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Mushrooms for migraines

Migraines have been tormenting hundreds of people for ages. Getting through the pain is something people so desperately want because the intensity of the pain can cause people to suffer and halt any activity they have during the day.

Not many people know, but magic mushrooms are starting to become a remedy for metabolism. Research has been going on about its healing properties in bipolar disorder and other brain disorders like chronic migraines.

What is Migraine

Migraine is often confused with regular headaches, but the two are not alike. Migraines are a neurological condition that causes multiple symptoms at the same time. One would feel intense and debilitating pain in the head, coupled with nausea, vomiting, numbness or tingling, and sensitivity to light and sound.

The attack can happen once in a while when triggers are present or in cyclical patterns or periods called cluster headaches. Medications for migraines will range from over-the-counter medicines to prescribed ones, depending on the severity and frequency.

For chronic sufferers, even morphine will be ineffective and will call for stronger but dangerous medicine. Seeking an alternative made scientists consider the possibility of psilocybin for migraine treatment. Research is currently underway, carrying positive news and initial results. 

Psychedelics & Magic Mushrooms for Treatments

Mushroom teaPsychedelic use in treating migraines and cluster headaches is subject to further exploration due to the properties of the compound. Current medications and treatments used for these problems are compared to psychedelics to find similarities useful to sufferers.

Though psychedelic is known to bring a trip that produces hallucinations, this is not the goal of the treatment. Several accounts of people doing magic mushrooms microdosing for cluster headaches and migraines have proved that this is an effective preventive measure. Thus, current studies are focusing on the potential benefits in the pharmacology field.

This breakthrough is helping a lot of people who are suffering from these intense pains. Testimonials on psilocybin mushrooms have caused studies worldwide, benefitting people who are not looking to get high but would like to see an improvement of their day-to-day function.

Microdosing is when one takes magic mushrooms in a sufficiently low dose to avoid impairment in visual and auditory perception. This dose will not cause any mental and physical confusion associated with those who take psilocybin for recreational purposes. Cluster headaches psilocybin looks promising as the benefits can be proven by microdosing as part of the treatment plan for migraine and cluster headache. 

Using Magic Mushrooms for Cluster Headaches

Migraines are excruciatingly painful that people will not be able to do anything productive while suffering them. It is silent and often unnoticed, sometimes even shrugged off as an exaggerated form of headache. It is different from a headache because it begins on one side of the head before it causes a person to feel nauseous and sensitive to any sound or light source.

Migraines and cluster headaches are the same in how the symptoms appear and how long they last, usually for a couple of hours to a few days. They are most difficult in extreme weather conditions, such as during the winter. Pain, then, is the target of migraine and cluster headache mushrooms because it can help a person continue with their day-to-day activity without having to suffer from intense and prolonged pain. 

Several accounts share success stories of how their migraine fared better when taking a magic mushroom in small doses. This remedy can significantly mitigate the effects & it works in a shorter amount of time than other medications.

Most people just get distracted by the psychoactive effects, but this will soon change as more and more studies are expanding the relationship between magic mushrooms and cluster headaches.

Trying the Alternative Medicine

It is always safer to consult with an expert when trying out alternative medicine to treat a condition, though magic mushrooms are not synthetic and come directly from nature. One can always research anecdotes, recommendations for long-term users, and other reliable resources to start with their treatment.

The benefits will surely help a person get free from the pain of experiencing migraine and cluster headaches. Cluster headaches psilocybin is promising, offering a reliable and fast solution to this problem. 

There is still a lot to know about psilocybin migraine treatment, but the current trend and testimonials are a good start. Once proven with science and the many anecdotes from users, it can help develop a helpful alternative for those seeking to alleviate their condition.

With the help of magic mushrooms in small effective doses, one can finally say goodbye to the pain caused by migraines. 

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