Psychedelic Truffles: Magic Truffles vs. Magic Mushrooms

Psychedelic truffles and magic mushrooms are often discussed together. They have a lot of similarities, from what makes them up to the substances they contain. Their most significant differences are the physicality and the way they grow, as well as their accessibility.

Knowing these differences and similarities can help a person manage their preferences and expectations to find which one can suit their situation better. It is easy to remember because though they are used the same, they are both unique in their way. 

What Are Psychedelic Truffles

Psychedelic truffles are also known as magic truffles. They also go by the name Psilocybe Tampanensis, owing to the name of Tampa, where it was initially collected in 1977. Though it was never seen again, it was later discovered in Mississippi.

The first specimens gathered in Florida were successfully cloned, and they are still available now in the market. Psilocybe Tampanensis has a truffle-like scletoria named Philosopher’s stone due to its rock-like appearance, shape, and color. The sclerotia are denser than mushrooms and have 30% dry matter. The molds that surround it are the growing mycelium. 

Magic truffles are very rare in the wild. The successful cultivation from the first discovered ones degenerated the way available strains fruit. They almost don’t fruit very well, but they produce more sclerotia or truffles. This means it contains more psychoactive substances.

Most of the available psychedelic truffles that grow are grown by mycologists through grow kits and spores. The plant has a mushroom above ground and sclerotia below ground that contains psilocin and psilocybin.

What Are Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are much more common than Psilocybe Tampanensis. They are found in most places globally, with various species depending on an area’s climate and environment. They can also be cultivated indoors by mycologists and psychonauts alike.

They are known as hallucinogens and psychedelics. There are many known ways of preparing them, and people often like to put them in their food and drinks. It is not uncommon, though, for people to eat freshly picked ones. 

There are a lot of mushrooms that grow naturally and wildly. They can grow on wood chips, dung, and decaying green matter. Not all mushrooms are edible, and some are even toxic and dangerous to health. It is better to correctly identify a mushroom foraged to assure that it is the desirable one. They often appear in long, slender stems, with grayish to dark brown caps, and look rusty brown when dry. 

What Are the Similarities

Magic truffles and mushrooms are both considered psychedelic, so they are not legal in most countries. They are classified as drugs that can easily be misused. Preparation is essential before consuming them because it will help with what to expect, how to manage the sensations and the emotions that can spiral from them.

Consuming both the substances becomes more successful in a safe and secure place, with trusted people who can monitor and make sure everything is smooth and safe. The palace should also be quiet, hazard-free so there will be no triggers while a person is on a trip. Both magic mushrooms and magic truffles need complete drying for storage.

Reducing them to powder or smaller pieces are also standard for easy swallowing and consumption. Apart from the method of growing and appearances, there are no significant differences between truffles and mushrooms. The potency, psychedelic withdrawal, and components are the same

What Are the Differences 

The differences between a magic mushroom and magic truffles start with how they grow. The harvesting is different because they grow in other places too. Magic mushrooms are grown above-ground; thus, they can be handpicked.

Magic truffles need digging because the truffle itself grows underground, adjacent to the mushrooms above. The truffles are also mostly dry because they have a lower water content; thus, people can dry them easier. After being harvested and dried, magic truffles remain small and in a condensed shape. Shrooms grow in different sizes. Since truffles are mostly dry, they feel dry and rugger, while mushrooms are still soft and flexible even when dry. 

Psilocybe Tampanensis are specialty products, precisely weighed and labeled clearly with potency details and instructions. More people consume them than magic mushrooms. Many people think that they are lighter and less tense than magic mushrooms, but they both have the same substances.

Magic mushrooms are not as consistent in potency because they come in different shapes and sizes, affecting the amount of psilocybin per gram. It is easier to find a supplier online for magic truffles but quite more challenging for magic mushrooms. 

Magic Mushrooms or Magic Truffles?

Magic truffles and magic mushrooms are interesting because they are both contain psychedelic properties although they are harvested in different ways. Harvesting truffles can be more difficult in some areas compared to mushrooms and vice versa. Either way, bringing the right tools and learning more about each species is a huge help.

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