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Psilocybe Cubensis Dried | How to Eat Shrooms

Magic mushrooms are not a delicacy, but there are various ways to prepare and eat them. They can be mixed with most food and beverages, with some creating tweaked recipes to incorporate it into the food. There are also so many magic mushrooms around the world, and one of the most famous ones is the Psilocybe Cubensis. These mushrooms are commonly seen in many countries because they can easily find an environment to grow. Below is everything needed to know about these particular mushrooms and how to eat them.

How to Identify a Psilocybe Cubensis

There are hundreds of magic mushroom species across the world, and one may easily stumble on them on the ground. They grow in moist and cold places, particularly on wood debris, dung, and decaying matter. There are a lot of people who forage mushrooms for culinary use and recreational use. Ordinary mushrooms are abundant in the market, used in a wide variety of food cuisines. Psychedelic mushrooms that contain Psilocybin and Psilocin are not to be consumed like food and should be limited in terms of dosage and frequency of use. While the previously mentioned mushrooms are edible, similar mushrooms are toxic and cause harmful effects to a person. Since there is a high chance for anyone to encounter a Psilocybe Cubensis, it is essential to know its features to identify it correctly. It is both a precaution and an important step.

Magic mushroom in a moss covered ground in the forest

The Psilocybe Cubensis has the nickname of “golden teacher.” They grow abundantly across the Southeast and Central part of the US, North of South America, and Southeast Asia. They were first found in Cuba but are in so many places because they are easy to cultivate. Their caps are large, measuring from 20 to 80 mm. in diameter. It starts conic in shape but tends to flatten as it matures. The color ranges from a distinct red to almost a cinnamon hue. The gills are closely spaced, starting to be gray but darkening as they age. Fully matured ones will have black gills. 

How to Eat Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushroom in a plate with fork and knife

But the question still lies in front of us. How to eat dried shrooms?

Magic mushrooms can only be eaten in small quantities, especially with new people, but there are no stopping enthusiasts from incorporating them in any food. They can be eaten fresh, but the best way is to dry them completely. Drying mushrooms out of moisture will help them last and store longer. The first step is to clean the mushrooms with a brush to remove particles like soil or dirt. They should not be cleaned with water and kept dry during the whole process. If there is stubborn dirt, using a damp towel is enough to remove it. Slicing the mushrooms thinly with a sharp knife will lessen the time for drying. The sliced mushrooms should be spread evenly on a baking sheet and placed in a dehydrator until they are dry and dark. Check them every hour and blot up any water sweated out during the process. Do this until the mushrooms are completely dry, with no moisture left on either side. Let these cool at room temperature before putting them in tightly sealed jars. These dried mushrooms can last for years. They also have a more concentrated flavor than the fresh ones. If a recipe calls for a reconstituted one, add the mushrooms to boiling water or stock. 

Dried Psilocybe Cubensis and Food

dried magic mushrooms in a round plateThe great thing about psilocybe cubensis dried is that they are very versatile. It can be used as they are, chopped, or powdered. For example, making pasta sauce can use the powder stirred into the sauce’s last cooking process, or the chopped ones can be added as toppings. They can also be added to other dessert recipes that call for minimal heat. There are no proven studies supporting potency degradation claims with high and prolonged exposure to heat, but some people like to avoid it altogether. Aside from food, magic mushrooms can be mixed and made into beverages. People have always made tea with just water. The powdered psilocybe cubensis can be incorporated into coffee, fruit juice, or even smoothies. There are many new recipes people are discovering, and these are often shared on the internet. 

There are so many things one can do with dried magic mushrooms. They can be incorporated into any food as long as the dosage is maintained. Shrooms should never be served again since there are many options to make it flavorful and exciting.

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