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The 101 on Magic Mushroom Strains and Effects

How the body reacts to psilocybin found in psychedelic mushroom species

Psilocybin mushrooms go by different names, but they are commonly known as magic mushrooms. that come in different varieties. These shrooms are widely known, and they have a long history that goes back to the year 9000 BC.

Some history experts have said that ancient civilizations have used these magic mushrooms as part of their rituals and recreational activities until the use of these shrooms spread to the world’s entirety. Some dedicated mushroom researchers have spent their time conducting studies to create a drug from these magic mushrooms that people can take without dangerous side effects

Psilocibin Mushroom Prescription

Today people commonly use it as a recreational drug for inducing hallucinations. These can either cause euphoria, extreme happiness, the feeling of floating on the cloud, or excessive paranoia. The varied experiences of visual or auditory hallucinations depend on how one’s brain reacts to the psychedelic mushroom.

Psilocybin is a potent substance counted as the primary ingredient for a mushroom species to fall under psilocybin mushrooms. Popular shroom strains are golden teachers and panaeolus cyanescens. Once ingested, the body breaks the substance down and turns it into psilocin that eventually reaches the brain and stimulates the receptors that cause hallucinations. There are also differences in Magic mushroom strains and effects. Here are some examples.

1. Euphoria

woman-high-on-magic-mushrooms Magic mushrooms are often used for recreational activities because one of their effects is the state of euphoria. Euphoria is the feeling of an intense or extreme sense of happiness. Typical symptoms would be uncontrollable impulsive giggling or laughing for no reason, a strange sensation of floating in mid-air, and overall positive emotions.  

Some people looking for an escape will often run to magic mushrooms as their effects help them forget even if it is only for a short time. These mushrooms have different species and strains that produce different effects with varying potency. The dosage, along with other factors, may determine how long the experience may last.

2. The feeling of Peacefulness

Psychedelic mushrooms give you a certain feeling of quiet you would wish to last forever. Users have reported that it erases any sound or image in the surroundings and leaves you with only a tranquil atmosphere. This gave shrooms even more popularity, and hundreds have sought refuge from day-to-day stress by placing it in their drinks and recipes.

Some may describe the feeling as being numb toll other emotions and block unwanted thoughts and feelings from the consciousness.

3. Lack of coordination


The effects of shrooms can mess with body coordination. Users report a sense of imbalance, and some have even stumbled on flat surfaces where anyone in a normal state can walk normally. Others have described it as having feeble hands and feet.

Like for example, when you want to grip a cup but then it falls because you thought you are gripping it tightly when, in fact, you are not. 

4. Paranoia

Paranoia is one of the adverse effects of consuming magic mushrooms. People who have experienced this attested that it is a frightening feeling, almost traumatizing to a point. Some have even sworn never to take magic mushrooms again.

Paranoia is a state of mind with or that a tragic thing is just around the corner, waiting to tackle you. It can cause you to act in an erratic behavior where you always need to run for your life, and this feeling is something that no other people like to experience.

5. Visual and auditory Hallucinations

The substance contained in magic mushrooms can alter your way of perception. It includes your visual and auditory senses. It can change how you hear the sound playing in your background. Like for instance, you may be listening to some music that is hard rock, but then, if you are under the influence of these mushrooms, you can hear it as a sweet soft sound that soothes your senses, or you can hear it as an entirely different kind of sound. 

It can also change how you see an object. Imagine looking at the clock on your wall. Then suddenly, it starts melting like an ice cream having its shape deformed, looking at a pen in your hand that suddenly starts bending funnily, or looking at someone you are with suddenly turning into a person or an artist you admire. These are some hallucinations that you may experience when you decide to try these shrooms.

The Effects of Shrooms: Subject to Further Research

Researchers have proven that the intake or consumption of magic mushrooms and their strains has beneficial effects, but the adverse effects are also something that you cannot ignore. Studies that scientific researchers have conducted over the years show a large percentage of people using these shrooms experienced paranoia that they wish not to go through again.

However, when you compare the overall effects that they give, they do not result in severe outcomes that other drugs do. Having fun and longing for an escape is not prohibited, but it is also advisable to slow down the intake and consider psychedelic mushrooms’ long-term effects.

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