Where Do Shrooms Grow? Trivia About Magic Mushroom

Shops aren't the only ones that have mushrooms.

Knowing where shrooms grow is important to know because it can help people locate different kinds of mushrooms that grow in various areas and times of the year. Mushroom hunting or foraging is a common practice that dates way back, even in most urban areas today. One can know where edible mushrooms are by recognizing smells in the air or the skill to locate probable areas where they grow. Magic mushrooms are famous for their psychedelic effects, and many people invest in the knowledge of where hallucinogenic mushrooms grow naturally to help them find some. 

Where Do Mushroom Come From

mushrooms growing in a wet environmentIt is easy to identify any mushroom because of its distinct appearance of a stem and a cap. They come in different sizes and colors and are mostly in dark and wet places.

Although mushrooms are typically used as an ingredient in the culinary world, a lot of their species are not edible. Some shrooms are not classified as food because they are used for recreational and ritualistic purposes.

Magic mushrooms are the kinds used for their psychedelic compounds and the trips it brings to a user. Shrooms mostly grow in their natural habitat, but many people grow them now in mushroom farms. Mushrooms are fruit bodies of a fungus. The pores are under their cap and spread in the area or the ground to form another mushroom.

They develop from a pinhead or module which are near any surface of a substrate. Specific species of mushrooms are already widespread because of how cultivation became popular over the years. 

Where do Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Grow Naturally?

 mushroom growing in a tree stumpThough shrooms are commonly on the ground, they do not grow on soil but on substances and surfaces like sawdust, grain, or wood chips. The easiest way for shrooms to grow is a combination of a desirable temperature, healthy substrate, pores, and other environmental triggers.

Once a spore finds the ideal place, they start growing into mushrooms. Different species require specific climates and microbes, so some are more difficult to find and cultivate. 

Where do Psilocybe Mushrooms Grow

A great place to start on humid summer days is tropical cloud forests or during the fall on cold and cold mornings. Some varieties can be found on woody debris along the edges of the forests. It is not surprising to find fungi and mushrooms on dung deposits, woodlands, gardens, and other disturbed areas. Psychedelic Mushrooms have been in-demand because their essential roles in rituals are due to the spiritual connectivity they can induce in a person. 

Tree in the forest

Psychedelic mushrooms were used by the Aztec civilization, Mayans, and other ancient cultures. They have been used for many cultural and spiritual purposes, but these days, many laws prohibit the growth and use of mushrooms, so there are questions on how one can find them. Though plenty of laws now prohibit it, they naturally grow anywhere in the right environment.

Start researching which species grow abundantly in the area and in what season. Become familiar with its appearance because some may be harmful or deadly. Mushrooms love moist and calm areas because dry air and strong winds can kill or blow them away. To thrive, they need a healthy substrate, which is the source of their food and nutrients, including sugar, starch, and fats, among others.

Where are Common Mushroom Species Found?

The only place in the world where mushrooms do not grow is in Antarctica. Different shroom species are distributed in tropical or subtropical climates, a lot of them in Latin America. 

There are species not native to a place but were successfully introduced through spores and imports like the Psilocybe cubensis in the US, which originated from India. The Psilocybe Cubensis is one of the most well-known hallucinogenic mushroom, and its first use by humans can be traced back to ancient times. Most users prefer using it orally, through a mushroom infusion.

They can easily be cultivated indoors, which results in increased potency and effects because they are bred for strength and in specific substrates. This type of mushroom grows in the wild, and if the environment condition, temperature, and substrates support its growth.

Liberty Cap MushroomLiberty caps grow thought-out Europe and can also be found in some parts of the US and Canada. They are also known as Psilocybe semilanceata, and they like to grow in wooded areas and grassy knolls. That is why they grow mostly in grass and wetter countries like in dunes or farmlands. This mushroom species is considered to be a social mushroom because it makes a person more sociable and cheerful when experiencing a trip. 

Another common shroom species is the Psilocybe Cyanescens or the Wavy Caps, owing to the wavy way the cap forms. Its history can be traced back to ancient civilizations where it was used in religious rites and rituals. In America, the species grows mainly in the Pacific Northwest to the south of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is spread across many nations like Western and Central Europe, New Zealand, and in some parts of Iran. 

How do Psilocybin Mushrooms Grow

Mushroom growing in a cow dungThere are three different kinds of Psilocybin mushrooms based on how they grow. Plant-based ones prefer to grow on wood chips, grassy areas, and other similar materials. Some mushrooms like to grow on animal dung like that of cows in pastures. The last ones are those that grow in decomposed plants. These can provide cues on what type of species grow naturally in the area. 

Understanding where mushrooms originate from will help a person locate them when they go forage or find supplies. Their interesting origin and the way they grow provides valuable insight into how they are used today.

A simple history can show its significance in civilizations before and the current one now. 

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