5 Documentaries on Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can be considered a fringe topic for many reasons. For starters, they have a fascinating history behind them. In the United States alone, magic mushrooms have gone through a lot.

Aside from that, magic mushrooms are also one of those things that few people understand. Science has indeed tried to take a closer look at these shrooms. But, there’s still a lot that science cannot uncover about these fungi.

Despite that, there is a body of knowledge about these shrooms. Of course, some information comes from science. But, other pieces come from people’s own experiences with mushrooms. Luckily, there are ways to learn about these mushrooms if you’re curious. Thankfully, documentaries on them exist.

Education Through Magic Mushrooms Documentary

Documentaries are one of the many ways to learn more about a particular topic. Indeed, these can only contain so much information. But, despite their limitations, these videos and short films do a lot to give you a closer look at things.

A documentary can be an excellent way to learn about magic mushrooms. This is mainly because these are things few people talk about. You at least get your information from someone that may have some knowledge about it. Of course, the context of the documentary is essential. But, this is a starting point.

One of the essential things a documentary can offer you is a sneak peek into an entire subject. After a few more documentaries, you can add to your information. That can then help get you started on your journey of learning about something like shrooms.

Some Enlightening Movie Trips

With that in mind, here are a few great documentaries to get you started on your learning journey! Rest assured, these are enlightening. Moreover, they’re enough to teach you a few things you need to know about the magic mushroom.

1. Little Saints

a cluster of Psilocybe cubensis

Little Saints is an excellent magic mushrooms documentary to start with! This is especially true if you want a first-person account of shrooms and their culture. In “Little Saints,” you follow six crew members in their travels in Mexico. It’s here where they meet a shaman and participate in a shroom-centered ritual.

This documentary gives you a closer look at the significance of magic mushrooms in Mexican cultures. Specifically, you learn how shrooms and shamans help people learn more about themselves. Here, the crew attempts to do that by joining a magic mushroom ritual.

2. Fungimentary: The Magic Mushrooms of Balingup

If you want a documentary with a more lighthearted tone, Fungimentary might be the one for you. Here, you learn about the impact of magic mushrooms on a small town in Australia. The documentary tackles the people’s thoughts and feelings about these shrooms. This documentary presents you with varying opinions on magic mushrooms and recreational drugs. This helps you see how these opinions weigh against Australia’s view on drugs and how they “tackle” this issue. A documentary like Fungimentary shows how shrooms are perceived. They also show how they affect the lives of different people.

3. The Mycology of Psilocybin Mushrooms

blue meanie mushrooms in a container

When it comes to knowledge about shrooms, Paul Stamets happens to be one of the top experts. As a mycologist, he’s taken a very close look at magic mushrooms and what makes them so unique.

This video lecture by Paul Stamets is perfect if you want a scientific and in-depth look at psychedelic mushrooms. It’s both mind-blowing and educational! This allows you to approach magic mushrooms from a research-backed and scientifically-sound perspective.

4. Psilocybin and the Psychedelic State

Magic mushrooms are very famous for their psychedelic effects. Many people seek these mushrooms to experience psychedelic trips and out-of-body experiences. But, few people understand how these states are induced.

While many people see this as something mystical, there is still some way of explaining this through science. This is what Dr. Robin Carhart Harris attempts to do in “Psilocybin and the Psychedelic State.” As a leading scientific researcher on psychedelics, he can break down how these shrooms affect our brains the way that they do. While it is a bit heavy on science, it’s still an interesting point of view on mushrooms.

5. Fantastic Fungi

Yet another documentary with Paul Stamets, Fantastic Fungi, shows people what shrooms are. These fungi are excellent products of nature. They’re grand molecular decomposers that connect an entire forest. What’s more, this is a Netflix-produced mushroom documentary! So, you know it’s going to be a good watch.

This documentary shows how magic mushrooms can benefit humanity. Aside from being recreational, they also have many medicinal benefits. For example, they can help with post-traumatic stress disorder. There are also studies showing their effectiveness in treating addiction. Fantastic Fungi allows people to see these shrooms as beneficial to humanity.

Pre-Movie Trip Takeaways

Magic mushrooms are a fringe subject. It could be because many people see them as bad. It could also be because few people understand them. Yet, there’s so much to learn about these fantastic fungi. From giving you a psychedelic trip to having medicinal use, these mushrooms are fascinating to know about.

Fortunately, there are still people willing to learn and teach about these psilocybin mushrooms. Documentaries are perfect examples of this. You can get a sneak peek into the world of magic mushrooms with documentaries. These can also give you a more in-depth look at the more important details of this fungi.

So, if you want to learn about psychedelics, consider starting with some shroom documentaries!

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