The Shroom Shoes: Stingwater x Nike

Magic mushrooms have an influence on people that goes beyond psychedelic trips. While many people see them as taboo, they’ve still left their mark on different aspects of society. Pop culture is a perfect example of a place where magic mushrooms are rather popular.

In pop culture, shrooms are immediately associated with psychedelic imagery and mind-expanding experiences. But, these aren’t the only aspects of pop culture where magic mushrooms are rather popular. Fashion happens to be another aspect where magic mushrooms have made their mark.

Shrooms have inspired some clothing brands to adapt imagery associated with psychedelics. As a result, you have clothing that stands out like a mushroom popping up in the middle of a forest.

Stingwater: The Brand’s Quirky Graphics and More

Skate brands are known to be very avant-garde in their aesthetics. It makes sense since they come from a culture inspired by punk music and deviating from the norm. Stingwater is a perfect example of this. Moreover, the brand gets some of its inspiration from psychedelic mushrooms.

The origin of the Stingwater brand name is unique. Essentially, it comes from the “sting” the founder used to get from drinking sparkling water like Fiji and San Pellegrino. The rest is history. Now, the brand is well-known for its unconventional designs and prints. Magic mushroom’s signature graphics are a perfect example of Stingwater’s trademark designs.

The Man Behind The Brand: Daniel Kim

The man behind the Stingwater name also has an origin as unique as his brand. Daniel Kim grew up in DC and started skating at a young age. Back then, he’d use Nike Dunks as his skating shoes. At the time, it was unheard of as these shoes were meant for basketball. But, he loved to go against the grain. So, he landed tricks on those Nike Dunks.

Fast forward years later, Daniel worked for Nike. He was initially being trained to be a Nike SB sales rep. But, he also loved sketching dunk designs on the side. Unfortunately, he was close to being too old to become a designer. With that in mind, he did what he could to ensure he wasn’t too late to get his design ideas out.

As luck would have it, Nike returned to him and asked him to design a shoe for them. This time, it was for one of Nike’s brand collaborations. So, the Nike x Stingwater magic mushrooms shoes were born.

Inspiration Behind the Magic Mushroom Shoes: The Stingwater Nike SB Dunk Low

The Stingwater Nike SB Dunk Low takes inspiration from some classic Nikes and shrooms. For example, Stingwater’s Nike SB gets its main inspiration from the Air Max Safaris Safari print. But, instead of the animal print, the colors take after the Amanita muscaria mushroom. This can explain the white-on-red mushroom pattern.

This isn’t the only classic Nike look that Springwater’s distinctive red mushroom SB adapted. It also has the Carolyn Davidson Swoosh on the tongue label. So, the shoe appears to have the original tags of the Nike shoes of before. Of course, these Dunk Low Magic Mushroom shoes also integrate some shroom characteristics.

You already know the white-spotted red leather that resembles the Amanita. But, it also has the signature magic mushroom gills. These gills can be seen in the corduroy sock liner. This Nike SB Dunk Low also has a hidden zippered pocket to make things more unique. This hidden zip pocket serves as a place to put a snack for later

Go and GROE

Nike SB Skateboard Dunk Low x Stingwater Magic Mushroom Shoes

The Nike Dunk Low Magic Mushroom is a dream come true for Daniel Kim. Before, he dreamed of getting free shoes from Nike and designing for them. Now, these SB Sneakers are proof that he’s gotten far. What’s more, this shoe is essentially a sculptural piece. They’re a beautiful pair of sneakers that are just too pretty to wear.

Whatever the case, these SB Dunks are proof that the magic mushroom has left its mark in several aspects of pop culture. Even if the magic mushroom is something that’s widely accepted, it persists. That shows you the impact these shrooms continue to have on people and culture as a whole.

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