How To Dry Magic Mushrooms?

Drying magic mushrooms is an essential part. This is true for many psilocybin takers, especially in consumption. Most would think dehydrating food is for storage and preservation. For shroom users, dehydrating is beneficial from eating them dry. Research also showed that drying them increases their potency. This is on top of the benefits that natural food gives to consumers.

Due to this, psilocybin has become accessible to those who need microdoses. Psilocybin has also become flexible for those who want to try something new. Even so, there is a process that they must follow precisely for drying their magic mushrooms. Coincidentally, this also applies to all dried foods in general.

Why Do You Need To Dry Food?

dried seafood in the market

The simple reason why people choose to dry their foods is to preserve them for extended periods. But, as anyone knows, food goes bad over time, and this is because of the simple science of bacteria. All food is vulnerable to microscopic bacteria, and these produce bacterial waste. The waste is what causes the foul smells that spoiled food has.

Buying a refrigerator is the modern method. This is so that low temperatures can preserve food. But, what beats the fridge in terms of maintaining your food is drying it. With this, there are many ways to prevent food from spoiling.

Drying foods involves taking out the moisture from the food by dehydrating it. Without moisture, they cannot produce bacteria, fungus, or any other growths. This makes the foods last longer than usual and won’t carry the rancid smell for a very long time. In addition to this, drying your food is much cheaper than refrigeration in the long run.

Besides, preservation isn’t the only benefit of dehydrating their food. Science shows that dried foods are more effective and potent than fresh ingredients. This, consequently, includes magic mushrooms.

The Potency of Dried Magic Mushrooms

dried mexican magic mushrooms

Science doesn’t take too much to understand when it comes to magic mushrooms. It isn’t in any way different from regular foods that people could dry. These psychedelic mushrooms are like vegetables. They will grow molds and bacteria if kept for too long. If mushrooms turn slimy, that means it’s time to throw them away.

However, magic mushroom users dry their products for different purposes. Drying food will enhance its current benefits. Research also shows the benefits of consuming dried food. It showed that the body absorbs the nutrients and substances in dried food much better. This would lead the body to feel the benefits for much longer.

Psilocybin is the primary substance. This gives the “psychedelic” effect of the magic mushrooms when eaten. By drying the mushroom, it will last longer. Also, the “psychedelic” effect will be much more potent than fresh mushrooms.

This will happen as long as drying these mushrooms is done correctly.

Harvesting The Mushrooms

There is one thing to remember when it comes to growing magic mushrooms. First, people need to make sure that the mushroom is ready to be harvested. This means that there is a lot of timing that goes into producing fresh mushrooms. The fresher they are, the better and more powerful the effects will be.

With this, harvesting is the first step of the drying process. The key to harvesting mushrooms is in their color and shape. A magic mushroom needs to be light on top but shaped like a cone. Gills are another essential part of the mushroom; they need to be pale. This means that sporulation hasn’t started yet.

If you have shrooms ready for taking, you are almost ready. First, there are things needed to remember about harvesting. First, yanking them isn’t an excellent way to do it. This makes the shroom vulnerable to contamination. Instead, the best way to harvest this is to get a pair of scissors or a knife to cut it at the root bulb. This is much better than damaging anything you want to use.

Pre-Drying & Drying

With some harvested psilocybin mushrooms at hand, the next step is to pre-dry these edibles. There are two ways to pre-dry it. The first is to use the sun by placing them on a plate and covering them with a black cloth. From here, you should place them on the windowsills and make sure that they receive the sun’s heat.

The second way to pre-dry the shrooms is the same method of using the plate and black cloth. However, you may lay the plate down in front of a gently blowing fan instead of using the sun’s heat. Both methods will give you pre-dried mushrooms in a few hours. Once they get shriveled and rubbery, the actual drying process may begin, and there are a few ways to do this.

Dehumidifying Refrigerators

The modern method of making dried mushrooms is to make use of a dehumidifier. These refrigerators are designed to draw out moisture. Usually, this is for fruits, vegetables, and other foods. The dehydration process lasts for a long time. Unfortunately, the humidity in these fridges is zero. 

You may be thinking that these are a waste of money and time. Nonetheless, for magic mushroom users, this is one thing they need to buy. You are buying something made for drawing the moisture out. This only means that you will receive perfection. On top of this, people may customize their dehumidifiers to hold shroom racks.


a packet of silica gel desiccant

You may have noticed that when you order something online. The product may be anything from food items to electronics, such as dehumidifiers. Inside the product is a little packet of silica gel. Most people throw these away, but this is useful for drying different products.

This is because silica gel is an example of a desiccant. Desiccant is a compound that absorbs moisture from air from the surrounding areas. As it absorbs moisture, this keeps products dry. This then prevents the said product from bacteria. In short, it’s a substance that preserves the quality of the item it’s placed with.

The natural “enemy” of dried mushrooms is moisture. These packets shouldn’t be discarded away. These will help keep your mushrooms dry. Another benefit is that it is more cost-effective than the dehumidifying fridge. These can be reused so much that you won’t need to buy the refrigerator in the first place.

If you use desiccants as your method of drying, you will need a few items. These are listed below.

  • Desiccant of choice
  • Paper towel
  • Large plastic container (with lid)
  • Metal drying mesh

The first thing to do is make a stand out of the mesh so that the mushrooms won’t touch the paper towel below. You can use Cake racks since they already have stands built-in. After, spread the desiccant evenly over the bottom of your container. Then cover this with a paper towel. After this, you may now place the mesh with mushrooms on top of it.

The plastic container needs to be airtight as magic mushrooms need around three days to dry. The final product should be cracker-dry so that the stem will snap easily. Once this happens, they are ready for eating or storing.

Homemade Desiccants

You may also make your desiccants at home for those who don’t want to rely on deliveries or stores for silica gel. All you need are a baking tray, a hammer, some Epsom salts, and any moisture-proof container. However, a glass container is the best to use.

The process starts with preheating an oven to 250°C and evenly spreading the salts on the baking tray. After about two hours, the salts have turned into a solid slab, and this is where you must act quickly. The salts will absorb moisture if you aren’t fast enough.

Use the hammer to smash the slab and quickly place them into your container to prevent this. Now ready for use.

Storing When Dry

dried mushrooms in a bag

Storing your mushrooms is easy because you can do it in many ways. People would typically keep them in jars, but measuring them with bags is better. That way, people don’t let contaminants and moisture in. A bigger bag can also be used to store the dry mushrooms in plastic bags. The reason for this is that people can control their microdoses.

You can even use them for other foods and drinks as well. All you need to do is mix some chocolate and boiling water in a bowl for those who love chocolate. Add pulverized magic mushroom powder after taking it off the heat. Pouring it onto a mold or eating it straight from the bowl will give you a psilocybin-infused treat.

People may also use psilocybin using alcohol. This is to either make crystals or liqueurs. For the liquid, it will last forever because there is no organic matter that will come.

These are only two of the many possible uses of dried shrooms, and the possibilities are endless.


Drying food helps in its shelf-life. It also assists in the potential benefits of anything being eaten. Nevertheless, there is a process in drying these magic mushrooms that need to be followed. One error causes the possible benefits you want to receive when consuming them.

But, you will get the best out of the psychedelic edible. This is by following the entire process.

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