The Santa Claus Mushroom: A Psychedelic Story Behind Christmas

santa claus mushroom

The terms “Santa” and “Magic Mushrooms” might seem like two completely unrelated things. If you’re someone that isn’t familiar with the shroom, this might be the case. But if you’re familiar with magic mushrooms or even shamanic rituals around the world, then you might know how the two are related.

Believe it or not, the origins of one of the most popular Christmas-related figures may have something to do with a particular magic mushroom. While there are several origin stories concerning Santa, this one involves a “Santa Claus mushroom.” 

Whether you’re someone that loves knowing these kinds of things or are interested in mushrooms, this is a story worth knowing. Read on to learn more.

How Santa Came to Be (The Magic Shroom Version)

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Christmas was already a popular event even before Christianity began. It was just known by different names and was celebrated for various reasons. The Germanic celebration of Yule and the Roman Saturnalia was just some proof of similar celebrations during winter.

For the people of Siberia and the Arctic, this celebration took a rather unique approach. In these parts, the festivities revolved around a shaman. These shamans were considered the equivalent of Santa at the time and were given the same respect.

These shamans were known to have some connection to the spirit world, mainly through mushrooms. To help others connect to this world, the shaman would give out these mushrooms as gifts to those who wanted to do so. It was through this magic mushroom that one of the many origins of Santa began.

The Amanita Muscaria mushroom and Santa

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According to academics, the magic mushroom the shamans used is responsible for many things that we associate with Santa and Christmas. Now, this magic mushroom isn’t any ordinary Psilocybe. This shroom is what’s known as an Amanita Muscaria.

Santa’s iconic look, for example, can be attributed to the colors of the amanita muscaria mushroom. Its red and white colors have a striking similarity to the color scheme we presently associate with Santa. That’s why it’s called the “Santa Claus mushroom.”

Aside from Santa’s look, other Christmas traditions also arose from the shaman and their usage of this Amanita muscaria mushroom. The practice of putting ornaments on trees is one perfect example. Academics have learned that this practice originated from shamans. Their tradition would be to hang this magic mushroom up on trees to dry before they’d give them out.

The presents under the trees? You have the Amanita muscaria to thank for that too. In the regions of Siberia and the Arctic, these were found under the trees. It was here that the concept of putting gifts under trees was said to have originated as well.

Other Psychedelic Hints of Santa & His Reindeer

Of course, Santa wouldn’t be Santa if he didn’t have his iconic reindeer. Just like our Siberian shaman Santa, these reindeer are also somewhat connected to magic mushrooms.

It was said that reindeers also had a penchant for going on psychedelic trips. This slight penchant of theirs was what made them have a liking to the Santa Claus mushroom. Just as one would go on an altered state of consciousness when on a mushroom trip, these reindeer would do practically the same.

Together with the Santa Siberian shaman, the reindeer would go on that psychedelic trip. The two would travel together, with the shaman leaving his “old” form and joining up with the reindeer to explore the new state of consciousness they were both in.

Couple that with the people who would also go on a mushroom trip, then you could probably see how our present image of Santa was born. The reindeers would fly alongside Santa, travelling with a sense of wonder and generosity to the people below.

The Conclusion on Santa Claus Mushrooms

With all this, it’s hard not to think that this could be a possible origin story of today’s Santa Clause. Christmas and mushrooms may indeed have a connection, all thanks to the amanita muscaria. From the color of his outfit, hanging ornaments on trees, putting gifts under trees, and his reindeer, the Santa Claus mushroom could be why we know Christmas as it is today.

You may not have believed that the Christmas we know of today may have had its roots in a magic mushroom. But just as one has to keep an open mind when going on a shroom trip, we should also keep an open mind with this story. After all, this could have indeed been the reason why we have our present concept of Santa Claus.

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