5 Fun BUT Safe Things To Do On Shrooms

People go on shroom trips for all sorts of reasons. Some people do it to have a spiritual experience. Elevating their state of mind and connecting with a higher power or even nature. Other people seem to enjoy being on a trip and nothing else. But then, some people choose to do shrooms for recreation. They then blend it along with other activities.

You could do anything while on a psychedelic trip. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of things that you can do that aren’t exactly safe to do while in shrooms. But, some activities are still safe to do that might even be fun!

Of course, before considering these safe activities, you must be safe. Before you go tripping, the safest thing is to make sure you’re in the right setting to do shrooms. This is especially true if you’re going to do shrooms by yourself. After all, if you aren’t in the appropriate location, you could be putting yourself at risk of a bad trip.

Why Do Something While on a Magic Mushroom Trip?

There are several reasons why you could choose to do something while going on a psilocybin trip.

When you’re on a mushroom trip, you put yourself in a position where you’re in a different state of mind. Some may say it’s elevated; others would say you’re a little more open. While others say that you see and feel differently. By doing certain activities, you use that state that you’re in and grasp it however you can. Then you use it to your advantage.

You allow that altered state of consciousness to express itself. This is done by doing certain activities. You also allow yourself the chance to explore that modified state that you’re in. You can better understand yourself. Let it out somehow, or allow yourself to feel things differently. In a way, you make the most out of that time you’re on a trip.

But, this might not be for everyone. Some people might prefer to let the trip take them wherever their mind goes, and that’s fine too! However, what you want to do about your trip is up to you. But if you’re going to try something new, then by all means!

Any Preparations I Need To Do Before Tripping on Magic Mushrooms?

As with anything else, you must make some preparations before going on a mushroom trip. This is to ensure that your trip goes well and that you also have one that is safe. If you don’t make sure you’ll be safe during a trip, then that safe activity you’ve planned is useless.

So, with that in mind, make sure that you’re going to be in a place where you are safe from any physical harm. If you think you’ll need company, then best make sure you have the right companion to watch over you while you trip. Above all else, make sure that you’re mentally prepared to go on a trip. If you go on a trip while in a bad headspace, that might trigger a bad trip, and nobody wants that.

What To Do on Shrooms?

First, you need to make preparations for a safe trip. Then take necessary precautions to trip safely. After that, you can figure out what to do while you are under shrooms. You don’t need to think hard, because there are a few simple activities you could do. All you need to do is keep an open mind when doing these things. Before you know it, you could be enjoying yourself!

Here are a few examples:

  1. Write

It might seem like one of the most cliche things to do, but writing is an activity you can try while on a psychedelic trip.

A man writing on a notebook

A heads up while you’re under magic mushrooms. Your brain might not be that articulate while you are sober. So, writing down your exciting thoughts will surely help as you coast along with your head. You don’t have to feel inspired or pressured to write a magnum opus. Even the tiniest and most random thought that interests you is worth writing down. If you get any ideas, then great! Write that down too.

There’s a possibility you’d get inspired to write poetry, a story, or any literature. You can explore more of your thoughts and write them down as inspiration. Whatever the outcome, it’ll definitely be an exciting read later on. This is a chance to understand yourself better. This can be an opportunity to see yourself tripping while writing.

2. Meditate

When people think of “psychedelics,” they will associate them with meditation. It might sound a bit stereotypical, but there is a reason for this.

While tripping on psychedelics, you’re in a place where you can take a good look at yourself. Some call it an out-of-body experience. While others call it an introspective look at yourself. Whatever it is, shrooms help give you a chance to be more open with yourself. All you have to do is go with where your thoughts take you, explore them, and then try to understand why.

At the least, the shrooms can help you relax and have some quiet time to think. Then, during that quiet time, you at least have the chance to think about whatever comes to mind.

3. Appreciate Nature

Concerning meditation, you could also go on a bit of an exploration trip in the outdoors.

Some who have taken shrooms had this feeling of melting away. Others feel like becoming one with their surroundings. So, it only fits that you can better appreciate nature while in shrooms. Also, psychedelics affect your sensory perception. This should give you more of a reason to try and go on an outdoor trip.

man looking a distant with mountain scenery

Shrooms can help enhance the way you see nature. It will bring all the colors, shapes, sounds, and smells to life even more. You can also find a new and better way to strengthen your connection to the outdoors.

It is recommended that you do have a friend with you while you go tripping outdoors. If anything, they can ensure you don’t get lost or wander somewhere where you might come under any harm.

4. Draw or Paint

Much like how writing might seem cliche, so might drawing or painting while on shrooms.

painting a picture

One of the effects shrooms have on a person would be visual hallucinations. People report seeing geometric shapes and images. Others notice things that they look at come to life. You could experience this or have this urge to make something. Why not let yourself see what you can make, scenes, shapes, images, or the like, and then take a good look at it after?

Allow your mind to wander and let it guide your hand. Whatever the result, like any writing you might do, take a good look at it and try to understand yourself better. If not, you could at least see how creative you get. It’s another way of letting thoughts out.

5. Listen To or Make Music

Whether listening to it or making it, music can be another thing you can add to the mix while tripping.

man listening to music while lying down

With altered sensory perception, the music you listen to could help change the way your trip goes. It could direct the flow of the trip or even enhance it. There are even psilocybin trip playlists that institutions like John Hopkins have made. This is to help you make the most out of your mushroom trip. So if you want to feel things or get moved by something while tripping, music is a perfect vehicle for that.

Composing music while tripping is encouraged. As you feel more creative and musically inclined, you can better express yourself. There will also be breakthroughs and discoveries while under magic mushrooms. This is due to how you see things differently. Even if it makes no sense at all, at least you tried to be creative, and you allowed your brain to let it out somehow.


Going on a magic mushroom trip can help open up your mind and help you experience new things. There’s so much more you can do during a psychedelic experience, from altered sensations and feelings of openness to a wave of inspiration. That’s why, if you’re feeling up to it, you could try exploring these feelings and maximizing your trip.

With a few safe activities, you can do what you can to make the most out of your trip. There’s so much that a psychedelic experience can do to help with that. Whether it’s to express yourself or find a new way to experience things. If you’re the adventurous type, these are definitely some things worth trying. To help make that shroom trip more exciting, try these yourselves!

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