How Long Are Psychedelic Mushrooms Good For?

Having a safe trip will always be a top priority whenever you decide to go on a mushroom trip. After all, the last thing we want would be to have a bad trip. This is why people do all they can to make the necessary preparations and precautions for a safe trip.

When people prepare for a trip, they usually think of things such as the right environment or setting to trip in. There’s also making sure that they have the right company to help guide them through the trip. Being in a good headspace is also an essential prerequisite that people need before going on a trip.

Other factors should be considered besides the other essentials. This is to guarantee you have the best possible trip. For example, you also have to make sure that your magic mushrooms are safe to consume.

Making sure it is safe to consume doesn’t only mean making sure they’re not poisonous. However, this should go without saying. This also means that you’re not eating a spoiled batch. Eating a bad batch of mushrooms can be as bad as having a bad trip, sometimes even worse. You could get an upset stomach, give yourself food poisoning, and relatively even die.

That’s why learning how to store your magic mushrooms is essential. This is to help ensure that you’re as safe physically as you are mentally when you go on a trip.

Before going on, though, a friendly reminder is in order. Remember that magic mushrooms are not legal in many places in the US. Besides, some cities and states consider this an illegal substance. Being caught with them may land you in trouble. So, with that in mind, be aware of your local laws on these substances. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

How to Store Medicinal Mushrooms and Magic Mushrooms?

Like any other kind of consumable item, magic mushrooms can go bad. So, this already answers the question, “Do shrooms go bad?” But the question, “How long do shrooms last?” is still yet to be answered. Unfortunately, there is no one answer to that question. It depends on how you store them. But why would one want to keep them in the first place?

Shrooms are best consumed when fresh for their potency. However, not everyone has the luxury of having a new batch ready. Besides, magic mushrooms may not be as accessible to many people. So they choose to have a supply that they intend to keep long-term. Others may also opt to eat their batch a few days or weeks after getting them.

With that in mind, people can use many storage techniques. This is to help keep their mushrooms safe to consume at a later time. Depending on the method, a person can have a supply that can be good to eat a week later, a month later, or even a year later!

Proper Storage Techniques

Preparing a batch of mushrooms to store begins during the time you pick them.

The first is to find the magic mushrooms you’re looking for. Then, putting the shrooms on a clean pair of disposable gloves or having clean hands is advisable. This ensures that you don’t contaminate the mushrooms with unnecessary germs. Next, brush off the dirt from your fresh, picked shrooms, then put them in a paper bag or a clean basket.

Once you get back from foraging, wash any residual dirt off your mushrooms. This can be done by running them under some cold water. Then, lay them out on a wire rack, a clean and dry kitchen towel, or a fresh paper towel. Leave them out to air dry with the help of a fan for about half an hour or until they appear and feel dry.

You mustn’t use any heat to dry these mushrooms. As it is, these mushrooms will not be as potent compared to when they are fresh. Using excess heat to speed up the process runs the risk of further damaging the mushrooms. This goes with psilocybin. This may make them even less potent, putting your foraging efforts to waste.

Once you’ve dried the mushrooms, begin the necessary steps for the storage method. This depends on what method you choose. The following are some ways you can carry that out.

Storing Dry Mushrooms

If the mushrooms are dehydrated, you can go a step further. You can dry them out enough for you to put them in long-term storage.

dried mushrooms in a bag

There are two ways that you can carry this out. First, you can use a food dehydrator. All you need to do is put your batch on a wire rack or flat sheet, pop them in the dehydrator, and wait! The process would usually last for 30 to 48 hours in the dehydrator. This is to ensure utterly rid of moisture. Then you can pop them in a jar!

The other way you can do this is by using a desiccant. You can either make your own desiccant, such as Epsom salts. You can also get food-grade ones like the ones you find in some food items. Know that you’ll need a lot of it.

Once you have an adequate amount, first place it in a glass or plastic container. Then, cover it with a paper towel. This helps separate it from your mushrooms, avoiding cross-contamination. Then, put some wire mesh on top of the paper towel, where you’ll put your mushrooms, and close the lid of your container.

Whatever method you use, you’ll be able to keep these mushrooms in storage for about two to three years. Make sure that you keep the containers airtight and place them in a cool and dry place.

If you want to go all out and have mushrooms that you can store, you can pop your dried ones in the freezer. To do this, you must put them in a resealable bag and stow them away in your freezer for future consumption.

Storing Wet Mushrooms

If you couldn’t dry your magic mushroom batch, there is the option of putting them in a refrigerator. But, wet mushrooms are more prone to spoilage, as the moisture can shorten their shelf-life.

Before you pop them in the fridge, it’s still advisable to at least pat dry your batch of wet shrooms. By reducing as much moisture as possible, you’re at least making sure they don’t spoil as soon. Once you’re done, place your shrooms on another fresh paper towel. Then wrap the mushrooms with that paper towel.

Mushrooms stored this way would be only good for about five to ten days. But, since they are not dry, you will have to check on them daily as they can still develop molds.

Other Ways To Store Your Magic Mushrooms

Besides jars and refrigerators, there are other ways to store shrooms.  


Storing mushrooms in honey is one way. This is to make their consumption experience more palatable.

shrooms in honey
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When storing your mushrooms in honey, first make sure that they are dried. Next, chop them up into smaller pieces, then place them in your chosen container. Afterward, get your honey and pour it over your mushrooms. Do this until they are completely covered. Then, stir to make sure every bit of your chopped mushroom is coated in honey.

Once you get all that done, seal that container and store it in a dark, cool area. This kind of preparation is good for about four months. But, for the sake of safety, check on it from time to time for any mold growth.


You can also turn your shrooms into tea! You also need to dry up your shrooms for this method.

magic mushroom tea

You can crush or toss them whole into a pot of hot water with your dried-up shrooms. After you steep them, you can store them in the fridge for about a week. If you choose to store dried shrooms like tea leaves, put them in an airtight container. Make sure to keep them like you would your tea leaves.

shrooms inside a capsule
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Capsules and Pills

You can also store your mushrooms in capsule and pill forms.

To get started on this method, you first turn your dried mushrooms into a ground form. After that, you can either press them into a pill form or put them in clear capsules. Then, you can store them as you would any other food supplement. For example, you can place them in a tinted glass container and then put them in a cool place, away from sunlight.

These would be good for up to a year. But, as with the other forms, it’s best to seldom check on them for any signs of spoilage.


Making sure you go on a safe trip goes beyond ensuring you’re in the right headspace and place for it. It’s also making sure that the mushrooms you’re eating are safe for you to consume. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or resources to get fresh mushrooms all the time. That’s why some people choose to store their magic mushrooms.

Improper storage of mushrooms can cause spoilage. Ingesting spoiled mushrooms could then make you sick or even kill you. That’s why, to avoid this, you have to know how to store your mushrooms well. Thankfully, there are many methods that you can follow. This is to help store your stash for varying periods. All you need is to find the way that fits your needs, follow it, and then store them for its appropriate time.

Once you get all that done, your future self will thank you for making sure you’re safe when you trip!

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