are enough and honey to coat them all. So, first, you toss your mushrooms in a container. Then, pour your honey in until it covers your mushrooms. Mix it to make sure your shrooms are coated, and then you can go ahead and get a spoonful.

You can also store this blue honey for several months as long as you check on them to ensure they haven’t gone bad.


For the longest time, people have thought that cooking shrooms are wasting them. This is due to the heat that would destroy the psilocybin. But, experts and regular people alike have been saying that this might not be true at all. While some still choose to avoid long periods of heat, there are still some ways by which you can cook your shrooms.

Preparation Method

You can either choose to make use of dried or fresh mushrooms. Make sure that they’re clean and safe to eat.  Be sure to decide on how many mushrooms you want. Next, you can already toss or chop them up depending on your choice.

Make sure also that you’re careful about the dosage.  The potency may be weak, but it is better to be safe in cooking and measuring the shroom’s dosage.

Recipe to Use Them In

Cooked shroom recipes are as countless as the number of culinary dishes in the world. From stir-fries and pasta to desserts, you can add your shrooms to any recipe you have.

One popular recipe that a lot of shroom aficionados gravitate to is shroom brownies. Much like cannabis brownies, all you need to do is throw your mushrooms into your mixture. But, unlike cannabis, where you’d need to extract the cannabis, you can use whole mushrooms.

Making this is much like making any regular batch of brownies. Throw in your mushrooms whole or chopped, mix them in with your other ingredients, and then you’re good to go! Pop them in the oven, and you’ll have yourself a batch of magic brownies.

You can also make some chocolate shroom treats! Melt some chocolate, add your shrooms to the melted chocolate, then put them on a mold or a tray. After your chocolate cools down and you allow it to set, you’ll have a delectable way to start your trip!


If you aren’t big on eating your shrooms at all, you could also opt to have them in a capsule or pill form. This way, you don’t have to worry about tasting them at all.

Preparation/ Method

For this preparation, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got shrooms that are bone dry. So, once you’ve picked your shrooms, cleaned them, and pre-dried them on a towel or wire rack, you will dry them again. For this, you’ll need to use a food dehydrator or a lot of food-grade desiccants.

If you use a dehydrator, put them in as you would any other food you would dehydrate. It would be good to put them on a wire rack or at least a baking sheet. To get the shrooms bone dry, you’ll need to leave them there for about a day or two. Be sure to check on them from time to time, too.

shrooms inside a capsuleFor the desiccant method, you could choose from the two. Either you make your own desiccant from Epsom salts or buy food-grade silica packets. Using an airtight container, first put the desiccant on the bottom, covering it with a paper towel. Then put a layer of mesh wire, which is where you’ll place your mushrooms. Then, seal your container and give it a few days.

Once you’ve dried out your mushrooms, you can use a grinder or a food processor to get them down to a fine, ground form. Next, you can use a capsule machine and some empty capsules to put your mushrooms in. You can also use a pill compressor to help pack them into a pill form.

Whatever way you choose, store them as you would any other food supplement or vitamin you have. Put them in a tinted glass bottle and put them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight!

Things to do Before Consuming Shrooms

Now that you’ve got a few preparations in mind, you’re good to go! Right? Not yet.  Keep in mind that there are preparations needed to be done. This is to make sure you make the most of your special batch of psilocybin mushrooms.

When it comes to preparing them, first make sure that your mushrooms are good to eat. That means they’re safe and free of spoilage. That way, you at least save yourself from having a bad case of food poisoning.

Like how you’d go about cooking any other meal, make sure you have all your ingredients ready. This is to ensure you get the recipe right and don’t waste your batch of mushrooms. It would be inconvenient to realize you’re missing something. It’s also a waste of shrooms if you can’t complete the recipe.

In line with this, make sure that you follow the recipes in the letter. Sure, there may be room for experimentation and a little artistic flair here and there. But, it might be good to get the recipe right before you start deviating from it. This is especially true for the preparation stage. Again, this is to ensure that your mushrooms are still safe to consume.

Finally, be sure to know your dose. You might get tempted to throw as many mushrooms in there as possible. However, it might also be hard to tell how much you actually put in there. While you can’t overdose on mushrooms, you might end up giving yourself a bad headache or even a bad trip. Sure, you’re supposed to have fun. Be sure to be responsible.


Going on a shroom trip has gone beyond popping fresh-picked or dried shrooms in your mouth. It has become a culinary experience in itself. This is where people have tried to make tastier ways of consuming their magic mushrooms.

Of course, it’s not necessary, but it’s also another way to spice up your consumption experience. If anything, it’s an excellent start to a trip because you finally have a tasty way to start it. So, how do you take shrooms? How do you eat shrooms? Do you think you can change it up and make it even better? With these recipes, you’re definitely assured of that.

Find that one recipe that interests you or gets you curious, and try it out! See if you like it!

Bon appetit!

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