The Mysterious Effects of Magic Mushrooms: What Happens to Man’s Blood After Injection?

There has been a news circulating about Man Injects Shrooms in His Blood! The Insider had a scoop about this. And that is what this feature would talk about.

Here is to explain to you on a scientific and cultural lens what can be the effect of a magic mushrooms man’s blood after injection. Is that even possible? What might happen to someone who injects shroom extract into his blood? What if the fungi grow in the blood? Answers to all this are coming.

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A Magic Mushroom Man Blood: Unfiltered Discussion

If the Hulk got a Gamma Ray-powered blood, that got him turning into a Marvel superhero. Then that can be enough to make everyone speculate on what can happen to a man with shrooms in his blood.

Would that make them a Psychonaut hero? An Existential super-guru?

 Of course, our researchers, experts, and fellow magic mushroom growers would not let this story remain uncovered. Let’s tackle every bit of detail of this story. First, let’s have a review of the basics of Magic Mushroom.

Magic Mushroom and Its Essence

Magic mushrooms are fungi that contain a chemical compound known as psilocybin. This substance is what the shrooms community is going avid for.

According to NCIB statistics, 30 million psychedelic users are in the United States. One of the main reasons that people use magic mushrooms is due to their magical effects.

The word magic comes from the fascinating effect of the mushroom on the human body. People who consume magic mushrooms get hallucinations, excitement, and euphoric feelings. 

One of the best ways to consume magic mushrooms is to eat them in dried or fresh form. You can add it to the food that you are cooking. However, some people powdered psilocybin to inject or snort out. 

Studies have shown that magic mushroom is an innovative therapy. The shrooms can treat mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. 

The effects of magic mushrooms on the human body are still in the process of many studies. But these are what we know so far. 

Injecting Magic Mushrooms

Our previous articles would talk about how magic mushrooms are best eaten. But how about when it is injected? 

Magic mushrooms are psychedelic drugs that can alter a human’s mental state. So will the same effect be after an injection?

The various and unstudied way people consume magic mushrooms causes problems. A series of events caused an uproar on the mysterious effects of psilocybin as magic mushrooms in man’s blood after injection. 

Injecting magic mushroom extract can cause bacterial and fungal infections. There are psilocybe cubensis cases where the magic mushrooms grow in the blood. 

According to our researchers, injecting the essence of magic mushrooms into the blood is a relatively new method.

And ingestion of psilocybin in the bloodstream is not recommended due to the potential for serious side effects.

What are the Risks Associated with Taking Magic Mushrooms?

Brown magic mushroom growing in the forest

Magic mushroom is a hopeful treatment for mental disorders and depressive states. However, the potential help of these psilocybin mushrooms is still in the study process.

Early, unprepared, and unplanned use may pose certain risks. 

Some people who take magic mushrooms may experience hallucinogen-persisting perception disorder. The disorder comes with a persistent and unreal reality distortion. 

These people suffering from the condition often experience visual flashbacks, and they can also have traumatic recollections of an upsetting and unsettling experience. 

Magic mushrooms may also cause psychosis, delirium, and intense agitation in people taking the shrooms. Sometimes, the effect of the shrooms is too severe that the individual has no control anymore. 

Many individuals cannot combat their craving once a hold of psilocybin. The high abuse potential of magic mushrooms while taking other drugs can cause the problem. 

Another risk of taking magic mushrooms is the possibility of mushroom poisoning. Mushroom poisoning may cause delirium, confusion, and muscle spasms. 

Risks of Magic Mushrooms When not Prepared Correctly

If taken correctly, magic mushrooms can treat depression, anxiety, and related mental illness. 

In several studies, the substance is in a pill form when administered. There are few cases of injection of magic mushrooms. But these injections are under the medical supervision of a licensed healthcare specialist. Thus, unsupervised administration of the drug alone posed high risks of infection. 

When not prepared correctly, magic mushrooms can alter or distort a person’s mental state, triggering anxiety and depression. 

Magic mushrooms can also cause health problems like vomiting, headaches, elevated blood pressure, and stomach cramps.

In other words, magic mushrooms become poison when you take the wrong one or consume it by mistake. 

Preparation of Magic Mushrooms

What are the tried and tested ways to prepare shrooms? You are highly advised to visit our blogs and posts for a detailed discussion of each method. But for a quick reference, we’ll you here. 

Here is how you can prepare magic mushrooms that you should know about:

Storing the Magic Mushrooms

Ensure that you store the magic mushrooms properly. If unwell, they can potentially lose their potency. The magic mushrooms may further create bacteria and mold that can cause danger to the human body. 

Mixing Magic Mushrooms with Other Food

Magic mushrooms can blend with other food and fit burgers, pizza, or pasta. However, ensure to prepare the shrooms the right way. Remove and clean the fungi before adding them to the food.

Mixing the Shrooms Into Your Drinks or Smoothies

Eating magic shrooms can be unpleasant to some people. If you want to remove the after-taste of the fungi, mixing it with drinks is a great idea. You can add it to tea or fruit juices and any spice or flavor during preparation. 

Another way is adding it to your shakes and smoothies. Drinking magic mushrooms in liquid form is an easier and quicker way of administering the fungi. 

You can crush or powderize the magic mushrooms and add them to your favorite smoothie ingredients. This way, you can enjoy the process of taking psilocybin. 

Infusing Food with Magic Mushrooms

You can infuse chocolates with magic mushrooms. You can add powdered magic mushrooms when baking. However, limit your baking below 190°F as the shrooms will lose potency beyond that point. You can try a no-bake option to preserve the effects of magic mushrooms. 

different drugs on a dish

A Case Study of A Man Injected Magic Mushroom Extract

Let us look at the case study of the man who was reported that 

‘Magic Mushrooms’ grow in his blood after injection. A man was hospitalized after injecting tea extracted from the shrooms he brewed.

The doctors, in this case, found that the man suffered organ failure a few days after the injection of the shroom tea.

The 30-year-old man, in this case, was said to live with bipolar disorder. So to aid his condition with the help of a psilocybin microdose, he injected the tea extract. However, an unfortunate attempt by the shroom failed to relieve him from his state. 

Only to suffer the effects of organ failure and mushrooms or fungus growing n his blood.

India Today reported that the man’s family discovered him experiencing severe effects. That includes jaundice, blood vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and extreme mental confusion. 

Blood Tests After Injecting Magic Mushrooms

Injecting magic mushrooms, especially without a healthcare specialist, is highly dangerous. 

From the case study above, the magic mushrooms grew on the blood. The blood test shows a development of a bacterial and fungal infection in the bloodstream. 

The growth of the shrooms that infect the blood can cause organ failure, where fluid builds up in the lungs. 

Legal Status of Magic Mushrooms

In the United States, magic mushrooms are a controlled substance. Further, the shrooms are Schedule 1 drugs under the United Nations Convention of 1971. Thus, the potential abuse of the substance is high.

However, changes happened in 2020 when Oregon made magic mushrooms legal as a treatment for mental health. 

California has a pending bill that will legalize magic mushrooms possession in the state. 

In 2022, Colorado became the second US state to legalize magic mushrooms.

It leads Us Now to Answer the How 

Now the question is how magic mushrooms should be taken. Will injecting it be safer in the future?

Many ongoing studies aim to know the best way to take magic mushrooms. Taking magic mushrooms fresh or dried is the most common. 

People take magic mushrooms by mixing them with food and drinks. Or whatever creative and enjoyable way these people can ingest psilocybin. 

Experimenting when administering the shrooms is highly discouraged. Stick to the proven ways to ensure your safety. 

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