Will Shrooms Show Up On A Drug Test

Magic mushrooms are considered an illegal substance by most laws in the world. These fungi are hallucinogens, classified with other similar drugs like LSD, Ketamine, and PCP. Since these substances have tests that can detect their presence in the body, some wonder if there are also those that can detect magic mushrooms.

Since drug tests are standard nowadays, especially as a workplace requirement, people need to know to take precautions. Here are some trivia on whether traces of shrooms will show up on a drug test:

What to Expect After Taking Mushrooms

man-taking-magic-mushrooms-in-his-roomPeople who have a keen eye for observing people can readily tell if something is off with a person, mainly when there are signs that a person is high. People who take magic mushrooms will not behave as they normally would when they are in the middle of a trip.

Even if people fail to name mushrooms as the source, they can still correctly guess that they are under the influence. Some of the effects are sudden bursts of emotions, getting sweaty and agitated, and possible diarrhea for ingesting the wrong mushroom.

They look nervous or giggle uncontrollably, and they look fixated on something. But these behaviors are only evident in people who take high doses. For people who microdose, other people won’t be able to tell. 

Effects of Magic Mushrooms on the Body

The main effects of magic mushrooms on the body affect the senses. People will start to have distortions in their visual and auditory perception. Some people will start to hallucinate and have vivid visualizations different from what a sober person will see.

The pupils will dilate, and the sense of time will be distorted. They can also have out-of-body experiences that people in the past relate to religion and spirituality. Some participants in a study claimed to feel more open and appreciative of beauty after ingesting mushrooms.

What Drug Test Can Detect Shrooms

a-man-doing-a-drug-testPeople are eager to know if the next company routine test will show positive results on magic mushrooms. The questions of will shrooms show up on a drug test does not always come up because these tests rarely get included in most routine checks.

It takes specialized ones like the ID-Test to determine them. The 5 to 12-panel tests using urine will not be able to pick traces of the mushroom. 

There is a reason why specialized tests for mushrooms are not commonly used. They are more expensive to buy and perform, only recommended for someone who strongly shows signs of taking them. There are cases when mushroom takers test positive for other drugs because they unknowingly take one laced with other drugs.

Blood and saliva tests are also not used because mushrooms metabolize quickly. A hair test could detect magic mushroom use if there were consumption in the last 90 days. 

How Long Shrooms Stay in the Body

It is difficult to predict the length of time mushrooms stay in the body. The various facts include the amount of dose and the specific mushroom species. Some species have more potent effects, while others contain less. Other considerations are how often they are taken, the person’s metabolism and age, health condition, and the food or drinks consumed before taking them.

Mind-altering mushrooms on an empty stomach will hasten the effects on the body. In about ten to thirty minutes of ingestion, the psilocybin compound gets converted to psilocin. Both of these substances take different times to exit the body. Psilocin only stays for about five hours, but Psilocybin can take three times as long. Within 23 hours of taking, there is still a chance of detection when given the appropriate drug test. 

How to Avoid Detection

A person cannot do anything to get mushrooms out of their systems faster. The safest way is to abstain entirely if there is an expected drug sampling soon. The more mushrooms consumed, the more Psilocybin gets in the body, and they can be detected if the right test is used.

Water can help escalate the process, but it will not do any good to pass a drug test. Though hallucinogens are not typically included in most tests, it is better to be safe than risk having positive results on record. Furthermore, avoid combining shroom use with alcohol or other drugs.


Though there are higher chances of detection from observing people on mushrooms, it is still better to exercise caution when drug tests are expected. Special drug tests for the detection of magic mushrooms are rare, but it is still possible. It is especially true when there is a recommendation from people who are concerned about keeping the workplace drug-free. Discreet substance use is part of being a responsible user.

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