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  • News Update: Magic Mushrooms in Virginia

    Research on psilocybin use is showing so much promise. However, having legal magic mushrooms in Virginia may still be far from happening. Psilocybin is currently considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance in the state. This means it is illegal to have them in your possession. Despite the state’s view, more are starting to believe what the research is saying. So much so that some are beginning to see its value and are looking towards investing in these mushrooms. Even legislation is starting to see that psilocybin isn’t as bad as they thought. They are also reconsidering their stance. 

    What’s So Great about Psilocybin?

    Magic mushrooms have been around and have actually been studied since the early ’50s and ’60s. The US government has cracked down on all sorts of drugs. Now, psychedelics such as psilocybin were again picked up.

    So far, research has discovered several benefits of psilocybin. These benefits are in connection to mental illness and other mental disorders. Many studies have pointed out that psilocybin has a use in treating depression. This was a combination of psychotherapy and psilocybin. This helped reduce depressive symptoms. It has also been seen to be an effective antidepressant.

    Psychedelics were also seen as a good palliative care treatment for terminal illnesses. The NYU Psilocybin Cancer Anxiety Study conducted a treatment course. This is in using psilocybin for cancer patients to reduce anxiety. This was attributed to psychedelics’ ability to induce a spiritual experience.

    These are some benefit highlights from psilocybin which are offered to those who take it. While these are not yet understood, their use shows promise in the medical field. But, unfortunately, they’re still seen as recreational drugs that people get high with. This explains the stigma that many have towards this substance.

    What’s Happening So Far?

    As of 2021, psychedelics such as psilocybin are still illegal in most of the USA. But, that may change soon as some places are starting to become more accepting of psilocybin. Denver, Colorado, became the first city to decriminalize psilocybin last May 2020. A few months later, Washington DC followed suit and decriminalized mushrooms as well. Five cities also followed afterward.

    There is also a state where magic mushrooms have finally become legalized. Oregon decided to pass its Ballot Measure 109 last November 2020. This made it legal for anyone to use psilocybin. This is only for therapeutic uses and under the proper supervision. This also made psilocybin possession a low priority to law enforcement, decriminalizing it.


    While these are still illegal, there are already efforts being made to help change that. Earlier this year, the state already decided to legalize cannabis. But this is only for medical purposes, which requires a prescription. But, legislation is already doing what they can to help make it legal to retail these. Soon enough, psilocybin may be following the same path.

    Lawmakers in Virginia are currently working on getting drugs as a whole decriminalized. Recently, a suggestion was given to the commission of Virginia. This was to reconsider other ways to approach the drug problem. One of the ways proposed in Resolution HJ 530 is to decriminalize its possession.

    The way in dealing drugs is already updated. This was said by the legislators behind the resolution. They also mentioned that the system has failed to understand substance abuse. Instead of looking at it as a public health problem, it is being treated as a criminal problem. This approach of treating it as a crime instead of a disorder has only proven to be fruitless.

    Viewing drug and substance abuse as a public health problem will change things. This will also put the state of Virginia one step closer to changing its view on drugs altogether. This will reduce the stigma on drugs such as psilocybin. This opens people up to viewing psilocybin differently, even considering their therapeutic uses.

    What Does That Mean for Shrooms now?

    illegal and legal paper

    While the future seems bright for magic mushrooms, they’re still considered illegal. Even if you find some in the Virginia Forest, you will still get in trouble if you’re caught foraging them. So, until they get decriminalized, you will have to hold off on finding yourself some shrooms.

    Despite that, other medicinal mushrooms are considered legal. Mushrooms such as the reishi mushroom and lion’s mane are at least permitted to buy and consume. While its effects may not be the same as psilocybin, they’re still beneficial to your health. But, again, it’s a start.


    Psilocybin still has a long way to go in becoming an accepted substance like cannabis. With the help of science and research, the change could happen anytime soon. This would help prove that psilocybin isn’t as evil as we thought it was. The legalization of cannabis is already a step towards progress. Along with this are the current efforts to help decriminalize drugs. So, there’s definitely a chance that things will change for the better.

