Shrooms In Graphic Novels

Some individuals might think that shrooms and graphic novels might not mix well. It probably is not the best recipe for a decent story.

After all, writing something about these mushrooms is a daunting task. You can even include a decent plot, making it unnerving. One wrong move and your audience might not even check out the rest of your graphic novel after a quick read. However, it is not impossible. You can wrap up a decent graphic novel about magic mushrooms. All it takes is a lot of thinking, creativity, help from friends and loved ones, and skill and patience. But before we get into that, how about we check out some basics first?

What Are Graphic Novels?

When people hear the words “graphic novel,” Marvel and DC Comics come to mind. Their minds immediately think about all the characters and settings involving these brands. You can never have a graphic novel conversation without mentioning big-time characters. Examples would be Superman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. A graphic novel conversation would include stories from these brands. From the Infinity Gauntlet to The Dark Knight Returns. These stories would definitely come to mind.

However, let’s straighten things out. The term graphic novel means not the comics themselves but a format. In addition, the term does not define a specific genre. A graphic novel might have similarities to your typical bookstore comic book. However, graphic novels usually have long-developed, intricate, mind-boggling plots and storylines. While many storylines also do this, graphic novels have a better way of interpreting them. Which is unlike their traditional counterparts.

Magic Mushrooms?

You heard that right. These are not like your standard grocery store mushrooms. You might be thinking that these varieties allow you to do magic once you consume them. But that is far from what happens once you do. A magic mushroom is a psychedelic consumable that a person can take. They also go by the name shrooms and Psilocybin mushrooms. They can have it with their meals, drinks, diet, recipes, etc. A magic mushroom is a fungus with psilocybin as its primary ingredient. Psilocybin handles mixing with your body’s serotonin. This results in a trippy and happy feeling we are all familiar with.

Graphic Novels And Shrooms

But how do magic mushrooms and graphic novels come into a decent mix? After all, you can find a better story out there. Stories like world-eating parasites. Other graphic novels tell of time-traveling superheroes, changing the course of history.

Why magic mushrooms?

The thing is that there is a neat reason why you can have magic mushrooms as an active part of your graphic novel. These storytelling forms have complicated plots and storylines. This is one excuse you can have to place magic mushrooms in the mix. You can go all-out with your novel – it does not have to be grounded in reality alone. You can opt for mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and so on. But you have to balance everything. From the characters, the story, the setting, and the shrooms themselves. Successful graphic novels perfectly capture everything. From the essence to the meaning of shrooms as a part of their storytelling process.

Mycelium Wassonii by Brian Blomerth

The first one would be the novel by Brian Blomerth’s Mycelium Wassonii. It involves an individual who starts as a magic mushroom hater. He transitions from a hater to a pioneer who studies how shrooms affect humans. The graphic novel is one decent piece of work! It also boasts simple yet vibrant panels and illustrations that go along well with the story.

Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley

The next successful graphic novel is from Bryan Lee O’ Malley – the creator of Scott Pilgrim. This story is set outside the Scott Pilgrim universe. The graphic novel involves a girl chef trying to run a restaurant called Seconds. The chef, Katie, runs the restaurant. Her adventure starts after a spirit give her a plethora of magic mushrooms. Seconds is a slice-of-life graphic novel. It is a bit far from the ever-popular Scott Pilgrim series. However, you can expect tons of crazy moments and the typical out-of-this-world experience.

What Is the Impact Of These Novels On Our Society?

The thing is that these graphic novels are not for entertainment purposes only. They convey a message informing us that taking up magic mushrooms is alright. They do not have to worry about authorities banging on their doors as they do so. But while that is the case, there are still a few rules to follow. Magic mushrooms and graphic novels also let us see through a character’s perspective. These mushrooms can affect our daily lives and actions – for better or worse. But one thing is sure; people love to take shrooms to escape the dread and reality of everyday life. 

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