Amazonian Magic Mushrooms: All You Need To Know

When you think about the Amazon, one thing that comes to mind would be the Amazon rainforest. Considering that it’s one of the largest tropical rainforests in the world. This is no surprise that you’d be in awe of this product of nature.

The Amazon rainforest is one of the largest tropical rainforests. One would think that it would have the appropriate ecosystem to go with it. Fortunately, that is the case. The Amazon also has one of the most extensive and biodiverse ecosystems globally. It has all sorts of different flora and fauna present.

Most would love to focus on the different animals or plants. But sometimes, there are even more exciting things to focus on. In this case, there would be one other reason to be in awe of the Amazon. This reason is about a few centimeters tall. It has a “power” that is disproportionate to its size.

While the Amazon is home to several different faunas, it is also the home of the PES Amazonian cubensis. One might think that these Amazonian mushrooms are unique in where they’re found. However, they’ve got more than that to make them a special little fungus.

What is an Amazonian Magic Mushroom?

The Amazonian cubensis, also known as the PES Amazonian. It is a strain of Psilocybe cubensis mushroom. Much like its Psilocybe family, this mushroom contains the psychoactive compound psilocybin. However, unlike other Psilocybe mushrooms, PES Amazonian magic mushrooms are more potent.

This mushroom is native to the Amazon region. This is home to many large plants, so Amazonian magic mushrooms also tend to grow big. On average, they grow up to about six inches. However, some can even grow close to a foot tall.

Aside from being tall, their caps also tend to grow relatively wide. It ranges between one to two inches in diameter. Usually, these caps take on a convex shape with a knob-shaped protrusion in the middle.

In terms of color, PES Amazonian magic mushrooms typically start with dark red caps. As they mature, the dark red color naturally fades. The only part of the cap that remains red would be the umbo–the knob-shaped protrusion in the center.

As its name implies, these mushrooms are typically found in South America, like the Amazon. However, these psychedelic mushrooms naturally occur in Central and North America.

The Effects of Amazonian Magic Mushrooms

It would make sense that these shrooms would be abundant in Mesoamerica. This is considering that these shrooms can be found all over the American continent. This explains how many different Mesoamerican peoples utilized psilocybin mushrooms.

Being a psychedelic mushroom, ancient Mesoamericans would use it to elevate their mind. Furthermore, this mushroom would induce a spiritual experience. This was heavily used in many religious ceremonies.

However, the effects of magic mushrooms go beyond inducing an elevated mind. As psilocybin is an entheogen, it can also help alter your perception of things. This would explain how some people end up experiencing sensory hallucinations.

Psilocybin can also help alter your mood and cognition. Typically, people would describe feelings of euphoria and openness. Sometimes, people even describe feeling at peace with themselves. Usually, these help you think better. It brings about ideas you might not have thought of or even have “eureka” moments.

However, unlike other Psilocybe strains, the amazonian magic mushroom is more potent. This means that the shroom trip you go on can last for as long as six to eight hours, varying in intensity and effect. This characteristic potency attracts a lot of people to this specific magic mushroom.

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Dosage guide

While shrooms have a specific list of effects that a person may feel, these may still vary based on a person’s dose. This means that in a certain amount, one may feel specific effects. A different intensity might be felt that you did not feel at an extra dose.

The typical effects are listed down. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will experience them. Just as everyone is different, what you experience on a trip may be different from your friend’s. Here are some of the effects that people usually experience. These are based on specific doses of PES Amazonian magic mushrooms.

  1. Microdose

The microdose is the smallest dose people typically try, ranging from 0.05 to 0.25 grams of the magic mushroom. Usually, when someone microdoses, they already feel some enhancement in their mood. Sometimes this may come with a decrease in stress and emotional stability.

Also, you may start to feel more mindful of things and your present situation. Your senses are maybe a little more heightened. This may also result in you feeling some general openness and empathy. You may also become a little more friendly than usual.

Sometimes, a microdose would be enough to help you get in the zone. This would prompt more productivity and focus. Sometimes this focus can help you appreciate music and art. You may also end up becoming more creative in the process.

Overall, a microdose may help give you a sense of euphoria and make you feel a little more pleasant. This amount can help provide the boost you might need. It will give a bit of extra energy to think and focus more. What’s more, you won’t feel too anxious or feel a crash when the effects wear off.

  1. Mini-dose

The next increment following a microdose would be a mini-dose. Usually, this would entail taking 0.25 to 0.75 grams of your Amazonian magic mushrooms. Typically the effects would be similar to what you would feel in a microdose. The only difference is these will increase in intensity.

 There are also other things that you may experience on a mini-dose. This is besides from previously mentioned effects. You may have a few more “enhancements” in your thinking and thought processes. For example, you may have more introspective insights. Aside from this, your thinking may be more connected, with ideas becoming more clear to you.

A mini-dose can also give you a little extra energy, which may be felt in waves. Despite the energy, you will also feel more relaxed and aware of your body’s sensations. This is called the “body high.” This is where you’re comfortable. However, you would experience bodily sensations more.

  1. Medium Dose

To experience a medium dose, you would have to consume about 0.5 to 1.5 grams of your Amazonian mushroom. A medium dose also increases the intensity of the psilocybin’s effects. This is much like how mini-doses increase the impact of your microdose. 

In this case, your mood continues to elevate. This is to the point where you find yourself more euphoric and excitable. Sometimes, you would find even the most mundane things hilarious or exciting.

Aside from this added elation, you also end up having enhanced sensory experiences. At this point, the sensory effects would manifest visually. Examples of this visual enhancement would be noticing that your surroundings are “breathing.” Sometimes you might even start seeing shapes floating around. These are the characteristic hallucinations that come with a shroom trip.

  1. Moderate Dose

Moderate doses usually mean you’ll have to take 2 to 3.5 grams of your PES Amazonian. At this point, you’ll start to be incredibly euphoric and excitable. So, it won’t be surprising if you start laughing at what you might generally find boring or mundane.

Aside from the good laughs and mood you might have, a moderate dose will also help increase your body. You’ll have even more heightened sensations while still feeling relaxed. All will end up feeling extra pleasant.

One other effect you may have would have mystical experiences. This may be that out-of-body experience that people on shroom trips go through.

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  1. Megadose

This is also called the “heroic” dose. Megadosing on shrooms would mean you’ll be taking upwards of 5 grams of mushrooms. It is called heroic because you’re practically superhuman to handle this kind of dose.

At this point, you may experience the peak of the euphoria and excitement that shrooms can induce. This also means that you’ll have an even more intense mystical experience as you go about your trip. You might even have some insights that you might not have ever come across without such a strong dose. Aside from that, you’ll also have an even stronger body high.

While the effects become more intense, this intensity can also work against you. You might not be able to handle the trip, getting overwhelmed by what’s happening. As a result, you might end up having an unpleasant time. This can then make it harder for you to enjoy future shroom trips. The fear of this happening again can linger in your mind.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that more isn’t necessarily better. Higher doses may end up giving you a “bad trip.” This is considering that psilocybin can have some intense effects. Essentially, you might end up having an unpleasant experience if you have a little too much.

So, it’s always good to start slow or, in this case, small. It is good to be responsible for consuming shrooms. This is to maximize your trip and experience the good shrooms have to offer. That way, you avoid a bad trip and learn what doses would give you the kind of trip you want. After all, these shrooms are meant to be enjoyed to be appreciated.

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