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Shrooms and Alcohol: Things to Know When Taking Them Together

While having a drink or going on a mushroom trip aren’t bad things to do, there is a point where you can take things too far.

Alcohol and shrooms are substances that can help afford a person a release of sorts. Some people see it as a form of temporary escape. Others see it as something that can help them have some quiet and relaxing time for themselves. It’s for these kinds of reasons that people may want to take them now and then.

Unfortunately, it becomes appealing to others as they witness its pleasures of it. So much so that they think that if a little is good, then more is better. This can lead them to increase the number of times they can either drink or go on a trip. They continue seeking out these substances as they recreate that “good” feeling. Sometimes, it could even reach a point where they could increase the amounts they take and even mix them.

Alcohol and magic mushrooms happen to be that combination. This duo is what people are searching for to increase and maximize its effects. Some people might think that this is a good idea since it can help you unwind and relax. But, this isn’t the case. This combination would even put you in a worse disposition. 

What Can A Shroom Trip Do To You?

When you think of what goes on when you take shrooms, we believe it’s like those in the movies. It would start with a vivid hallucination. You followed up by reaching an elevated state of mind. Finally, you get lost in your mind and drift along. This isn’t wrong, but it’s not the complete picture.

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Similar to a lot of other things in life, with the good comes the bad. As much as a trip can be good, it can also get worse. Bad trips can happen for all sorts of reasons. You might’ve taken a little too much. There’s also the chance that you weren’t in such a good headspace when you decided to go on a trip. Then, there are also those bad trips that happen unexpectedly. Feelings of paranoia and losing control of yourself during a trip can happen. It can even lead to feeling incredibly nauseous. This would follow up with a bout of vomiting, which is among several adverse effects. 

People deal with bad trips differently. Some people must steer themselves back on track or have someone guide them through it. Other people can shake it off, give it a break, and then repeat it later. But then, there are also those people that end up getting traumatized by it.

Unfortunately, whenever you go on a trip, there’s always a chance for a bad trip to happen. The outcome could be adverse to your person for those who aren’t prepared for those things. Since shrooms are still not fully understood, there’s only so much we can do.

What About Mixing With Alcohol Then?

Given that there is always a possibility of a bad trip, will throwing alcohol into the mix make it any better? Before answering that, it’s good to remember what alcohol can do to a person.

Alcohol is a kind of depressant. This affects a person’s nervous system and induces a feeling of relaxation. But, of course, there are also some drawbacks to alcohol intake. First, there’s the usual loss of muscle coordination. There is also impaired thinking and loss of inhibition. Nausea and vomiting are other drawbacks. There is even the risk of alcohol poisoning that comes with excessive intake.

With all that in mind, there’s as big of a risk when mixing mushrooms and alcohol. Combining both substances can only increase the chances of a bad trip happening. This means you will experience being paranoid and anxious. There are even times you will have hallucinations that might frighten you. There is also a chance of experiencing depression symptoms. This would lead to and amplify the bad trip experience. Also, usual nausea and vomiting that comes with drinking on shrooms. You could even start feeling faint and end up losing consciousness. Seizures are another observed effect when you combine alcohol and mushrooms.

Even if you have better trips, there will still be drawbacks. The feeling this can give you can get addicting, leading you to depend on them. Concerning that, you could build a tolerance to both substances. This means you’ll have to increase your dosage of shrooms and your intake of alcohol. An increase in intake would be dangerous, especially an increased intake of alcohol that would lead to alcohol poisoning.

What Can I Do?

Being dependent on these two substances is a bigger problem. In these situations, it could be tempting to shrug it off and say you’ll be fine. But, there are still a lot of risks that can come with mixing the two. That’s why seeking help should become an option.

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Help can come in many shapes and forms, but going to therapy or rehab can be the best kind that you can give yourself. Of course, it will take a lot to accept that you do need help. But, when you muster up the courage to face it, you’re one step closer to getting yourself out of that dependency.

Rehab and therapy will help you rewire your mind. This will help you tell yourself that you don’t need to depend on such substances. Therapy can significantly help you look into yourself and see why it became a problem in the first place. Any issues or troubles can also be resolved. This is thanks to a therapist who would help you not to depend on any substance. Whatever your choice is, getting the help you need will work wonders. This would also lead you on a healthier path. A path that would not be relying on alcohol and psychedelic mushrooms. 

While having a good time isn’t bad, overdoing it can do you more harm than good. A drink or two, okay. Tripping on mushrooms is alright, too, especially since recreational use is safe. But anything more than that, anything that can lead to dangerous habits is not okay and no longer fun. So, if you find yourself in these situations, you better ask for help. Because overdoing it can be worse for you.

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