    Until then, all we can do is wait. We also need to do our part in helping other people better understand this magical substance.

  • News Update: The Current Situation on Psychedelic Mushrooms in Ohio

    At present, Ohio is one of the states with the strictest laws when it comes to drugs. This includes psilocybin mushrooms which is a Schedule 1 controlled substance. A bad brand and misunderstanding still put psychedelic mushrooms in a bad light. Current studies show that magic mushrooms are beneficial, especially in the medical field. Even if that’s the case, research overshadows the bad over the good benefits in using them. Backed with sound research, people are rallying for legislation to reconsider their decision. This will help in the legalization of the use of psychedelic mushrooms. According to studies, psychedelic mushrooms are doing more good than harm. This is taking it an inch to possibility in seeing psilocybe in Ohio. 

    What the Research Says

    Upon hearing “psychedelic mushrooms,” people assume that these are drugs used to go on a trip. Add to the fact that it’s a dangerous substance. This is understandable why people negatively see mushrooms. But, with what the medical research shows, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Research on psilocybin focuses a lot on its benefits on certain psychiatric disorders. As an example, studies showed effects on depression and schizophrenia. The study showed similar effects compared to psychiatric drugs used for treatment. This is because psilocybin works in the same area of the brain where antidepressants do. Some even state that psilocybin works longer-lasting effects compared to typical antidepressants.  

    People worry that this substance is still not safe to use, but studies show otherwise. With the proper dosage and given in a controlled environment, there is nothing to worry about. A safe and controlled environment should be emphasized in taking these magic mushrooms. 

    The research shows both potential and is safe to use, according to the study. So, there is no reason to fear using psychedelic mushrooms. As days go by, the research on psychedelic mushrooms is still happening. More results convince people that these substances are harmless. 

    Legalizing Psilocybin in Ohio

    As of today, psilocybin is still illegal in the majority of the states in the US, with Ohio being part of those states. Unfortunately, when it comes to Ohio’s laws concerning drugs, it happens to have one of the harshest laws. Being caught in possession of psilocybin, for example, would merit a federal offense. Whether it would count as a misdemeanor charge or a felony would depend on the amount with which you are caught. Advocates would argue either way. A substance that can do so much good would be given an out-of-proportion punishment.

    Different Kinds of Shrooms

    Despite Ohio’s current drug law situation, we can still be hopeful about some things. We can start by looking at cannabis. It took a while before it was legalized in states in the US. Most likely, psilocybin would follow a similar path. Denver and Oakland are great examples! These cities have started lobbying to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms.

    Oregon has taken an extra step as well. Not only they decriminalized drugs, but they also recently made a monumental move. This is the first state to legalize psilocybin. While it only covers medical settings, this is still a decision in favor of magic mushrooms. This helps solidify the benefits found in psilocybin mushrooms.

    In light of these events, it’s hard to say that there’s no hope for Ohio to follow suit. Of course, given the rigid laws the state has on drugs, it looks like it’ll be a while before they reach that point. But the research is still ongoing. It is difficult to deny the benefits that magic mushrooms can do to our society. Until then, Ohio citizens have to wait. But not just wait. Wait and help educate others to clear out the stigma about psilocybin mushrooms. Joining advocacy groups can also help! This is one way to help legalize such substances. 

    Science showed tremendous progress. We can see it and appreciate it more in psychedelic mushrooms. The favor may not be on the side of the magic mushroom, but it’s only a matter of time until that changes.

  • 2021: Places Where It Is Safe To Use Shrooms In USA

    Since its emergence, thousands of valuable discoveries have revolutionized the practice of medicine. From the first vaccine to the accidental development of penicillin. From the development of diarrhea treatments to robotic surgeries. The method of medicine has changed for the better.

    These discoveries and revolutionary success are attributed to the studies and research today. Today, people still do whatever research they can to improve the practice of medicine. With all this going on, you can bet that the way medicine is practiced will continue to change over time.

