5 Movies on Magic Mushrooms

It’s unfortunate, but magic mushrooms are associated with several negative things. Many people say it’s addictive. Other people say it’s something that can ruin your life. Whatever the case, many people already view mushrooms as bad.

But, magic mushrooms are still rather prevalent in pop culture despite the “negativity” surrounding them. What’s more, sometimes pop culture shows shrooms as more than something terrible. In a way, pop culture presents magic mushrooms from various perspectives. This then helps people expand on their understanding of shrooms. 

Psilocybin Mushrooms and Modern Pop Culture

Psilocybin mushrooms are among the many interesting topics that pop culture likes to tackle. While most of society tries to shun them, pop culture loves to put a spotlight on them. There are a lot of reasons why this is so.

For example, magic mushrooms are known for their hallucinogenic effects. So, they help bring about exciting stories and adventures. Some famous pop culture icons even love praising shrooms for their mind-expanding abilities.

Magic mushrooms are also rich in culture. Many civilizations and peoples from centuries ago held shrooms in such high regard. For many, shrooms were sacred. What’s more, this regard for magic mushrooms still exists today. So, there’s a lot that magic mushrooms have to teach and share.

Because of this, modern pop culture loves to talk about magic mushrooms. While society sees them as evil, pop culture sees shrooms as more than that. This may help explain why they’re so popular in pop culture. So much so that shrooms are prevalent in many movies.

Shrooms Movie: 5 Films with Psilocybin Mushrooms

Despite magic mushrooms being taboo, many movies have plots that involve shrooms. What’s more, shrooms can help make for an exciting story. Aside from that, the films also present the mushrooms from various points of view. So, it helps give people an idea of what they are. With that in mind, here are five films that involve magic mushrooms!


midsommar movie poster

This film was directed by Ari Aster, known for his horror movies and thrillers. So, you might already have a hunch that this movie is a scary one that might make you scream. If you think so, you’re not entirely wrong.

Midsommar focuses on a group of American students and their trip to a college friends’ Swedish hometown. They go to observe the once-in-a-lifetime Midsommer festival. However, they realize things go wrong when they take magic mushroom and mushroom tea. After good and bad trips, they start seeing that the festival isn’t as happy as they thought it was.

Several things happen to the main characters and the final girl, leaving the audience feeling confused and mortified. However, fans of Ari Aster will know that this is something to expect from him. This is worth a watch if you’re a fan of horror, thrillers, and graphic scenes.

Generation P

generation p movie poster

This film was based on an iconic Russian story by Victor Pelevins. The movie revolves around an idealistic and disillusioned young boy named Babylen. He dreams of finding hope for his country in post-communist Moscow. His primary means of doing so is? Advertising.

Babylen finds his niche in the advertising world. By adopting Western brands to the Russian mindset, these brands succeed in the Russian market. The audience then sees Babylen fall deeper into the advertising world. So much so that he ends up giving up his principles and “sells out.”

Because of this, Babylen goes on a search to relive his past experiences. He can do so with the help of magic mushrooms. He experiences dream-like trances that take him to ancient Babylon. There, he can live his dream life and have control over everything he wants. Generation P makes for an exciting shrooms movie to watch.

The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon follows business lawyer Urs Blank. While he’s the best in his field, he’s also among the toughest negotiators. Because of this, his business partner ends up dead one day. Urs is bothered by his partner killing himself, thus questioning the kind of person he is.

Upon meeting his main girl, Lucille, he is opened up to the world of shrooms. As such, he experiments with shrooms to find himself. But, he gets completely different results after his dream-like trances. Urs reveals his darker side: the serial killer.

Of course, Urs is okay with this new change. However, his client isn’t. So, his client goes on a search to find Urs and leaves him for dead. That way, Urs poses no problem to his client’s company. This makes for another thrilling film to watch.

Nine Perfect Strangers

nine perfect strangers movie poster

Nine Perfect Strangers isn’t a movie but a series. However, it’s still a series that shows psilocybin mushrooms from a different perspective.

With characters played by a star-studded cast, the audience is presented with nine people who want to change their lives. So, they go to a health and wellness resort to get treatments. These treatments range from eating shrooms to other experimental methods. However, the group begins to sense that not everything is what it seems.

Every one of the main characters has their issues to face. Each brings up more trouble and reveals more about what’s happening. Of course, there’s a lot to follow. However, it’s a series with an exciting story worth watching. This is especially because of the series’ ending. So, the rest is up to you if you want to find out what happens.

Fantastic Fungi

fantastic fungi documentary poster

Fantastic Fungi isn’t a movie per se. It’s a trip into the world of mushrooms and their story. This documentary film is filled with several expert opinions on mushrooms. From the death bell mushroom to psilocybin mushrooms, you get to learn more about the world of fungi.

Experts like Paul Stamets make appearances here to talk about how fantastic fungus truly is. You learn how essential mushrooms are to the woodlands surrounding them and the greater ecosystem. Moreover, there’s even quite a bit on how people collect magic mushrooms to learn more about them.

Fantastic Fungi is an excellent watch if you want to learn more from your group of resident mycologists. It’s not a film. But it’s still worth a watch if you’re hoping to understand mushrooms better. It teaches you a lot, like how collecting psilocybin mushrooms isn’t necessarily a bad practice! So, give this film a shot!

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