News Update Feb 2022: Magic Mushrooms in Tennessee

Science and research are continuously growing fields, and they’re always bringing about something new each year. But it’s safe to say that humankind is far from knowing everything yet, both in discoveries and new information.

There will always be something new that will come up that will change how humans see things. So, changing the way people live their lives. Well-researched information is something you can anchor yourself upon. However, it’s something that can be entirely different after a decade from now. 

One perfect example of this would be how people once saw psychedelic mushrooms. These so-called magic mushrooms have a relatively complicated and extensive history. While they might have become quite popular in the 70s and 80s, they go way beyond that. These were something that ancient peoples worldwide used regularly.

A Little On Shrooms

Back then, these magic mushrooms were held in such high regard. Some thought these shrooms were sacred, allowing people to communicate with higher beings. Others believed that this could help you connect with nature or help you figure out what was ailing you.

Then, in the 1970s and 80s, many people saw these shrooms as a substance to help you explore your inner self better. Of course, some still believed these were sacred, and these mushrooms could help you have a spiritual experience. But, these mushrooms also began to serve a recreational purpose. It allowed people to go on shroom trips.

Unfortunately, shrooms became something looked down upon. This is due to a complicated set of events. The United States government saw this as a substance with no benefit. It prompted them to ban these mushrooms and deem them illegal essentially.

However, recent developments have shown a completely different side to these mushrooms. Research on these mushrooms helped reveal that these had some benefits. And this is primarily in the medical field. People are now made aware of its possible uses in treating certain illnesses. This is thanks to the current knowledge we have.

Research on shrooms revealed that these could be an alternative treatment for depression. Psilocybin mushrooms appeared to have even more lasting effects than prescription medication. Shrooms act on similar parts of the brain as antidepressants. What’s more, this is only one of the several benefits that research on shrooms currently shows.

With that in mind, it would make sense that people would continue to look into these fungi more. These psychedelic mushrooms have even more benefits in the medical field. This is considering that there’s still so much one could learn about it. But, unfortunately, doing all that still isn’t that easy.

Psilocybin Mushrooms in Tennessee

Finding these kinds of shrooms might think is difficult to do. This is considering the difficulties in learning about shrooms. However, in places like Tennessee, finding psilocybin-containing mushrooms isn’t the most challenging part. If anything, the environment in Tennessee is very conducive to the growth of shrooms.

a cluster of Psilocybe cubensis

What psychedelic mushrooms grow there?

You can find several different shroom species in the state, given that the conditions in Tennessee are ideal for psychedelic mushrooms to grow. You can attribute this to the abundance of forested areas, reserves, and pastures. Add the frequent rainy days that occur during spring and fall. Then you have yourself the perfect shroom growing conditions.

One of the mushrooms you can find in the Tennessee ecosystem is the Psilocybe species. The Psilocybe cubensis mushroom is one that you’re sure to see in this state, and this is one of the most common psychedelic mushrooms.

Another shroom species you can find in Tennessee is the Panaeolus cyanescens mushroom. Like the commonly occurring Psilocybe species, this mushroom also has psychedelic effects. The only difference is this specific mushroom is more potent than others.

These are just some of the several different mushroom species you can find in Tennessee. Given that these are present in the surroundings, you’d think it would be the perfect place to forage. But, unfortunately, that isn’t exactly an ideal thing to do in Tennessee, and this is despite all the shrooms around.

Legalities and Penalties

Possession of these fungi is illegal, and this is despite Tennessee being ideal for psychedelic mushrooms to grow. This is because psilocybin–the psychoactive ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms–is a schedule 1 substance. These substances are seen to have no medical benefit and are potentially addictive, and these then are controlled substances.

Possessing a controlled substance will land you with a misdemeanor offense, which means you will have to pay a fine if caught and possibly even serve jail time. So, think twice if you’re thinking of getting your hands on some magic mushrooms. They might be more trouble than they’re worth.

But, it is worth noting that while the magic mushrooms in Tennessee are illegal, the spores aren’t. This may be because they do not have any psilocybin in them. So, you can have these in your possession. But, unfortunately, if you decide to grow them in mushrooms, you will end up getting in trouble.

What to Expect in the Future

Currently, it might not seem like a great place for magic mushroom advocates in Tennessee. However, this doesn’t mean it’ll be that way forever. It’s true that the majority of the US still classifies psilocybin as a schedule 1 substance. But some places treat it differently.

Research shows all the possible medical benefits of mushrooms. Now, people are starting to see the need to reevaluate their stance. As such, many cities in California have initiated decriminalizing their usage. It might not seem much, but it’s an excellent first step towards legalization.

Under the shrooms

If that wasn’t enough, Oregon decided to take it a step forward and legalize psilocybin. The state allowed the medical usage of these mushrooms, and it showed how it could help several people with their ailments. This only proves that there is something good about these mushrooms!

You can see that there’s still some hope for Tennessee to change its stance on mushrooms. It’s only a matter of time before more research reveals more mushroom-related benefits. This is considering that there’s still much more to learn about shrooms. So, there will come a day when mushrooms will be seen in a better light. Don’t lose hope just yet.

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