Shroom Tolerance | Psilocybin Tolerance Build & How to Avoid It

Magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms or Psychedelic Mushrooms, are starting to dominate the Psychedelic Drug market. Many people are beginning to use them for recreational purposes, and this number will continuously grow. The continuous use of psychedelic mushrooms can cause the user to build up a tolerance as his consumption of shrooms continues to happen. 

How long until the user can feel the effects and how long they last

Magic mushroom in a plate with fork and knifeThe effect of consuming magic mushrooms depends on the way the user ingested them, whether users mixed them in with food or mixed with their hot tea or drinks. Shroom users would usually feel the effect within five to ten minutes after ingestion if it combines with hot drinks, while it can take effect after 30 minutes if the shroomer mixes it with food. 

On the other hand, the trips that users experience can last from four hours to six hours. Trips can vary from an extremely out of the world experience to a terrible trip the user would wish he never experienced. The duration of the shroom trips takes multiple factors, like the amount of dosage, age of the user, use of other substances, way of consumption, and tolerance of the user. The negative trips would usually have after-effects and can continue to give the user a feeling that it can reoccur. 

How fast does psilocybin tolerance build?

The continuous use of psilocybin mushrooms can build tolerance over the user. This tolerance happens when the user compares the result of a dosage he regularly takes, and the effects of his initial intake and latest intake would give different results. Usually, taking the same dosages, again and again, will make the trip weaker until the user feels the need to increase the dosage. The increase of dosage can happen multiple times until the user cannot get his desired effect anymore, and this would sometimes prompt them to use a different drug that produces a much stronger effect. 


magic mushroom preparing micro dosage with laboratory gloves and tweezers

Microdosing is a practice that most shroomers do to minimize the trips they get from the shroom intake. This method can also help prevent shrooms’ tolerance because the large dosage intake of mushrooms can cause the body to increase metabolism to remove the foreign substance from the body. Large amounts of dosage can upset the body, and it will react to protect itself from the unknown chemical the mushroom is introducing. Microdosing is also known for its mild effects because the user can still function and communicate with other people with the addition of high thinking capacity and the increase in problem-solving capability. It will not give the user hallucinations that will render them ineffective but only absorb what they are tripping on.

Shroom tolerance can happen quickly when the consumption of magic mushrooms occurs daily. Tolerance to magic mushrooms can also lead to tolerance to LSD and drugs containing mescaline. So, if one desires to maintain the dosage he is taking and not develop tolerances, he should not practice taking them every day. 

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