5 Cool Things to do While on Shrooms

Never have a boring trip again.

Many people like the idea of being in shrooms and doing activities that can enhance their trip. Many experienced users can do many things because they already have a sense of what the trip will entail. They are keener to be outdoors and explore rather than have the trip at home or in a familiar place.

Novice users may not feel so secure with their feelings to do anything else than to relax and go with the flow with their trip. To do new cool things to do while in shrooms takes a lot of courage and support. Here are five activities to try next time:


Camping under the care sky is a good experience, especially when out with people who love and accept a person for who they are. Experiencing shrooms while camping requires the help of people who are willing to look after one another, preferably with someone willing to abstain and watch instead.

Having one or two people in the group who will stand as the sitters can make other people feel safe. This can encourage a person to surrender fully to their feelings because they know someone got their back. It is not advisable to walk to a campsite with a bag of mushrooms on hand, especially in areas where possession of some will not fare well with the law.

Only proceed when comfortable and safe. Locations that are friendly to hikers and campers are preferred, with many open and flat surfaces. Only take the magic mushroom if already settled, and not while hiking or traveling. The camping fire, the open spaces, and the view at night can tickle the sight and other senses for an elevated perception. 

Listen to a Full Album or Watch a Theater Play

A lot of things have whole new meanings that even singers and artists have taken shrooms before a performance.

The mushroom’s psychedelic effects can rewire the brain and even change the perception of memories as something new. This helps a lot of users reprocess their past and make a more meaningful interpretation.

Feeding oneself with different stimuli like music, plays, and even movies can help experience them again in a new light. Play an album from childhood or new ones for discovery. Classical music is great because they appeal differently to the brain.

Access to digital plays, musicals, and even movies can help with the enjoyment of being on psychedelic mushrooms. Preparing a chill music playlist to listen to can also be a ready option. This activity can be done in groups or with some company, within the comfort of the home.

Being One with Nature

Psychedelic trips can always open a person’s oneness with nature or with something bigger than himself. People in the past have explored nature while picking magic mushrooms along the way. Doing so barefoot is also a way to connect with nature.

The forest or the woods are not the only options. Being at the beach, riverside, or even the fields are also excellent ways to be one with nature. A trustworthy companion is essential to help a person not get lost or get into accidents while letting them go through it. 

Play an Instrument or Make Art

When a person is under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms, they get to open up emotions, perceptions, and other feelings that they may not fully express otherwise. Many artists and music players have used mushrooms to ignite their artistic abilities.

Keep an instrument nearby, prepare a recorder, and play anything loosely. Since psilocybin can distort auditory information, a person can hear a new combination of sounds or melodies.

The same is true with artists, so this is a chance for them to play with the different colors of their medium. Being in shrooms can have a significant impact on creativity and perception of art.

Prepare a Pen and a Journal

Record keeping is one of the coolest things to do while on shrooms because it can record some of the things happening while on a trip. This can help a person process their experience better and remember the details of their trip.

The journal can also be a source of information for scientists researching psychedelic mushroom trips


Doing something meaningful while in shrooms can turn out to be a memorable experience. Though these are great activities, it is always advisable to have an overseer who can provide user needs. These cool ideas can help a person explore more options to search for new ways to intensify their trips.

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