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Coffee is a beverage that is served differently in various regions of the world. In any culture, there is a version of coffee and brewing preparation. The popularity of this drink is because it is a staple in the daily lives of a lot of adults.

There are coffee shops almost in every corner of the world. It comes as no surprise that people are now experimenting with Coffee and magic mushrooms. Not only will people have their caffeine fix, but they will also get the trip that is sought after psychedelic mushrooms. Here are some of the best recipes to know:

Add Coffee Grounds

There are different brewing processes, and people pick one depending on how strong they want their coffee. The magic mushroom is powdered and added to the grounds before proceeding to brew as usual. The French press is a common way of brewing.

To add flavor, butter and syrup can be added to the coffee as a milk substitute. It is for people who like to avoid fat and gaining weight. The average dosage is one to two grams of dried powder.

Blending the Magic Mushrooms

Instead of mixing the magic mushroom powder, it is blended with the coffee after the brewing process. This way, the powder is not lost and will be retained a hundred percent. One can prepare this by adding the magic mushroom powder into the water before adding to the coffee concentrate.

Some people prefer to dilute the powder in warm water, avoiding high temperatures, to retain the psilocybin’s potency. 

Mixing Shrooms in Cold Coffee

Making magic mushroom coffee can be as fun as any type of coffee. Cold brew coffee is famous because there is no need to boil water. The coffee is instead left to brew in cold water for a few hours to days, letting the water and coffee stand.

It is one way of reducing acidity, great for people who get stomach upset when they take their mushroom coffee. The magic mushroom is added to the mixture before served with ice or straight from the refrigerator. This is perfect for hot summer days when hot coffee is not ideal. 

Magic mushroom sprinkle

A fun way to add mushroom is to make it a topping to the foam of latte or cappuccino. The powdered mushroom is added as the last step, replacing cinnamon on top of the coffee. It will not alter the taste of the coffee itself but can still make the twist readily noticed. This is great for presentation purposes since one can easily see where the magic mushrooms are. 


Which Blend will you Try First?

These cool ways of making coffees infused with magic mushrooms will surely be fun. Of course, there drinks like magic mushroom tea and food like magic mushroom burgers that are a fun twist to consuming your psychedelic mushrooms.

Anyone can make this easily because there is no problematic process or preparation. The most important thing is to do it with the coffee one likes best, using only the best variety of magic mushrooms.

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