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How Long does it take for Shrooms To Take Effect?

From dosage to age, many factors can result to varying time of onset

Shrooms are widely popular because it contains Psilocybin, a psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound that is naturally-occurring. It may look like an ordinary and dry mushroom, with long thin stems that are grayish-white in color.

When taken, it results in a hallucinogenic effect that makes people have vivid sensations that seem real. Many people associate these effects with spiritual experiences and self-discovery because they are sacred herbs in other cultures. The sense of euphoria and distorted sense of time are usually the reasons why some people take shrooms. 

Time of Onset

The experience of taking magic mushrooms can be different from person to person. The visual, psychedelic, and spiritual effects that are mind-altering and reality-bending can be achieved at the onset when the compound kicks in. On average, the shrooms will take effect within a few minutes to an hour. However, for it to take effect, it must fulfill some conditions.

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Factors that Affect the Time of Onset

1. Dosage

One dosage of shrooms is at 1 gram, but this can also change depending on how experienced a user is. The dosage can increase as a person builds tolerance over the compound Psilocybin. The effect can also be different based on the way people consume it.

People who take magic mushrooms on an empty stomach will experience the effects in 10 minutes to an hour. One person would feel a “coming” up sensation wherein the sensations are starting to grow, and the person is slowly submitting to it. The effects will peak for another hour to an hour and thirty minutes, where one can experience the highest point in the trip. A person can stay in a state of a trip for up to 6 hours. People would often experience dryness in the mouth, which is why it is essential to rehydrate afterward.

2. Shroom Preparation

Shrooms can be prepared and consumed in different ways. If you choose to chew the shrooms dried, you should chew them carefully and thoroughly to allow the juices to come out more. The shroom juices will mix with your saliva and start getting to you and every cell of your body’s blood in about 45 minutes.

To make the process faster, one should have less stomach content before taking in the shrooms. To avoid tasting the bitterness of the shroom, taking the tea form is a great alternative. You crush the shrooms and throw them in hot water. Let this rest for a good 10 to 15 minutes before drinking. You can feel the onset faster than chewing it raw. There are other ways preparations for mushrooms, from capsules to shroom soup and shroom yogurt.

3. Quality of the Shrooms

One of the factors that affect the onset of effects is the quality of the shrooms themselves. Fresh and newly harvested mushrooms deliver the best results as they have the best quality. Storage is also crucial when handling shrooms because it can lose its vitality when mishandled.

They should be in dry and tightly sealed places to not affect the taste, colour, and effects. When magic mushrooms have gone bad, they can cause sickness and health problems. 

4. Species of the Shroom

There are different kinds of shrooms in the market, and they can come from different species, depending on where they are grown and who grew them. Liberty caps are most common, especially in the western regions. They look small and tan-coloured.

Fly agarics have spots in white and red and are stronger and more potent than the liberty caps. It is expected that they deliver a much faster onset than the others. 

5. Age and Body

A person’s age and body will also determine the onset of the effects when they take the shroom. An average consumer who is healthy and at the right age can feel the effects within minutes. People who are experiencing conditions, including severe diseases and illnesses, can experience the onset differently.

Taking medications before consuming shrooms can also alter the effects because of a possible drug interaction. Younger people exposed to the compound for the first time can experience faster and unexpected trips because they have no prior experience. 

Trip Carefully

These different factors do not just affect how long it takes for shrooms to take effect on the body but also how they are experienced. These factors should be considered and eliminated if one is looking to have the full and best experience. Once mitigated, a person can undergo an unadulterated and smooth trip after taking their dose of shroom.

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