How Fast Do Mushrooms Grow?

Mushrooms, also known as a toadstool, is a structure or a type of fungi. They are different from plants because they do not manufacture their food the way plants do. Rather than doing the process of photosynthesis, they absorb their food from their environment.

These mushrooms can grow in different areas and at any temperature because they come in different varieties. Mushrooms to grow as pores that contain all the necessary elements that it needs to grow. It starts when the mushroom releases spores, and the latter travels a certain distance.

It then establishes the fungus and gathers food when it sends out hyphae. It is on the mushroom’s roots, and it absorbs nutrients from the environment and carries them to other body parts of the fungi. There are different kinds of mushrooms that researchers have identified. There are ordinary mushrooms, toxic mushrooms, and psychedelic mushrooms.

Each of these mushrooms has its characteristics and process of growth that makes it different from the others.

Psychedelic Mushrooms

Psilocybin MushroomPsychedelic mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms, are mushrooms that contain the chemical psilocybin that causes hallucination when ingested. It can be cultivated or grow on its own even without any propagation.

The Psilocybin and that the magic mushrooms contain can cause varying effects like hallucination, paranoia, extreme happiness, panic, psychosis, drowsiness, and other possible outcomes that depend on the type of mushroom taken and the amount of its dosage. Unique to its kind is its blue-bruising reaction once crushed or damaged.

These shrooms may be beneficial or harmful depending on how people choose to use them. Other people use it for medical purposes while others use it for recreation. Because of this, some countries ban its use or consumption.

Mushrooms grow in places where they find suitable, but people who want to grow their magic mushroom can also afford those ready-to-plant mushroom kits. Magic mushrooms that commonly grow around tropics and subtropic environments are Psilocybe Cubensis. You might also want to read more on B-plus mushrooms.

These magic mushrooms can grow or pop out 2-3 days after heavy rain and ready for consumption 5-12 days after they come out from the ground. For the magic mushrooms grown at home, Spore inoculation would take a week for spore germination to happen. Then two to four weeks to finish the colonization of the cake. After this, the fruit will slowly show after approximately two weeks.

Ordinary Mushrooms 

brown cap mushrooms in basket and around on rustic wooden background

Ordinary mushrooms are better defined when compared to magic mushrooms. The former does not contain the element which can cause hallucination. It is a regular mushroom that produces no effect when people consume it. While ordinary mushrooms are edible as food, magic mushrooms are considered drugs.

Not like plants, mushrooms can grow overnight after a good rain shower. Some studies that researchers conducted showed that some species of mushrooms are just waiting for the rain to come before they can grow, provided that the ground is in good condition.

The right mixture of moisture, good soil, and temperature can do wonders and cause mushrooms to appear suddenly without any sign of initially existing. That is because the mushrooms are the above-ground bodies of fungi. These fungi may have been living on the ground for a while, or they may have just appeared recently. Either way, they wait for the right time to grow so they can start growing fruits above-ground where people notice them pop out of nowhere.

When the humid weather changes to dry and the moisture on the ground lessens, the mushrooms will disappear, but the fungal mycelia will stay on the soil and wait for another opportunity to grow its fruit.

Toxic Mushrooms

Death Cap or amanita phalloides in a grass with woodsThere are not many poisonous mushrooms because only about 3% of all the mushroom varieties are dangerous. These mushrooms can grow as fast as ordinary mushrooms depending on the weather and temperature of their location.

As the name suggests, these are mushrooms that are harmful to the body once it enters. One of the most common dangerous mushrooms is Amanita phalloides that contain amatoxin, a compound that can damage the liver.

Toxic mushrooms come in different appearances. It could look like any other ordinary mushrooms, or it can also look like it came from a cartoon movie with exaggerated features. They can grow without any assistance or cultivation, and they can grow in forests or events in a garden.

The mushrooms’ growth depends entirely on their environment, may it be toxic mushrooms, ordinary mushrooms, or Psychedelic mushrooms. They will exist on the ground until the right amount of rain and humidity makes them grow. 


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