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Magic Mushroom: Trips & Hallucinations

A compilation of the most common magic mushroom experiences.

The nature of psilocybin-induced trips and hallucinations is challenging to describe. Each experience is personal and notoriously subjective to each user. A person can only make specific observations, a general sense of feeling, but not pinpoint the very nature of psilocybin when ingested.

In terms of its effects on the body, there are many comparisons between magic mushrooms and LSD. The main difference is that psilocybin shrooms do not cause a hallucination of something that isn’t there but instead, distort the perception of the objects present. 

 Users describe the experience as a “journey” or “trip” because it gives a person an expansive experience. One should prepare to go with the flow and have total surrender as there will be a lot of confusion, discomfort, laughing fits, and profound insights. Some of the most commonly reported experiences are listed below:

  • Within an hour of ingesting magic mushrooms, a person will feel queasy and clammy due to the body’s response to psilocybin. People who relax can fare better, but those who panic or have a whirlpool of negative thoughts can end up feeling terrible. This is why it isn’t advised for pregnant women to be taking shrooms as well.
  • Many report feelings of the mind drifting apart from the body. Initial panic can arise because of the overwhelming sense of helplessness, so users would prefer to stay within the confines of the home.
  • The growing loudness of sounds from the environment, like the volume, is being turned up. One can hear the buzz of birds unheard of before. In the beginning, it can be unpleasant, but it can change into something beautiful as the brain continues to process the drug. 
  • There will be random images and exciting visuals that range from never-ending patterns, foliages, and ropy vines. The colors around will be vibrant or glowing. A person will see a realistic texture or glittery surfaces.Others create stunning visuals out of things they see in the environment, like stains from the table starting to swirl or coming to life.
  • A psychedelic experience largely depends on the current state of mind of a person because it provides the context of what happens during the trip. One can get caught with a spiral of worry without proper preparation. Other effects would be uncontrollable bouts of laughter, constant babbling of random things, or becoming quiet and withdrawn. 
  • While being absorbed in the journey, there will be a warped sense of time and space. One can either feel a slowed sense of time or experience a feeling for too long though it’s only been a few minutes.If feeling discomfort, a person can shift into a more calming thought, focus on other aspects of life like relationships, beliefs, and other ideas. 
  • A person will also go through deep and insightful existential questions. This effect can evoke a deep feeling of oneness with nature or something bigger out in the world. 


These experiences do not summarize what a psychedelic trip is all about but provides a glimpse of what happens. Trips and hallucinations will continue their association with magic mushrooms. This information can help manage expectations and mental preparation for people who want to try magic mushrooms for themselves safely.

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