    One perfect example of improvements in medical treatments is the research on psychedelics. Currently, research in this field has started to make waves in medicine. The use of psilocybin has shown the potential to be more than a recreational drug.

    But, as it stands today, psilocybin isn’t as accepted for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons would be the stigma that comes with it. You might be asking, “Are shrooms illegal?” Well, yes. But with what’s going on now, that could change soon.

    From the Newsroom: Psychedelic Treatment with Psilocybin

    Psychedelics such as psilocybin have been studied for decades now. At present, many studies done on psilocybin point out its therapeutic potential. The majority highlight the positive effects magic mushroom use has on the mind.

    One notable finding from the studies is the effectiveness of psilocybin mushrooms. The research showed that it was effective in treating depression. Studies by Johns Hopkins University showed their results on psilocybin. Depressed patients were given psilocybin under therapeutic conditions. This helped in alleviating depressive symptoms.

    Other studies also pointed out the use of psilocybin and psychotherapy sessions. This has shown to be an effective treatment modality for depression. Currently, there’s even a chance that psilocybin might become an alternative to antidepressants. This is as they act on the same brain areas.

    dried psilocybin mushrooms

    Aside from depression, psilocybin mushrooms could be used in palliative care. The NYU Psilocybin Cancer Anxiety Study looked at how giving ill patients mushrooms. The study focused on their attitude change towards their disease. By the end, the patients were more open. They’ve accepted their conditions, reducing their anxiety.

    Several studies have highlighted a benefit that these magic mushrooms could provide someone. While science is yet to understand shrooms, progress is proving to be promising.

    Reclassification Recommendation For Psilocybin 2018 (Research)

    Despite all the progress, shrooms are still considered Schedule I controlled substances. This means that there is still no approved medical benefit, and this substance is also prone to abuse.

    But, back in 2018, researchers appealed to get it reclassified to a Schedule IV substance. The main reason for reclassification is the studies. It showed that these substances are not prone to any abuse.

    Animal and human studies proved that there is low potential for magic mushrooms to be abused. There was also a separate study that was done on rats. The rats did not push levers to receive psilocybin as much as they did with alcohol and cocaine in the study. Human studies have shown that those who have used psilocybin do not use it during their lives.

    In terms of safety, the studies have shown that it’s one substance that harms its users the least. Lethal levels of psilocybin have not yet been discovered. This gives it a low chance of any potential fatal overdose.

    Reclassifying it as a Schedule IV, it can be more accessible to the public. Of course, it will still be controlled in the same way that prescription drugs are. The reclassification, however, recognizes that there are indeed medical benefits. In the next few years, this reclassification can happen.

    Johns Hopkins Launches A Center For Psychedelic Research

    While reclassification is still ongoing, researchers are still happening. This is to better understand magic mushrooms and their benefits better.

    Johns Hopkins has put up a center for psychedelic research. It is named the “Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research.” Their focus is the extent to which psychedelics can affect people. Their center will take a closer look at how psilocybin induces these changes, from how psychedelics can affect one’s behavior to how it influences brain function.

    john hopkins university

    What’s more, they’ll look at how they can use it as a therapy for different mental illnesses. Examples include treating Alzheimer’s, PTSD, anorexia, and even alcohol addiction in the depressed. This research will help revolutionize how medicine treats each patient’s needs. This is thanks to the help of magic mushrooms.

    Psychedelic Use May Lead To Treatment For Alcohol Abuse.

    Among the many interesting studies, its possible treatment is also showing some promise.

    Back in the ’50s and ’60s, a study was made on alcohol addiction. Psychedelics were actually done to treat the addiction. Researchers used LSD to treat those with an alcohol abuse disorder. The rationale behind the LSD could cause them a trip profound enough to help them break their habit. After much trial and error, LSD began to show some potential in treating alcoholism.

    Unfortunately, the US government’s crackdown on drugs put a stop to the research.

    But psilocybin has regained attention. Research has looked into the use of psychedelics as a treatment for alcoholism. Furthermore, anecdotal evidence showed promise. The results show that a significant number of people can get over their alcoholism.

