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Welcome to Magic Mushroom 101! Your friendly online resource for tackling the science behind Psilocybin, also known as magic mushroom!


The reason you are here is probably the same reason for everyone curious about what Psilocybin is and what it does. You have come to the right place!


Magic Mushroom 101 aims to inform and provide well-researched facts on everything about Psilocybin. The popularity of magic mushrooms had begun in the past. The old-world doctors and health leaders will use it for natural healing, even before hospitals were invented.


Until today this purpose remains true for psilocybin users, advocates, enthusiasts, and others who consider themselves as learners. Let this platform be your guide for you to enrich your magic mushroom journey.


It is timely that Magic Mushroom 101 and the team of experts behind this built a comprehensive online resource. We aim to help and support health professionals that pursue research and the medical field. Growing studies today recognize psilocybin mushrooms and their potentials for treating anxiety and depression, and other scientific breakthroughs. This platform supports these goals!


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Explore our pages as you discover more about magic mushrooms. The resources you will find here focus on the scientific facts and myth-breakers on the Science of shrooms. To add to the audience’s interest, you can enjoy blogs from our Trivia.


We have researched through different sources and professional’s online journals, so we also provided for you the Food category as you learn more on psilocybin use through the Health Benefits category.


Have fun and an enlightening journey with the topics and articles we provided for you! 


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