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Pizza will never taste the same again

Just when you thought magic mushroom couldn’t get better, you will encounter a culinary classic that can elevate the experience. Magic mushroom and pizza are not something you commonly hear of, but it makes total sense because the mushroom is still a mushroom, and pizza tastes good with just about anything.

To make the ultimate magic mushroom pizza, you would need to satisfy all the requirements: spice, flavor, and texture. Adding the twist will make this another delightful experience and trip.

Making Your Pizza Base

Pizza dough with flour beside a rolling pinMaking your pizza will start with the dough, and you can use any store-bought pizza dough or create your own. If you are a thin-crust type of person, you would need a teaspoon of active dry yeast, a quarter teaspoon of white sugar, 3/4 cup of lukewarm water, mixed with two cups of all-purpose flour, and a pinch of salt.

You dissolve the yeast and sugar, wait for it to foam, and mix it with the flour mixture. You will knead this until you form your desired shape. When this is all done, you would only need to prepare the sauce.

Starting with a classic Margherita pizza will require tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, and some basil. 

Magic Mushroom in the Pizza

You can get creative on what part of the process you would like to put your magic mushroom.

Method 1. Use dried magic mushroom because it will have a bolder flavor, just like any spice you will use. You can powderize this using a coffee grinder and mix it with the tomato sauce so you can distribute it evenly on the pizza dough.

Note: This gives a surprise element since the powder will be masked, and there is no way of telling that this pizza is something different. If you want to use the powder for a sweeter recipe, try shroom brownies or shroom cookies.

Method 2. Start on a low dose, like a teaspoon into your tomato sauce, then work your way up as you find your level of comfort. If you have a fresh mushroom, you can cut them into bite-size pieces and put them as a topping instead. Layer the tomato sauce, Add the mozzarella cheese, garnish with basil and the mushroom, then top with olive oil.

If you want other pizza variations, you can go ahead and proceed to use the magic mushroom the same way. Preheat an oven, and don’t worry about cooking the pizza with the magic mushrooms. Contrary to some beliefs, other users argue that heat will not degrade the quality of the psilocybin in the mushroom. If you want to avoid the extended heating time, you can incorporate the powder or the topping on the last stage of cooking.

Serving the Pizza

Since magic mushrooms are always best with an empty stomach, you can share the pizza with a couple of friends and avoid eating anything else to get the full experience. If you want to add spice, you can throw in some pepper or use hot sauce when you eat. If you’re going to increase the potency, you can use some powdered mushrooms and use it as a condiment.

Don’t forget to read the facts and effects of Magic mushrooms before diving into them. Dosage and guidance is a must.


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