    Today, institutions such as NYU are still carrying out studies for its use. But, as psilocybin was much easier to dose, it was picked over LSD in its use for treatment.


    After all that, one might still ask, “Are mushrooms illegal?” Unfortunately, yes.

    Despite what all the research says, psilocybin still isn’t accepted throughout the US. Unfortunately, they’re still classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance. This deems it illegal for anyone to consume or even have magic mushrooms. But, not all hope is lost.

    While it is still illegal in the majority of the US, some have decriminalized it. There is also one place where mushrooms have been made legal for therapeutic use. Aside from that, there are still initiatives being carried out by advocacy groups, like the Drug Policy Alliance. Their aim is to help change the United States’ policy on drugs. This is to change one’s views of drug use as a public health concern rather than law enforcement.

    Places Where They’re Decriminalized

    aerial view of colorado state capitol building

    Last May 2020, Denver, Colorado, made history. They are the first to decriminalize psilocybin. While it isn’t legalized, adults could no longer be charged with a crime or prosecuted for having or using it.

    That following June, the city of Oakland in California decriminalized psilocybin as well. Santa Cruz, California, followed suit later in January 2020. They’re hoping to decriminalize the possession and cultivation of adults.

    Soon enough, DC also decriminalized psilocybin along with other psychedelics. This was possible with their Entheogenic Plant and Fungus Policy Act of 2020. Following suit in the decriminalization of these plants was Washtenaw County in Michigan. Three cities in Massachusetts followed, namely – Somerville, Cambridge, and Northampton.

    Places Where They’re Legalized

    As of now, there is only one state that has decriminalized and legalized psilocybin. Last November 2020, Oregon became the first US state to do this by passing Ballot Measure 109.

    This measure allowed anyone to use psilocybin for therapeutic uses. This is as long as it is done with a therapist or other licensed facilitator. But, uses other than that would still be considered illegal. However, it will have the least priority to law enforcement as it is decriminalized.


    The majority in the US still sees psilocybin in a bad light. But we still have hope that psychedelics will become legal!

    But, one should not lose hope. Like how it took a long time for cannabis to get legalized in some states, it may take psilocybin some time too. Studies on psilocybin showed undeniable proof of its benefits. It is only a matter of time to see it legalized. What’s more, there is still much to learn about psilocybin. This means that there are only more good things to come on its benefits and how it can be utilized.

    It’s only a matter of time before people start viewing psilocybin positively. A little patience, some hope, and wholehearted trust in science are all you need until then.

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  • News Update: What We Know About Psychedelic Mushrooms in Oklahoma

    Laws about psychedelic drugs are still strict. This is despite the changes in Oklahoma’s drug regulations. Due to a lack of understanding of these substances, people’s minds still remain unchanged. Highlighting its benefits, recent research is filled with promises towards psychedelic mushrooms. Advocates are educating others to see why these substances aren’t as harmful as thought to be. More changes and a better understanding will rise towards Oklahoma’s magic mushroom.

    Psilocybin and Safety

    Lack of understanding is the usual stigma that is usually related to magic mushrooms. Usually, the initial thought on magic mushrooms is that it is an illegal drug with no benefits. Unfortunately, that train of thought is outdated. Magic mushrooms provide so much good that these substances can do for you.

    Several studies in the medical field are already available on psychedelic mushrooms’ effects. The research proposed it as an alternate treatment for psychiatric conditions. This is most helpful towards schizophrenia and depression. Psilocybin operates on the same parts of the brain as antidepressant medication. In fact, it is even seen as an effective medication in some instances. 

    In other research, psilocybin can be used in palliative care settings. For example, the NYU Psilocybin Cancer Anxiety Project conducted a study. They studied the effect of psilocybin on ill patients. In a guided environment, the psychedelics were given to the patients. It showed promising results as they better come to terms with their condition. Others even became more open.

