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Magic mushrooms can be incorporated with any food or used with any recipe. Some people like experimenting with their doses by adding the shrooms to their soup. Traditionally, mushrooms are eaten raw or dried, washed down with water on an empty stomach.

A lot of tradition calls for boiling water and steeping the mushroom in it for tea. Nowadays, people like to spice up the way they consume their magic mushrooms, opting to find the best way to eat or drink them. Though a lot of experts recommend taking them on an empty stomach to get the maximum effects, it does not stop food enthusiasts from making a dish.

Magic mushrooms can even be made with yogurt, a new and refreshing way to ingest them. Knowing how to make it work makes it first important to know the most basic recipe for making yogurt. 

How to Make Yogurt

Yogurt requires simple ingredients. One only needs milk and yogurt culture or starter. Adding flavorings like honey, molasses, and dried fruit can enhance flavor and texture. Though these are simple materials, the process requires patience and precision.

NOTE: The temperature and the preparation process should be precise because the recipe will only work on specific requirements. If any of the steps are not right, the milk will spoil and not turn into yogurt. 

Step 1. Sterilize all equipment and tools needed during the process to ensure that there will not be a disturbance to the culture. Making yogurt is breeding good bacteria that are present in the culture or starters.

Step 2. Heat the milk on a pot and use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature. The milk should reach 180 degrees Fahrenheit, occasionally stirring to avoid skin forming on the surface.

Step 3. Turn the heat off and let the milk cool down to about 110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. An ice bath can hasten this process.

Step 4. When it is at the desired temperature, add the yogurt starter, and stir thoroughly. Sugar or honey can also be added at this point.

Step 5. The mixture will then be placed in an incubator that will keep the temperature constant for about five to ten hours. The longer the incubation, the thicker it will be.

Note: Make sure there is no disturbance while it sits. The milk mixture will turn into yogurt after this period.

Transfer the product to a container and refrigerate for two to three hours. Add any toppings before consuming or eat it as it is.

How to Infuse Magic Mushroom in Yogurt

Practicing the steps mentioned above can help make the infusion successful. It is to avoid wasting the magic mushroom if it does not go well or the milk spoils instead of getting converted.

Method 1. Powderize the magic mushroom first using a coffee grinder. The powder can steep in the milk while it is hot. The powder can also be mixed with the starter because the milk has cooled down to a warm temperature. Then, just proceed with the instructions above.

Method 2. If you’ve made some magic mushroom honey before, you can use that to substitute the sugar or honey in the recipe.

Method 3. Add it as a topping or mix it to the finished product for a strong earthy flavor.

Vegan Variant

For vegan people who do not like to use milk, the simple recipe can be substituted with coconut, almond, or soy milk instead. This can work as long as sugar is added since the culture will feed on it to grow and multiply. A few experiments can help perfect the recipe. The taste and texture can be different from regular yogurt. 

The Benefits

Yogurt presents a lot of benefits to the digestion process. They contain a lot of live good bacteria that are healthy to the body. Currently, there are no studies about yogurt and magic mushrooms taken together, but some people do not recommend it.

There are claims that the content of milk and the live bacteria present can lessen the absorption of the magic mushrooms. Some recommend fasting before taking shrooms. Others like the combination and believe they benefit from the magic mushrooms and the yogurt.

 Either way, this is a new way to enjoy the mushrooms. It is easy and straightforward to follow. Alternatively, people can just buy from the store and mix their powder before eating.

There is little information about magic mushrooms and yogurt, but this pairing can be a new option for people who like to experiment. This recipe is also for people who prefer taking their shrooms with something simple, rather than cooking and baking with other complicated recipes. The effects can be different from one person to another, but this is something worth trying. 

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