Can You Die from Shrooms? Identifying Bad Mushrooms from Edible Ones

It is relatively easy to find mushrooms, but one cannot always tell whether it is edible or not. Magic mushrooms are consumable but are still considered illegal in many countries, though they grow abundantly in natural settings. It is something taken recreationally or in microdoses to manage health and wellbeing.

One should have good head knowledge about magic mushrooms to identify which ones to eat and which ones are bad and avoid getting in trouble with its harmful effects. Since people are always forewarned about harvesting mushrooms, one can wonder if anyone can die from it. Here are a few things to know.

How Safe are Magic Mushrooms

When it comes to recreational drugs, magic mushrooms are one of the safest kinds due to the low percentage of people needing medical attention after a bad trip. There are compounds in the psilocybin mushrooms that are similar to LSD but with a weaker potency. Both can also mimic serotonin activity in the brain, reducing its activity and transfer of information.

This is the reason why people on mushrooms can experience euphoria, insightfulness, and other searing sensations. Magic mushrooms have been used more for self-exploration. Psilocybin is unlike cannabis and cocaine that aggravates mental health problems.

Problems may arise by accidentally ingesting a toxic mushroom, causing poisoning, vomiting, and other physical impairment. 

Psilocybin Mushroom

How to Identify Edible Magic Mushrooms

The important telltale of an edible magic mushroom is its color. Shrooms have different strains and corresponding effects. Since it has the compound psilocybin, the mushrooms turn to a bluish hue when plucked or bruised. Still, white gills and rings on the stem or a sack-like base must be avoided at all costs.

For a quick knowledge check, go through these five cool facts about magic mushrooms.

The Amanita family, most notably the Death cap mushroom, is one of the most poisonous types, and they have these physical attributes. They have a bulbous base called the vulva. Red ones should also be avoided, whether it be the cap or the stem. Remember that the proper identification of mushrooms is essential before even attempting to eat one.

Even with basic knowledge, it can get confusing because some species have similar features.

Risks When Eating Bad Mushrooms

Mushroom poisoning can cause mild discomfort to severe physical symptoms. It can start with an upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The death cap has fatal effects if ingested, which can even lead to liver damage. Help is needed to ensure safety, so document and ask the magic mushroom experts to help identify the mushroom.

Although there is a low possibility of dying from ingesting bad mushrooms, it is best to do so with caution. For veteran magic mushroom users, purchase only from a tried and tested source. Should there be any doubts or signs of the mushroom being poisonous, dispose of it immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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