    So far, the studies show that there’s a lot of good that comes from psilocybin. It’s not as dangerous as people think! It can actually have some benefit in some instances. The research shows potential even if it has a long way to go. It shows that it is safe and beneficial!

    The Community Effect

    People’s views are changing on how psychedelic mushrooms. They no longer see it as bad in connection to recent studies published. Communities are now starting to help others as a result. This is to better understand the use of the substance.

    Mushrooms in the forest

    Oklahoma Psilocybin Initiative, for starters, is championing an initiative. Their goal is to help others better understand psilocybin. They educate those who don’t know its proper uses. They also teach the appropriate usage of the substance. Their aim is to remove the stigma connected to psychedelic mushrooms. They use the studies to better show that it is safe to use. They even count its benefits to better comprehend magic mushrooms. The group also recommends the change in Oklahoma’s laws on magic mushrooms. In Oklahoma, possessing and using psilocybin is punishable by law. The OPI finds this unreasonable and needs changing. This helps lessen the stigma. It even promotes the use of these substances to be healthy and well. 

    Besides these advocacy groups, the harvesters community for shrooms became available in Oklahoma. Harvesters cultivate their own psilocybin. They use mushroom spores and do foraging for mushrooms. The legality is still questionable, but people are showing interest. Not only that, they acknowledge that these substances are not harmful! Both groups support that psychedelic mushrooms should be accepted in Oklahoma. 

    Legalization Psilocybin

    Despite all these, magic mushrooms are still deemed illegal. At present, psychedelic mushrooms are classified as a Schedule I drug. This means that there are currently no accepted medical uses and have a high potential for abuse.

    So far, drug-related offenses only merit a misdemeanor charge. 

    Possession of magic mushrooms is considered a minor offense in the state. But, you still need to serve some jail time if caught with such substances. Advocates hope to change that, though. Right now, decriminalization and the legalization of magic mushrooms are being considered. Unfortunately, there is no set timeline for when this is going to happen. But as the science shows promise in other states, it will likely soon happen in Oklahoma too.

    People have understood the potential psychedelic mushrooms have. But, we still have a long way to go before it can ever get decriminalized or legalized. Luckily, there is always something you can do to help push things forward. You can start by reading research materials available on the net. Joining advocacy groups can also help its movement to legalization. Enlightening others will also help remove the stigma. After all, if you want something to happen, you have to do your part and put in whatever effort you can.

  • The Up-to-date News on Legalized Mushrooms & Psychedelics in the US

    The topic of drug legalization is a very polarizing conversation to this day. Many people believe that drugs, in general, are evil that must be kept away from communities. Drugs can destroy lives. Therefore, it must be kept away from people before it corrupts them.

    A gavel and base with a the earth globe in the background

    On the other hand, others believe that legalizing drugs can actually bring about more good than bad. By legalizing drugs, you can help get rid of the illegal drug trade. Instead of this, a legal and more regulated production process of these substances can take place. By regulating and monitoring production, keeping track of what drugs go around in the community is easier.

    Aside from keeping track of these drugs, you can also keep track of their usage. Through decriminalization, people become less afraid of hiding their drug consumption. This can help remove a stigma attached to its use and help make people less afraid to come forward.

    This is especially important from a public health standpoint because people who need healthcare for their drug use can finally get it. Whereas drug use is a criminal concern when it’s illegal, it becomes a public health focus should it become legalized, which is what it is.

    These are just some of the many debates people have when it comes to legalizing drugs. There are indeed benefits to legalizing drugs. However, while it might be scary, it could still do more harm than good if drugs are legal. Aside from helping with drug addiction and preventing any illnesses that illegal drug use could bring about, it can help utilize some drugs to benefit health and wellness. This could then bring about better ways of treating diseases, further improving healthcare.

    Psilocybin is one perfect example of a substance that can benefit from this legalization.

    Is Legalization the Same as Decriminalization?

