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Can You Smoke Shrooms?

eating shrooms isn't the only way to get it in your system

The standard way of taking shrooms is by ingesting them, but many curious minds ask “can you smoke shrooms?”. Veteran drug users and even beginners are exploring the possibility of smoking dried ones, similar to smoking weed or cigarettes.

Many have attempted to do so, but the reported effects are not the same as taking them the conventional way. It is essential to learn what happens to psychedelic shrooms when smoked and if there are perks in doing so. Understanding the risks and health problems that arise from smoking should help people become aware of the repercussions.


Smoking Dried Psilocybin Shrooms

Shrooms, when dry, are highly combustible, which means that a person can smoke them. The rounded shape of the stems is easy enough to light up, and the other pieces can be crushed and rolled with paper. The problem is that not many studies prove that it leaves the same effects as ingesting.

Anecdotal records of people who have tried can say that there is a psychedelic effect, but the fact is, the compound may burn up during the process of smoking. Using a bong or pipe can emit heat that goes way beyond the melting point of psilocybin, burning it along the way. The information does not stop people from trying it because of the many claims of a mild trip.

Some of the psilocybin and psilocin substances can survive the extreme combustion process, so some still experience a short and light effect.


Smoking Weed with Shrooms

Another way people like to smoke mushrooms is by mixing dried magic mushrooms with weed or tobacco. Since most of the psychedelic substances from the mushroom are burned, a person can still get a high effect from weed. It is important to note that these drugs can aggravate the harmful effects because of drug interactions.

Smoking also presents a lot of ill effects on health, no matter what substance it is. Since the smoke enters the lungs, toxins and other harmful particles can easily damage the tissues and get into the bloodstream. Spores and molds present in the mushroom cause further problems because they are inhaled directly.

This increases the risks of infections and inflammation, especially for mold allergy and pre-existing lung problems. This is why people have long opted for ingestion as the most reliable and safest way to take in mushrooms.

A Final Word of Magic Mushroom Smoking

Even if there are risks and a reduced dose of psilocybin when smoking shrooms, there are people who still like to try. This is especially true for people who are microdosing shrooms because they only need low quantities of the substance as maintenance every day.

It works better if a person is not a heavy smoker to decrease the chances of lung problems. Safe to say, people who like to experiment with smoking shrooms, without planning a long term continuation, can do so,

People enjoy magic mushrooms in various ways, and smoking is just one of them. Since smoking is a standard method of consuming other recreational drugs, the question is often raised. Although it is not the best option, people can still use it to verify it themselves.

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