People on Mushrooms: Top 5 Influencers Who’ve Admitted Taking Shrooms

When you think of shrooms, you would think it’s taboo. That’s what most people think, but the truth is, you would rarely hear a mushroom story that didn’t end up in fun and excitement. Magic mushrooms have always been the subject of much curiosity as you may hear about comical trips that may seem ridiculous, but they are out of this world according to avid users who swear by it. Though plenty of stories can only be heard on TV and movies, mimicking real life, some people openly talk about their experiences. 

It’s hard to think like this, but most influencers and celebrities are just like us, living an ordinary life and trying out things we like to try ourselves. And though most controversial substances have a long history of mess and illegality, shrooms have been used in the past as a way to experience divinity and get closer to spirituality. Maybe this is precisely what a lot of people are looking for in the experience.

Either way, here are the top 5 influencers who opened up about taking shrooms for themselves.

Susan Sarandon

Susan SarandonIn most films that Susan Sarandon stars as a mom, she will not fail to deliver a performance that is light and fun. Early in her career, she took on a wide range of acting jobs that deepened her acting abilities and enhanced her capacity as an actress.

Her versatility, highly sensual gestures, and incredible character are most notable in the business, so her admittance of taking shrooms only added to her being an open and progressive person. In an interview, she admitted that mushrooms are not new to her and even went to the extent of saying that cannabis can make the world feel gentle.

The actress did point out that she doesn’t always like taking chemicals and prefers to have the drugs outdoors. 

Harry Styles

Harry StylesOnce part of the band One Direction, Harry Styles has already established himself as one of the most influential singers today. He has moved into taking up challenging conventional styles, especially in clothing and stereotyping.

Often describing himself as a risk-taker, his flamboyant persona is always up for something new. Mushrooms have been used by artists and creators in the past as part of their creative process as they can open the senses and go into a deeper understanding of spirituality. Harry recalls his experience as something similar to this.

He took shrooms as he was in a studio in Malibu while listening to Paul McCartney, another music icon and influencer. He recalls only fond memories from the trip, so his album “Fine Line” may be laced with his personal shroom experience.

Seth Rogen

seth rogen surprised faceOne of the funniest men in comedy today is Seth Rogen. He has always been open with his lifestyle and his experiments with different mind-altering substances.

His personality is often described as authentically funny, and his mushroom experiences have taken him on an adventure, literally. He recalls being an 18-year-old who was taking a trip to Amsterdam but instead wound up in Paris.

Tagging a friend along, they took an unexpected turn and got to France without any of their belongings. And though it freaked them out at first, he only told the hilarious story with fondness and full of lessons learned. 

Dan Bilzerian

Dan BilzerianWhen you visit Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram, it feels like you are looking at a perpetual bachelor’s party. He makes a living just by being the life of the party, something a lot of people only dream about.

He is an actor, a famous internet celebrity, and a professional poker player whose life in pictures is of his wild adventures and model friends’ excursions around the world.

It is no surprise then that part of all this is his experiences with shrooms as he explores mother nature in one of the most picturesque places in the world, Iceland. This story is told after he shared a post following a mushroom emoji, implying he is enjoying the scenery while taking this particular mind-altering substance.

He was honest in saying that he takes the occasional mushroom, which is no surprise since he seems to spend a lot of his time only having fun. 

Dave Chapelle

Dave ChappelleDave Chapelle is one of those comedians who is hilariously funny but is deeply reflective, especially when talking about socio-political issues. He is a comedic genius who does not take himself seriously. In many of his skits, he talks about his experiences with shrooms, sometimes even taking some before performing live.

Maybe this adds to his stage presence as he never fails to make people laugh their brains out. His friends shared some unforgettable experiences with him when he took some magic mushrooms from a stranger while watching a private viewing of the movie Once Upon a Time.

It is surprising, but he did have a great time during the viewing.

What’s your Take on Magic Mushrooms? 

These influencers’ and celebrities’ experiences prove how mushrooms can elevate experiences, whether it’s recreational or as part of a creative process. They give more color and excitement as long as they are used safely and correctly. These stories give us insight into the kind of experience you can get with shrooms.

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