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How to Prepare for Shrooms? Things You Should Know Before Taking Magic Mushrooms

Taking magic mushrooms on a whim might give you more pain than pleasure. There are a lot of important factors that need to be laid out on the table. Some risks need to be fully realized, and the biggest one is the possibility of running in the law. For a lot of places in the world, possessing and using magic mushrooms are still illegal.

Though studies are aiming to prove that they have therapeutic properties, it may take some time. Either way, some won’t let this stop them from getting their share of psilocybin mushrooms. But there is so much more to mushroom preparation that one needs to know before they can proceed. The most important information will be discussed below. 

Securing your Magic Mushrooms

The first pressing question that one might ask as they decide to try magic mushroom is, “Where do I get supplies?” One of the most straightforward answers is to go out there and find them on the ground. There are a lot of mushrooms that can be found anywhere damp, cold, and dark.

The forest and wood areas, riverbanks, and swamps, even in dung-ridden pastures, are all places you can find them. The problem is, not all of these wild mushrooms are edible. Worse is that some of them are poisonous and deadly.

One cannot forage mushrooms without knowing what kind to pick and where exactly to find them. People can also put themselves in trouble should they come across rangers patrolling a lot of mountainous areas. Another possible source of supply is commonly online mushroom dealers. It is an essay to make an internet search with dozens of results.

Without any knowledge, a person will not know if the mushrooms are legitimate or not. Gaining basic knowledge about specific species, growing them, and safely consuming them is one of the best ways to prepare for shrooms. 

Mental Preparation

A lot of magic mushroom users say that the mushroom trip you get is a mystical experience. A person will go through different emotions that lead to personal and spiritual discovery, making more connections with the environment, and so many others.

Relax & Clear your Mind from Worrying

A person will first feel a mental fogging, initial confusion, and overwhelming physical stimulation. Visual and auditory stimuli will not appear as they are. To mentally prepare for shrooms, one should learn how to relax and feel completely engulfed by the sensations. Letting loose and going with the flow will allow the mushroom trip to be a gratifying one.

Though there are studies on the effects of shrooms on social anxiety, there hasn’t been a lot of research confirming it. To be on the safe side, don’t use the shroom on your difficult days to avoid a bad trip.

Sort out your feelings

Psychedelics found in the mushroom will intensify a person’s emotions and feelings, so sorting these out is vital before taking magic mushrooms for the first time. One needs to be open to a whole new experience, without reservations and doubts. Finding more about how other people went through will also give more insight, better than being shocked when the substance takes effect.

Physical Preparations

After mentally preparing for the magic mushrooms, a person should prepare for the trip itself. Though you won’t die from shrooms, having a reliable trip sitter to provide support is important. Most psychedelic trips will last for about eight to twelve hours.

There should be someone to keep an eye on what is happening, especially for first-timers. They can help out if there will be an emergency or any problems that can occur. A quiet and safe place is the best, without the possibility that someone might see or find out what is happening.

Remind your trip sitter to steer you away from mirrors, high places, and unfamiliar places to avoid any scary and unexpected results. 


Safety and Precaution

Only use a specific magic mushroom species at a time and do not mix it with other substances like alcohol or weed. Judgment and coordination will be significantly impaired, so using the road or driving any vehicle should be avoided.

Check for preexisting health conditions because the psychedelic can trigger problems, especially in mental health and heart conditions. Only proceed when clear of any illnesses. With dosing, starting with the lowest one is recommended, gradually increasing as one feels comfortable that the trips can be managed better. Magic mushrooms can be taken raw or dried, by themselves, or mixed with food and beverage.


Prepare before ingesting your Shrooms

The best way to experience a psychedelic journey by magic mushrooms is to mentally, physically, and safely prepare for it. These are just some of the best practices, and people can always do their research to find out more and be more specific in their preparations. Knowing the basics and being open will make the whole thing better and unforgettable. 

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