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People like to prepare their tea in different ways. They also have their favorite flavors and taste. Others would often wonder why tea is popular among many people when, according to what they know, it tastes a little bit bitter. Well, the taste of the tea depends on how you prepare it.

Mushroom tea

The preparation can affect its taste, so it is necessary to know the proper procedure in making one if you want your tea to taste better. There are different flavors of tea available in the market, but one flavor stands out the most. The magic mushroom tea is popular not because it cleanses your body but also widely known for its amazing psychedelic effects.

Shroomers would often prepare their magic mushrooms with honey or even alcohol. One popular method is by having it in tea. Here are the steps on how you can prepare your magic mushroom tea.

Step 1: Prepare the ShroomsDried magic mushrooms

The first step in making mushroom tea is the preparation of the magic mushroom you are going to use. There are two options to choose from, grind the mushroom, or leave it the way it is. The important thing is to have the right amount of dosage that can give the desired effect.

Step 2: Water

Boil water for the tea. If the mushrooms are powdered or ground, place them on a strainer and let the hot water dissolve them. It is also okay to directly pour the ground magic mushroom into your teacup and stir it like conventional tea. 

If the magic mushrooms are dried and not in the form of powder, place them in a pot together with water and let them boil. The boiling of the water can bring out the psilocybin extract of the dried mushrooms. 

Step 3: Additional Flavor


Psilocybin Mushroom Tea is not going to be complete without any added flavor. While some would prefer their tea pure and unflavored, others would like to taste a hint of a different flavor mixed with their tea. for even better results, enhance your shroom tea via lemon.

Lemon can also help with the extraction of psilocybin from the magic mushrooms, making the psychedelic effects kick in faster. In truth, many spices and flavors can perfectly suit mushroom tea.

Enjoy a Cup of Shroom Serenity

The consumption of magic mushrooms has been influencing many places, and it will continue to spread as its popularity increases. Many methods on how to prepare it have already made their circle among shroomers, but having it as tea will surely hit the spot.

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