Copelandia Cyanescens | Panaeolus Cyanescens Identification

The mushroom community is vast, and there are a lot of different species. Each species has characteristics that make it distinct from each other, making it popular with shroomers. As magic mushrooms are known for their hallucinogenic properties, some can give the user only mild effects, and others cause potent hallucinations, and one example is the Copelandia Cyanscens.

Copelandia Cyanscens

Black and grey magic mushroom growing on dungThis mushroom type is also known as Panaeolus Cyanescens, and people believe that these mushrooms’ origin is from Asia. They can grow in tropical and neotropical conditions, but shroomers or users can cultivate it indoors or in their gardens.

This mushroom species grows well in manures of animals that eat grasses or plants, which is why it has a nickname of a dung-loving mushroom. Like other magic mushrooms, this type causes mind-altering effects when ingested because of the psychoactive ingredient tryptamine alkaloids it contains.

It is one of the most potent mushrooms, and according to reports, it occupies the fourth place based on its potency. 


Copelandia Cyanscens are small and have narrow stems. Its cap can be 1.5-4 cm broad and has a bell shape. The cap’s surface is smooth and grayish or whitish, and it turns brown when wet or moist. This type of mushroom is quite sensitive to touch because it can easily bruise to greenish or bluish colors when something applies a little bit of pressure on its cap. 

Growth and Cultivation

The speed of growth of these mushrooms varies depending on the temperature and humidity of the area. Considering a place with a temperature of 25 to 30-degree Celsius and a humidity of 90%-100%, the primordia formation can take three to five days. The fruit body development can take five to seven days until it matures. These mushrooms are easy to cultivate because they will not need a day to day attention. 

For tips on keeping your shrooms fresh, visit our blog on how to store magic mushrooms.


woman-smilling-after-taking-antidepressantsThese psilocybin mushrooms are potent and can cause extreme effects when taken, so users must not take a dosage, which is too much. The intake or consumption of these types of shrooms can cause the user’s eyes to dilate, causing the muscle to relax, and cause coldness to the limbs and abdomen. The mind-altering effects include hallucination, increase or decrease senses, unawareness of time and space, and the spike of creative thinking.

In short, the users will feel separated from reality, and they would have an out-of-the-world experience. However, the effects vary on the state of the person’s mood and his body’s resistance to the drug. The user can also experience some side effects once the shroom wears off. Some of these are the feeling of exhaustion, headaches, nausea, and sometimes stomach aches.

Take Precaution when Ingesting Shrooms

Some people abuse the consumption of truffles or magic mushrooms, and this is never good. It can affect the daily life of the person and the people around him. Also, people who experience a bad trip from eating mushrooms may never forget their feelings, and they might feel traumatized for life. The intake of mushrooms must also have discipline, especially when it comes to potent mushrooms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Copelandia grow?
Copelandia is usually found on tropic or neotropics of both temperatures. They grow primarily on grasslands, dead moss, sand dunes, decayed wood, and dung.

Can you eat panaeolus Cyanescens?
Yes, but it is not commonly eaten.

Are Blue Meanies poisonous?
No, it is not poisonous.

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