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How Frequent Can You Take Shrooms?: Everything You Need to Know Before Taking your First Dose!

Are you thinking about trying magic mushrooms for the first time? If so, you may be wondering how frequently you can take them.

In this post, learn all you need to know before taking your first dose! We will cover dosage, frequency, and potential side effects and symptoms if you overdose. 

Taking mushrooms can be fun, but it is important to be informed before using them!

What Things Do You Need to be Aware of?

The first thing you want to think of is the effects of shrooms. If you want to take magic mushrooms, it is essential to know they can be a powerful experience. 

If you are aware of its effects, you would be careful and ask: “can you take shrooms two days in a row?

Also, be aware of how your body would react to psychedelic mushrooms. How would it feel if you overdose?

Start with a low dosage and work your way up. This will help you to gauge how your body reacts to the shrooms. You should also have a trip sitter if it is your first time taking shrooms.

Also, if you are pregnant, you should at least consult an expert on taking shrooms safely.

Let’s discuss each of these key things for your awareness.

What is a SAFE dosage for taking mushrooms?

hand picking up shrooms

You can read more about the safe dosage of shrooms from our previous blogs. 

But for now, here’s how it goes in a nutshell. Take note that your dosing on shrooms depends on a variety of factors. 

Get an initial idea of an individual’s weight, tolerance, and sensitivity to the active ingredient in shrooms, psilocybin. Also, do not take the same dose for days in a row. You can take a small trips once a week. Wait for the next trip after at least a rest period of one week.

In general, however, safe shrooms dosage is considered around 1-2 grams for a light experience, 2-3 grams for a moderate experience, and 3+ grams for a strong experience. 

Starting small is always the best, and work your way up rather than taking massive amounts all at once. Another safe route for taking shroom trips is to eat food before and after.

It’s highly advisable not to trip on an empty stomach.

How Often Should One Take Shrooms?

Regarding frequency, users and medical experts oil recommend that you do not take shrooms more than once a week. 

A week is enough time to give the body some recovery time from the shroom experience. This also allows you to integrate the insights you gained from the trip. 

So as a strict warning, make sure you would not trip on shrooms twice a row. Nor do you trip on shrooms two days in a row.

The magic word is “one at a time.” Consider the experience religiously. You are not just having a shroom trip for personal fun. You are actually on a spiritual journey when you use this. So that you would not treat the trip as a mere recreation. As some say, the best experiences come once in a lifetime. Make your exoteric shroom trips one of those.

Can You Overdose from Shrooms?

preparing microdosing shrooms

Taking shrooms too frequently can lead to adverse side effects such as anxiety and paranoia. If you do decide to take shrooms more than once a week, it is vital to start with a lower dose and then take larger doses gradually.

Aside from the psychedelic effects, there are a few potential long-term effects of taking shrooms, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. These are typically mild and go away on their own. However, if you experience any of these side effects, it is essential to stop taking magic mushrooms and seek medical help immediately.

Get medical attention as well when you are taking shrooms with other drugs. This is necessarily true for patients with mental illness. Ask if you can take psilocybin with other anti-depressant drugs.

Safe tripper with a sitter

If you are a newbie on shrooms, your first use of them must be dealt with utmost care. One thing you need to do is to have a trip sitter. A sitter?

Yes, a newbie user must not be alone on their first day. It is like going first time to a kindergarten, and a guardian is outside waiting for your return. 

A trip sitter would do something similar. Their job is like a guardian who looks after you. This could be an experienced friend or a unique buddy whom you specifically meet during your search for a magic mushroom. They will watch you on your trip as a newbie to avoid overdosing and other whatnots.

One of the psychedelic effects of shrooms is that it heightens your senses. You may get too high on energy. Some first-time users would not recall the moment they became highly aware.

As a first-timer, you may have many questions. How to take it? How will you come down from the trip? How will you know the effects have dissipated? 

A trip sitter would ultimately guide you when your mind and awareness had opened. You are like a growing baby who would have many questions. This is because a newbie would feel sudden shifts in an emotional state. A shroom trip will surely take you to a deeper consciousness for the first time. 

Knowing deeper about life, who you are, and the world around you is something you want to share with friends. You will need a coach to inspire and help you get on your feet when you open your consciousness for the first time.

A guide is always best to have, like a teacher or a mentor, to interpret the meaningful revelations you will have once the psilocin takes effect. Ultimately, it is always the best part of tripping to have a friend to make sense of life.

Wrapping Up

You probably know a shroom newbie. It’s time to give them the heads up. Or it could be you. 

You need to take caution and keep in mind to use shrooms mindfully.

Overall, shrooms can be a tremendous spiritual experience if you take them responsibly. Make sure to start with a low dose. Then you can increase gradually as needed. And always have a trip sitter with you if it is your first time taking shrooms!

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