    Before going on, you might be wondering if legalization and decriminalization are the same things. Unfortunately, those are two different things. When a drug is legalized, all legal repercussions merited by drug use or possession are removed. When a prescription is decriminalized, possession and its use are still illegal. But instead of getting a criminal offense if you are caught with drugs or using drugs, you only get a civil one. At the least, you will not get a criminal record.

    Does Decriminalization of Drugs Work?

    Psilocibin Mushroom Prescription

    The decriminalization of drugs is something that some countries around the world have actually done. Portugal has done so. By decriminalizing drugs, you shift the focus of drug use from a criminal concern to a public health concern. 

    By removing that criminal stigma associated with drug use, people become less scared to come forward about their service. By providing a secure environment for them, free of judgment, they can have a safer environment for their drug use. In addition, you can watch over them and treat any drug-related illnesses and sicknesses that usually come with their drug use.

    If these people want help, it becomes easier for them to have access to it. Punishing these people for a problem they have doesn’t make sense because they won’t get the help that way. By providing a better support system and community that accepts them, you help them out more.

    Despite drugs still being illegal in decriminalization, their benefits would be essentially the same as legalizing all drugs.

    On Legalized Mushrooms

    The psychoactive component in magic mushrooms is called psilocybin. It’s currently a schedule 1 controlled substance. These drugs now have no accepted use in medicine because of their high potential for abuse. In addition, schedule 1 substances are illegal, which means possession or usage of these is a criminal offense.

    While this is so, science does recognize that there are benefits to using psilocybin, especially in the medical field. For example, psilocybin can be used as an alternative treatment for mental illnesses, such as depression. This substance can also be used to help in palliative care, helping improve the quality of life of terminal patients. Psilocybin is still being studied today as science sees its potential to help with health and wellness.

    Given that, people are working towards trying to make this a legal psychedelic. If not, decriminalizing drugs such as these would be an excellent first step. But, unfortunately, not every state has the same opinion, which means having legalized psychedelics all over the United States is still far from happening.

    While the US works on the legalization & decriminalization of mushrooms, some states have taken the initiative to do so.

    The Drug Policy Alliance Conference

    The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is a non-profit organization that seeks to change the United States’ policies regarding drugs. They aim to change the attitudes people have towards drug use. In turn, this change in mentality could hopefully change the United States’ current laws towards drugs. 

    judge looking at his computer in his desk about legalized mushrooms

    They believe that drug use is normal and, for as long as it is regulated and backed by science, should be looked at with compassion and understanding.

    With all of this in mind, the Drug Policy Alliance is pushing to legalize all drugs. The reason is that they believe that people using drugs is a reality we should face. Each person has their reasons for using these substances, and understanding why they use drugs can help them a lot. It not only removes the stigma directed at them, but it paves the way for a safer environment for them.

    By removing the stigma and the judgment connected to drug use, drug users feel safer about opening up about their habit. This paves the way for applying health practices that can encourage safe drug use. In addition, it gives a chance for users to seek medical attention when it comes to their drug use. 

    The issue of drug use then comes under the light of public health, which can further promote safer drug practices. Public health, after all, is a right due to everyone. This is why drug users also need to be included, as drug use is a public health problem in the first place.

    Aside from this, the Drug Policy Alliance recognizes that some drugs have therapeutic uses and potential benefits for health and wellness. That is why they are pushing towards legalizing these drugs to help capitalize on their potential to help with diseases. The legalization of mushrooms, for example, could help make it easier to treat mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Studies have shown the possible benefit that mushrooms have for these illnesses, encouraging authorities to consider the good these substances can do.

    In line with this, organizations such as the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies work with the DPA to legalize psychedelics. Hopefully, in the coming years, laws will change to decriminalize drugs like these to help make it easier to treat illnesses that can benefit from psychedelic treatments.

    Psychedelic mushrooms in san Diego

    buying dried magic mushroom in hand

    In San Diego, the laws regarding drugs follow the rules of the state of California. So far, California has no new regulations regarding the legality of psychedelic mushrooms. This means that they are still considered a controlled substance.

