Magic Mushroom with Wine | The Best Shroom Recipes You Have to Try

wine is great, but wine with shrooms? Magical.

There is a clamor for new ways to spice up magic mushrooms. Although the old-school way of chewing it raw is still a common way of consuming mushrooms, various new methods can make the preparation more exciting. One of the most thrilling ways is to have a wine with your magic mushroom. This preparation is like the classic cheese accompaniment. Still, you drown the earthy and bitter taste of mushrooms with the rich, fruity taste of wine. Though the recommendation is that a non-alcoholic wine is the best one to use, moderation is the key to enjoy this pairing because anything in excess may bring undesirable results. How can you prepare a magic mushroom with wine? It’s more simple than you thought.

Step 1: Choosing Good Quality Ingredients

Making wine with magic mushrooms starts like any other winemaking. You start with the basic ingredients like yeast, sugar, and the flavor you want. Normally, people like using fruits and other edibles, but you should choose one with the highest quality to get amazing results and make the most out of your magic mushrooms. Most recipes call for dried mushrooms. You would need to mix the yeast, the fruit, and the yeast nutriment or sugar in fruit wines. These ingredients will be mixed to the right proportion and brewed. 

Step 2: Preparing for Fermentation and Bottling

To be more versed in making wine, you should start by making the traditional ones to ensure you develop the right skills and patience. You would need to do many experiments to come up with your signature and distinct flavor and texture. The important thing is knowing the basics of winemaking because you can make any twists you want right after. The ingredients of yeast, nutriment, and sugar should be kept in sterilized equipment in a warm place to ferment.

Leave this mixture until the sugar has been digested, but you can still add more sugar to your preference to sweeten it or make the flavor stronger. The mushroom should be added late in the fermentation process, a couple of days before bottling so the psilocybin compounds will still be potent. You would leave the mixture to brew for a day or two, so the mushroom flavors will integrate into the mix. The process can take up to 8 weeks before the whole mixture becomes wine.

Step 3: What to Remember

Making wine is easy, but you would need the patience to make sure you leave the brewing process undisturbed and silently working independently. Some people suggest an easier way of preparing magic mushrooms with the wine: getting a wine of your choice, then soaking magic mushrooms for a week. The bits can be filtered out or left in the wine before you consume them. To make this project a success, ensure that all the materials you use are clean and well sterilized; from the demijohn bottle during fermentation to the measuring cups for drinking.

Magic mushrooms with wine will soon be the next best way to have your dose of mushrooms. This new pairing will give a refreshing way to ingest the mushroom, so you don’t always have to chew or drink it in tea form. This not only adds flavor but a whole new experience in itself. 

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