Songs to Listen While on a Trip

It would be best if you did what you could to make sure a good trip happens. This is considering that a good trip has its benefits. So, the goal of any trip on magic mushrooms is to make the most out of their psychedelic trip.

One of the most important factors to focus on is the environment to ensure the best psychedelic trip. As you will be spending most of your time in the space you choose, it must be safe and comfortable for you.

To have the ideal tripping environment, several aspects are needed to consider. First, there’s making sure that the room is safe enough for you. Since you won’t exactly be mentally present, you mustn’t get yourself hurt while you trip.

Then, there’s also making sure that you can be comfortable while you’re on that astral plane. Since good trips come better when you’re relaxed, it would be nice to have a comfy couch or bed to be tripping on.

However, another essential factor to take into consideration would be the ambiance. Because the ambiance can set the mood for your environment, it must be one that can help you along your trip. That way, you can maximize your psychedelic trip.

In terms of ambiance, there is another long list of things that you can do to help set the right mood. However, one of the best ambiance-setters would be music, among the several things you can do.

Magic Mushrooms and Music

You might think that music is a no-brainer if you want to set the mood for your shroom trip. True enough, it is. Sometimes people don’t understand how important music is. Music helps set the tone for your psychedelic journey.

Sometimes psychonauts’ typical choice in music may not be suitable for the trip. However, every psychonaut may have their preferences for calming and relaxing music. Sure, lofi hip-hop, EDM, songs about acid, and house music might seem like good choices. However, other genres of music can do an even better job at setting the mood.

 At Johns Hopkins University they are conducting their psilocybin research. They are looking at the effect of music on shrooms and psychedelic trips. The university looked at how the right music can help bring out the best psychedelic journey.

Bill Richards, Ph.D., a psychologist, was one of the researchers involved in the study. He took a closer look at how the accompanying music could help influence your trip.

After years with his patients and a little experimentation, he constructed a playlist. He believed this would be the most ideal for a psychedelic journey. While music should help, Dr. Richards says it shouldn’t be the trip’s defining factor. Music should only help build the ideal space for your psychedelic journey.

Songs about Magic Mushrooms (or for them)

Based on Dr. Richards’ years of therapy sessions, mostly they should be classical music. That way, you don’t have any lyrical content to influence your trip. Instead, all you get are tranquil, calm instrumentals from buildup to come down.

So, if you’re looking to relax on a lazy day (with or without going on a trip), here are some songs about magic mushrooms or for them that you might want to listen to.

  1. Concerto for Lute, 2 Violins and Continuo in D Major, RV 93: II. Largo – Antonio Vivaldi

A little Vivaldi can help you get started on the right foot. Vivaldi is known for his lively and upbeat pieces. This specific Vivaldi concerto can give a peppy little beginning to your trip. The music feels like you’re bouncing happily along and has this overall tone of lightness. That sounds perfect if you want to have a good time!

vivaldi stamp
  1. Mumtaz Mahal – Paul Horn

This track by Paul Horn is another piece of music to help establish a good setting for a trip. Paul Horn is a transcendental meditation practitioner. He knows what you might need to help set that tone. With Mumtaz Mahal, you get an arrangement that gives you a feeling of tranquility. This world music track is a must-listen for your trip.

  1. O Magnum Mysterium (arr. H.R. Reynolds) – Morten Lauridsen

O Magnum Mysterium feels like the first sunrise after a long winter. It builds up gradually like how the sun slowly rises, radiating warmth on you. So, as your trip builds up, this music piece would be the perfect accompaniment. It sounds grand as you go along, but it doesn’t overwhelm you. So, it continues to help ease you into the trip.

  1. Symphony No. 3, Op. 6: I. Lento – Henryk Gorecki

This music piece is part of Gorecki’s Third Symphony, a.k.a. the “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs,” which sounds very sad. However, despite the rather serious tone, the piece gets you thinking. It’s almost as if you begin contemplating what’s happening as the song builds up. This is a perfect way to acknowledge the rise of your trip slowly.

  1. Ein deutsches Requiem, Op. 45: VII. “Selig sind die Toten” – Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms was known to have a style that felt very opulent. This is precisely what you get out of the last movement of the Ein Deutsches Requiem. This piece makes you feel like you’re coming to a divine revelation of sorts. However, it is pretty slow in tempo. In a way, as you progress through the work, you feel like you’re going through stages of enlightenment.

  1. Mass in B Minor, BWV: Kyrie – Kyrie eleison I (Chorus) – Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach was a religious man, and his pieces reflected that. With the Kyrie Eleison, you get the feeling of being before something divine and sacred. An excellent description of this track would be seeing yourself as a cherub. You’d be flying along the heavens and seeing all things great and godly. Perfect for the peak of your trip.

  1. Ave verum corpus, KV 618 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Another figure with a vast cultural impact! Mozart was one of the best classical composers of his time. Ave Verum Corpus is a great piece that shows how he can evoke such great emotions. Perfect for what comes after the peak of your trip. This is a great piece to help guide you as you start to come back down from the astral plane.

  1. Storms in Africa (Pt. II) – Enya

If you’ve watched the Lord of the Rings, you’ve heard this voice singing. Not only once but throughout the entire trilogy. Enya’s voice is smooth as silk, and this is what makes this song perfect for the conclusion of your trip. This song makes you feel like the credits are finally rolling after an epic experience. It’s like, after all that, you’re now looking back in awe.

  1. Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

While it’s not a John Lennon song, this George Harrison track is another perfect way to bid your trip adieu. After that intense trip, you’re now ready to welcome yourself back to Earth. There’s the sun, finally. Like the end of a long night, the sun’s here to light up your day!

  1. What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

This is Louis Armstrong’s most iconic track. This is another perfect way to welcome reality after that trip. After thinking and contemplating, you’re now ready to welcome the world around you. With the help of that good trip, you can look at the world and how wonderful it is and bask in its beauty and wonder. So, let Satchmo and his raspy but gentle voice help you with that.

louis armstrong statue


Music can work wonders! This is to help build an excellent environment for your psychedelic trip. But unfortunately, not many people know how to use music to its fullest extent. Fortunately, psychedelic research on music exists! This can help you determine what can help you make the most of your trip.

However, studies aren’t the only way to see how you can maximize your trips. You can support independent local journalism that covers fringe topics like this too. You can also look at the latest music news or local media to see what others say.

You can gather all the information you need to help give you the best psychedelic trip possible. Considering these are life-changing experiences, you might as well do what you can to make the most out of it!

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