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Magic mushrooms are extensively subjected to scientific exploration of their possible therapeutic uses. There are plenty of anecdotal reports from users worldwide of the positive effects linked to the psychedelic properties of magic mushrooms. They have the potential to treat people suffering from several mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and even memory loss. The greatest challenge is that people are not free to explore the possibilities, with magic mushrooms listed as an illegal substance in most countries in the world. There are problems in identifying and cultivating many species because of their similarities with toxic and inedible variants. To learn more about the pros and cons of mushrooms, here is a list that explains both:

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms look like the typical mushrooms one can see at the grocery or the market. They have prominent caps and stems that are proportionately longer. They often grow in moist, humid, and cold places. Magic mushrooms grow all over the world, except in the coldest region in Antarctica. Magic mushrooms differ from most mushrooms in that they turn blue when bruised or plucked. The bluing hue is an indication of the psilocybin property of the mushroom. This specific fungi family grows on three kinds of substrates: decaying plants, dung, and wooden debris. There are magic mushroom kits in the market that sell substrate, pores, and soil to help grow a magic mushroom at home though it is not easy to grow most species of magic mushrooms. There are a lot of people in the world who prefer mushroom foraging in the wild. The downside is the danger of running in with forest rangers or the authorities. The penalization for the harvesting of illegal mushrooms differs in each country. People can go to jail, pay the penalty, or both. 

Psilocybin Mushroom

The wonders of magic mushroom as treatment is due to Psilocybin that gets converted to Psilocin. Research shows they can change brain chemistry by rewiring the brain, connecting regions, and enabling the flow of certain neurotransmitters. These brain regions that process fear and stress are less triggered, causing a person to feel more positive and improve their well-being overall. Magic mushrooms can be served fresh, processed, or cooked. Thoroughly chewing the mushrooms can help extract most of the juices. Drying the mushroom is also common, where people dry them using a dehydrator or naturally. The dried ones store better and last longer. They can be mixed with water to make tea or with any cooked food. When it comes to cooking magic mushrooms, people have reservations because heat diminishes some of the psychoactive compounds. One should use no heat cooking methods or incorporate powdered mushrooms in the last cooking process to lessen heat exposure. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Magic Mushrooms

Most of the uses of magic mushrooms are off-label. They have long been used for spiritual and traditional purposes, helping people find enlightenment, self-exploration, and connection with the world. One of the best advantages of magic mushrooms is their role in mental health. Most of the scientific research now is in the formulation of an exact dose and schedule to use products derived from it—initial results reports of improvement in users who participated in the study. The advantage of magic mushrooms over other antidepressants and other medications is that they work faster and with lesser side effects. They do not dull out different emotions and feelings of a person. People generally feel better, much faster, with longer-lasting results. The single dose is powerful enough to handle the effects, so microdosing is also a common practice. This is where people take in a portion of a regular amount every number of days.

Cons of Magic Mushrooms

Most of the cons of using magic mushrooms are mishandling and misuse. Inexperienced people who take magic mushrooms for the first time experience feelings beyond their expectations. Some people experience poisoning from ingesting the wrong kinds of mushrooms. Since it is not usual to overdose on magic mushrooms, vomiting, panic attacks, paranoia, seizures, and coma are the most severe outcomes. These typically fade in a few days, but some symptoms linger for longer. 

Learning the pros and cons of using magic mushrooms can help a person decide the medication plan that can work for them. A person must be more aware of the consequences and problems that can occur in mishandling mushrooms. There will be a time when magic mushrooms will be known for their benefits rather than their disadvantages. 

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