    According to California law, having possession of a drug such as psilocybin is considered a misdemeanor offense. This means that you will be criminally charged with possession. As a result, there is a chance that you will be convicted and imprisoned, or you could also be made to pay a fine.

    Either way, having and using psychedelic mushrooms in San Diego isn’t legal. So, it would be best that you avoid doing so until the laws change. 

    Are magic Mushrooms legal in California? 

    So far, the only drug that is legal in California is marijuana. It’s legal for both medical and recreational use, but only in specific quantities. Any quantities exceeding 28.5 grams of marijuana or 8 ounces of marijuana concentrate could lead you to be charged with a drug-related offense.

    As for mushrooms, these are still illegal. But, that may change soon as mushroom legalization in California may become a reality. At the moment, a proposed law is being pushed towards California mushroom legalization and other psychedelics. The basis for this push is the fact that people see the therapeutic potential of these substances.

    While Californians wait on California Legalizing mushrooms, some cities already have decriminalized mushrooms. So while it isn’t much, it’s still a step closer to legalization.

    Magic mushrooms in Oregon

    Are mushrooms legal in Oregon? Yes. As of November 3, 2020, a voter initiative voted “Yes” to give the state health authority the power to create a program that supports psilocybin use. Specifically, Oregon mushroom laws have allowed for the therapeutic use of mushrooms to help treat illnesses.

    Aside from the legalization of mushrooms, the same initiative also voted to decriminalize them as well. So while Oregon legalizing mushrooms was only to help treat mental health illnesses, it’s still one step closer to getting mushrooms legalized in its entirety.

    Psychedelic Mushrooms in Illinois

    Psilocybin Mushroom

    Psychedelic mushrooms in Illinois are still considered illegal. The Illinois administrative code considers psychedelic mushrooms a schedule 1 substance, making it illegal to possess. Unfortunately, possession of mushrooms in Illinois merits very harsh consequences. For example, control of up to 200 grams of psilocybin mushrooms is punishable by 1 to 3 years in prison. Anything exceeding that amount would merit 4 to 15 years in prison.

    At present, it doesn’t look like Illinois mushroom laws are going to change soon. So while these do have therapeutic benefits, having them accessible for this specific use may not be possible any time soon.

    Decriminalization of Mushrooms in Denver

    When you think of Denver, the first thing that might come into mind would be that cannabis is legal. This is indeed true. Unfortunately, cannabis is the only legalized drug in Denver so far. As for Denver psychedelics, these are only decriminalized. So, using and possessing mushrooms is still illegal. While they can still be used in experimental treatments, mushrooms have yet to have an approved medical usage.

    While legalizing mushrooms in Denver has a long way to go, decriminalization takes it one step closer. Despite this, research on mushrooms will continue, and people will still do their best to lobby for Denver mushroom legalization. Until then, it’ll have to wait.

    Oakland Magic Mushrooms Legalities

    Are mushrooms legal in Oakland? No. But mushrooms are decriminalized in Oakland. As a matter of fact, Oakland is the first city in California to do such a thing. This means that while it is still not legal, police cannot pose criminal charges on you for using these drugs.

    While buying mushrooms in Oakland is not yet possible, having these substances recognized for their therapeutic potential is still good. Of course, waiting for mushrooms to become legal in Oakland will take time, but this is good progress nonetheless.

    magic mushroom growing in a container and picking it up with gloves


    The effort to legalize psychedelics throughout the United States still has a long way to go, especially since many people see these drugs as totally evil. But, with the progress that studies are bringing about, there is hope in changing peoples’ minds.

    The use of psychedelics for depression, for example, is proving to be more effective than current treatment modalities. Likewise, psychedelics for depression and anxiety demonstrate suitable therapies for people, especially when combined with current treatments.

    There is so much to do before mushroom legalization, let alone mushroom decriminalization, is achieved. But with all the information science and research are giving us, there is hope. It is possible to find legalized mushrooms and legal psychedelics as something normal in our society. 

    But until that happens, people will have to do their part to fight for it. It might not be easy, but if these things can help people, it’s definitely worth fighting for.

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