How Much Do Shrooms Cost? (Per Gram vs. Per Shroom Kits)

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Psychedelic Mushrooms are on a roll, and competitive market prices conflict with customers’ loyalty to their suppliers. Generally, mushroom market prices depend on supply and demand.

There are different varieties and species, and each has its popularity among shrooms users. Some would prefer one type over the other because of its potency, and some already have established their favorites. 

Why buy mushrooms when users can cultivate them?

Not all users of mushrooms are regular users. Some use it occasionally, and some others want to try them for the first time. Most first-timers will not bother cultivating shrooms just for the sake of trying them, so they would opt to buy some from the market.

Some users do not have enough time to grow them inside or outside their houses, so they prefer to buy them from local distributors. Here are the numbers on how much shrooms cost.


As mentioned, prices will always depend on supply and demand. Magic mushroom Prices are also higher in places where cultivation is prohibited because the mode to acquire and sell them is difficult. Some countries allow the sale of such but cultivation is sometimes banned.

For general reference, for people who are curious about how much are shrooms, when sellers or distributors sell mushrooms in grams, 3.5 grams would cause from $25 to $40, 15 grams can range from $90 to $100, and 30 grams for $220-$250. These prices can change, and they can go up or down.

There are also instances where buyers need to pay a finder’s fee when they buy through a third party. This fee adds on top of the initial payment they need to pay for the actual shroom prices. The seller can even make his prices higher when he knows that he is the only distributor in town. 

Shroom Kits

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Shroom kits are what shroomers use to grow their supply of mushrooms. The mushroom kits contain substrate, mycelium, spores, and hygiene supplies. These kits for shrooms cost not a lot of money, but they can give the grower’s money back with the bonus of extraordinary experience.

Shroom kit prices can depend on the size of the kit. They come in eight sizes and different types of mushrooms. In the United Kingdom, mushroom kits that come in 1200 ml can cause €48, and they can give the grower a yield from 400 to 800 grams.

On the other hand, mushroom kits in the United States can cost $40 but do not come with spores because they are for growing mushrooms that the government allows. Shroomers in the US that would like to grow magic shrooms need to order their spores from other sources. 

A Final Word

Magic mushrooms are often easy to acquire in countries that still see them as legal drugs, but states with the opposite laws would make it hard for shroomers to obtain them. Many factors affect how much shrooms cost, so you shouldn’t be shocked if market prices have a huge difference.

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