Ways to Protect Our Pets from Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are a fascinating thing. While they’re small, they can take you on intense psychedelic trips. Many people look for these mushroom species because of their psychedelic effects. Once they get their hands, they eat them to go on those psychedelic trips.

There is a great number of ways for people to get some magic mushrooms. Experienced psychonauts forage these mushroom species in the wild, and others buy them from specialty stores or growers. Whatever the case, many people look to consume these mushroom species. Of course, this assumes that mushroom consumption is at least decriminalized.

While eating wild mushrooms and tripping on them is fun, it might only be fun for humans. But, when pets like dogs eat mushrooms, the situation is different. While people may get an amusing trip out of it, dogs may get the opposite.

With that in mind, knowing what to do if your dog—or other pets—eats shrooms is essential.

Can Dogs Eat Magic Mushrooms?

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So, the question is, can dogs eat magic mushrooms?

Mushrooms aren’t necessarily bad for dogs. But it’s important to know which mushrooms are good and which are not. For example, mushrooms that you buy from the grocery are safe for dogs to eat. So, that means your champignons or shiitake are okay for dog consumption. It is worth noting that giving this to the plain is better.

But, the circumstance changes when it comes to magic or wild mushrooms. Many wild mushrooms can cause poisoning in humans. It’s no different with dogs. Wild mushrooms can cause poisoning in dogs too. What’s more, these mushrooms can even kill dogs.

The same goes for magic mushrooms. While they may not be as deadly to dogs, they can still cause poisoning. Of course, the effects may not be as fatal. But these not-so-magic mushrooms can still make your dog very uncomfortable.

What Happens If My Dog Eats Magic Mushrooms?

The effects mushrooms have on your dog can vary depending on what they eat. But none of these effects are pleasant. They can cause a lot of worry and distress for both you and your dog.

If you suspect your dog ate magic mushrooms, watch for a few signs. Usually, your dog may be whining more than usual. They can also have balance problems. Dogs might have dilated pupils if they ate some shrooms. Increased respiration and anxiety are also signs of consumption of mind-altering substances.

On the other hand, wild mushrooms can cause more life-threatening effects. Your dog may experience some stomach upset at first. Then they could start experiencing severe vomiting and diarrhea. Severe drooling is another commonly found side effect of wild mushroom poisoning. Ultimately liver failure can happen if you don’t do anything.

What To Do If My Dogs Eat Wild Mushrooms?

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If you suspect your dog ate wild or magic mushrooms, it’s best to act fast. You may only have a few hours to work as soon as clinical signs develop. Otherwise, you may end up losing your faithful canine companion.

So, it’s best to go to a veterinary professional as soon as possible. With their expertise, they may know what your dog consumed. As a result, they will learn how to go about treatment. For example, they may try to induce vomiting to help your dog expel the poisonous mushroom. They could also give them activated charcoal to absorb the toxic mushrooms.

Whatever the case, going to the vet should always be your first option in these instances. You can at least be assured that your pet is in good hands. They’ll be able to help you and your dog through your dilemma and nurse them back to health. This can afford any dog owner a lot of relief.

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