Beer and Shrooms: Magic Mushroom Beer Recipe

Beer is a widely consumed alcoholic drink around the world. It is the third most popular one, after water and tea. To brew beer, one needs cereal grains like malted barley, wheat, corn, or even rice. The fermented scratch sugars produce ethanol and carbonation, which results in beer.

They come in different colors, flavors, and strengths. People like to make flavored beers using different kinds of fruits. In the past, people use herbs and spices to add flavor to their beer, even to the extent of using psychedelic mushrooms. Although magic mushrooms are illegal in most countries, some grow kits can be purchased.

Many psychedelic mushroom enthusiasts are curious about crafting their specialty beer infused with their favorite magic mushroom. It is a way better option than smoking your shrooms. Here is a list of some of the best ways to prepare a magic mushroom beer.

Basic ingredients

Learning the basic way of making beer can help with the special twist. There are four ingredients: water, barley (or other grains depending on the preference), hops (or other flavors that can be a stabilizing agent and preservative), and yeast. This basic recipe can be easily tweaked to incorporate the magic mushroom.

Step One: Preparation

After preparing the ingredients, the equipment should also be checked. These are the brewing kettle, fermenter with an airlock, an optional funnel, sanitizer, stir siphon, auto-siphon, and the beer recipe preferred. 99%There is a lot of beer-making kits in the market to make this preparation easier. 

Before using any material, it is important to thoroughly clean and sanitize them before using them. A successful beer brewing relies on the cleanliness of the equipment. Choose sanitizers and cleaners that are safe and effective. 

Step Two: Brewing Process

The brewing process starts with steeping the grains. The brew kettle should be filled with water, and the grains should be steeped for 20 minutes when the water reaches 170 degrees. The grains will be removed and put in a grain bag to drip. It is important not to squeeze the bag as not to extract other substances that can cause unwanted flavors. 

After dripping, bring the kettle to a boil and remove it from the heat once it is rolling. The malt extract will be added and dissolved before boiling again. The hops will be added at varying levels. The resulting mixture is the wort, which is sugar water. The wort should be completely cooled down by using an ice bath or a wort chiller.

Magic mushroom is added to this by making magic mushroom tea using one to two ounces of dried mushroom. A lot of people hesitate to boil the mushroom to avoid the deterioration of the psilocybin. 

Step Three: Fermentation

The cooled wort will be transferred to the fermenter before adding another five gallons of water. Aerating wort is the next step, adding oxygen to the yeast by splashing around the container. Lastly, pour the yeast into the container. After mixing, the fermenter should be sealed and stored in a dark and cold place. It should stay at 68 degrees, although to ferment correctly. The duration is up to two weeks. 

Step Four: Bottling

After the fermentation, it is time to bottle the beer. These bottles should be clean and sanitized too. Boil the priming sugar in water and add it directly to the bottling bucket. The beer will also be transferred to the bottling bucket using a siphon. After bottling the beer, cap the bottle and store it at room temperature for another two weeks to carbonate. The bottles then should be chilled and served. 

Optional Steps: 

Instead of adding magic mushroom tea to the wort, the mushroom can be mixed with vodka or Everclear. This mixture should sit for a few days, then added to the beer. This way, there is no need for pasteurization. Resting it for a few days can help sterilize the mushrooms for safe use. 

Other people like to blend powdered magic mushrooms into ready-made beers. It can change the flavor of the beer, masking the earthy flavor of the mushroom.

The beer recipe is a great way to consume beer, adding more excitement and familiarity. It can help anyone make sure that they enjoy their share of psilocybin. The essential reminder is to make sure there is the proper dosing of alcohol and shrooms to avoid misuse resulting in a bad trip. For others, they opt for non-alcoholic drinks like shroom coffee and shroom tea.

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