What’s In A Name: ‘Shrooms!

If Shakespeare did psychedelics, he’d probably say something like, “What’s in a name? That which we call a shroom. By any name, it would still be psychedelic.” 

Psilocybin, which is the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, is a hallucinogen. This hallucinogenic effect of magic mushrooms made people seek it out. It’s been consumed for centuries by various people of various cultures. This is to help elevate their state of mind. Today, people still consume it for similar reasons. Others take it for recreation, while some for medical purposes. Throughout time, it has been consumed and called by different names. 

Nowadays, there are several names or slang terms for these mushrooms. It only makes sense since psychedelics aren’t accepted yet. But, with all the nicknames, how does one keep track? Where did these nicknames even come from? With that in mind, what better way to clarify things than to name a few of their common nicknames and explain them? 

Nicknames? Why?

Nicknames can come about for a variety of reasons. Mushrooms are given nicknames like you have a nickname, making it simpler. Some nicknames are based on their specific characteristics. Others are closely related to it. While other nicknames seem unrelated but make sense after some degree of realization. Whatever the nickname, there’s a perfect explanation for why mushrooms are called so.

Some Common Mushroom Nicknames


alice mushroom in the forest

In Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” Alice consumes a mushroom. This helps her restore to her normal size. It sounds pretty fantastic, as does the rest of the story. In fact, this shroom’s experience can be associated with the events in Alice in Wonderland. This explains why some psychedelic mushrooms are called “Alice.” 


The nickname “booms” or “boomers” most likely came about because they sound like shrooms. This is a subtle way to call it, especially to people who don’t want to let others know they are using shrooms. 


The nickname “buttons” probably came from the name of a kind of mushroom, the button mushrooms. Button mushrooms and psychedelic mushrooms are basically the same things. Buttons is another term for people who like to trip.


Psilocybe Azurescens

“Caps” is derived from psychedelic mushrooms having caps like any other mushrooms. This is one way to talk about those kinds of mushrooms without drawing attention. They could just simply call it “caps.” 


This nickname for mushrooms most likely comes from the champignon mushroom. A champignon is also an edible kind of mushroom, but one that isn’t hallucinogenic or illegal. Most likely, this is a play on this mushroom’s name. 


Hongos is actually the Spanish word for mushrooms. So, this nickname is the word mushroom in another language. Most likely another attempt to have a more subtle name for psychedelic mushrooms.


Well, psychedelic mushrooms are also called magic mushrooms. So, by cutting the name to magic, you have another subtle way to call your psychedelics. 


This is like having a pet name or unique nickname with your close friends. Mushies is pretty much a pet name for mushrooms.

Pizza Toppings

Magic mushroom pizza in a pizza plate

Of course, magic mushrooms don’t usually go on pizza toppings. However, there were instances that people have done it, similar to regular ones. So, calling them pizza toppings isn’t really that far off. 


This is probably one of the most popular nicknames or slang words for magic mushrooms. Also, these are the most straightforward nicknames. “Shrooms” is basically short for “mushrooms.” Anyone hearing you say the word will instantly know what kind of mushroom you are referring to. 


Tweezes are actually a variety of psychedelic mushrooms. So, it only makes sense that calling magic mushrooms in general by tweezes also makes sense. Plus, only people familiar with it would know what you’re talking about.

These are just some of the many other nicknames that psychedelic mushrooms go by. There will always be more names depending on where you are and where you go. Some could be more obscure, but they could also make sense if you know why they’re called that way. Calling magic mushrooms differently would make it more subtle since it is looked down on. This would surely avoid unwanted attention. This will also let you find a sense of community with these nicknames. 

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