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Ayahuasca vs mushrooms | Magic Mushroom Drug Comparisons

Plenty of people are seeking to try psychedelic plants to experience their extraordinary effects. Among these plants, some triumph over others for their popularity and effectiveness, and these are mushrooms and Ayahuasca. These two are known for their mind-altering effects, although they are entirely different. They can both produce hallucinogenic and spiritual results, but they are unique in their way.

Ayahuasca and Mushrooms

People in South America used Ayahuasca for spiritual ceremonies for centuries a long time ago. It is a combination of the plant called Psychotria Viridis and the vines of a plant named Banisteriopsis Caapi. Both plants neither contain any hallucinogenic effect. The leaves contain DMT with the same structure as the neurotransmitter serotonin present in the brain. The vines help the DMT compound found on the leaves to reach the brain because the enzymes in the stomach deactivate the DMT, preventing it from going through the blood vessels to cross the blood and brain barrier. The preparation of Ayahuasca takes time because it can take two days. The people who prepare Ayahuasca need to boil it for hours and process it for filtering. On the other hand, mushrooms are much easier to prepare because they can be dried out and mixed with the user’s favorite food. 

The use of magic mushrooms has also been around for many years. Many people use it for recreation because of their hallucinogenic effect. They also grow in the forest or any place with moisture, so their availability is wide. Shroomers can even plant their magic mushrooms, and all they have to do is buy a magic mushroom kit that contains all the necessary materials to start growing shrooms. These mushrooms come in different species and strains, so the user has a wide selection for his choices. Ingesting magic mushrooms also produces results that vary and depend on the dosage, type of mushroom, and the resistance of the body of the user.

What they do to the brain

The magic mushrooms contain a psychoactive element called Psilocybin. When the users ingest the shrooms, the body breaks this element into an active drug called Psilocin. The Psilocin then travels to the brain and increases the activity of the brain’s serotonin. It amplifies the stimulation of the brain that causes the hallucinations that the user experiences. It can alter the user’s perception and senses causing him to see and hear things that are not happening. The hallucination can be an auditory, visual, or mystical feeling that usually gives the user peace and happiness. However, not all effects of shrooms take the bright side. There are also certain circumstances when the user feels effects like paranoia and extreme fear of nothing. 

While the effects of magic mushrooms are unrealistic hallucinations, Ayahuasca gives a different type. It also makes people hallucinate when they drink it, but they are fully aware of their hallucinations. They do not hear nonexistent sounds, but they hear enhanced sounds from the environment. Most people who drink Ayahuasca do not experience the change of reality, but they go to past or present traumatic events to reconcile with what they think and feel about them. 

After Use

The after-effects of magic mushrooms and Ayahuasca are different. The effects of magic mushrooms can last from three to eight hours and can make the user feel tired and weak once it wears off. Ayahuasca’s effect lasts from four to six hours, but the after-effects are not desirable, especially for first-timers. After the consumption of Ayahuasca, the user can experience vomiting, retching, and even diarrhea because of the acidity of the boiled leaves and vines. News about deaths is involved in some Ayahuasca use because of the inexperience of people brewing the drink.

Magic mushrooms and Ayahuasca raise the numbers on the same level when it comes to their popularity. They are both famous in the hallucinogenic drugs’ world. These drugs are beneficial, but they can also be harmful in some cases, so users should prepare these drugs with care. Doing research is not going to hurt, and the knowledge of their effects will be an advantage.

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