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Mushrooms and Psychedelic Meditation (Trip Mindfully!)

Meditation has been around since ancient times by people all over the world. While this isn’t exactly something new, more and more people are discovering the benefits of meditation. This practice is more than just some spiritual mumbo jumbo. It actually has some real benefits that can benefit just about anyone in their day-to-day lives.

If you’re not entirely familiar with meditation, you might think that this merely involves sitting in one spot in silence, clearing your mind of any thoughts. While you’re not necessarily wrong, this is actually just one form of meditation. There are several forms of meditation practices out there. Despite the variations in meditation practices, they all focus on reaching a level of inner peace and self-transcendence.

Meditation isn’t the only topic that’s getting more attention for the benefits it has. Psychedelics is also becoming another emerging field of study. Specifically, magic mushrooms and psilocybin are being studied for their effects on a person’s mind. With how the studies and research are looking, these effects can be utilized to benefit people too.

Aside from studies looking at the individual benefits of psychedelics and meditation, research is also looking into the benefits of psychedelic meditation.

Meditation vs. Psychedelics

Among the many types of meditation, one of the most commonly used forms of meditation would be mindfulness meditation. In this kind, you’re made to focus on your surroundings and what you’re sensing at that moment. 

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You are open to the thoughts in your mind, but you don’t entertain or interpret them. In a way, you just become passive to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations as of that moment. You become one with everything else around you and try to forget everything going on within yourself.

Mindfulness meditation employs breathing exercises and making use of your senses to perceive the world around you. The aim is to help you to calm down. In a way, you slow things down for yourself and try to get away from the things currently stressing you out.

This type of meditation is utilized for several purposes, one of them in helping treat depression. As therapies use several treatment modalities to help treat depression, mindfulness meditation has been one treatment method. 

It helps those with depression try to ground themselves, especially when their thoughts get too much for them. In a way, it allows them to take a break, regroup, and then try to work their way out of difficult situations.

Psychedelics aren’t too far off from what meditation can do. You see, when you go on a psychedelic trip, such as with mushrooms, you get put in an altered state of mind. The people who go on mushroom trips report this feeling of getting out of themselves, much like an out-of-body experience. 

It’s this out-of-body experience that allows them to take an introspective look at themselves. Likewise, psilocybin enables them to elevate their current state into a spiritual state, one that gives them the chance to change how they see things.

Aside from this elevation of one’s state of mind, psilocybin allows you to stop seeing yourself as you and lets you become a part of everything around you. You get the chance to see things outside of yourself, and it’s this experience that can help you open up more. With this newfound openness, you are allowed to change the way you think and see things. This can then help change how you go about things and how you handle things that come your way.

Psychedelics aren’t only good for opening up your mind, though. Studies have also looked into how this could be used to treat mental disorders. Specifically, psychedelics such as psilocybin were studied as an alternative treatment to depression. Studies found out that these substances have a similar effect as antidepressants since they both affect the same parts of the brain. This could help in future treatments for these types of mental illnesses.

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Psychedelic Meditation using Shrooms

With both their benefits, it’s hard not to think that psychedelics and meditation could do even better together. Psychedelics, for example, could help put you in a state where meditating could be easier to do. Since magic mushrooms help elevate your state of mind and disconnect you from yourself, meditating while tripping could be more effective.

This was what some studies have looked into. The use of psychedelics for depression and anxiety in combination with meditation showed more benefit than meditation alone. Using mindfulness therapy helped enhance the effects psilocybin had. The psilocybin-induced openness made it easier to effect change in a person through mindfulness meditation. It became easier for them to adjust and accept things during their meditation tripping.

Self-Transcendence with Magic Mushrooms

Aside from helping you become more open, magic mushrooms help elevate your state of mind. When tripping on mushrooms, you go beyond yourself and connect with something greater than you. You remove the focus from yourself and become a part of everything around you, which mindfulness meditation also asks you to do.

By forgetting yourself for a bit, you become more passive and take things as they are. You get to be part of something bigger. In a way, you melt away, open yourself up to everything outside of you. This experience can help give you insights about yourself, which can help change how you see things, experience them, and act on them. Your understanding of things concerning those experiences changes, which allows open yourself up to a lot more experiences and new ways of viewing those experiences.

This whole self-transcendence experience becomes more intense with psychedelic meditation. Based on studies, it’s this intensity that makes the effects of the meditation most long-lasting. This, in turn, helps make mindfulness meditation more effective than on its own.

Other Benefits of Magic Mushroom Meditation

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Mushrooms and meditation can not only help you become more open, but they can also help you be able to change the way you think. Studies have shown that trippy meditation had positive effects on neuroplasticity, the ability of your brain to “rewire” itself.

By giving you a chance to rewire your brain, you get to correct ways of thinking that don’t benefit you. While it might not be drastic, it’s a start in helping you change the way you think and see things. This goes hand-in-hand with the other benefits of psychedelic meditation, openness, and long-lasting effects.

Even if you aren’t experiencing a mental illness, this opportunity to rewire the way you think can help change your outlook on things and how you go about your life.

The Future of Magic Mushroom Treatments

Current studies have shown that magic mushrooms can potentially treat mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Studies have also shown that mindfulness meditation as an additional therapy for depression was also effective. But, while psilocybin and mindfulness meditation are both effective on their own, the combination has even more significant effects. This enhanced combination helps open up new possibilities and options for therapy in treating mental illnesses.

Even in those without any mental illness, the use of psychedelic meditation techniques has shown a lot of benefits. Meditation is more effective with psilocybin, and its effects are more lasting than without it. 

Magic mushroom treatments, whether for mental illnesses or well-being, have some potential in helping improve people’s quality of life. As studies are only beginning to learn about the combination of psychedelic drugs and meditation, there is still much good that is yet to be uncovered by research.

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